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18 June 2014
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An impressive debut script from Drew Greenberg, providing a perfect blend of humour and unease not seen so far this season.

Whilst it's a real treat to see the adorable Elizabeth Anne Allen back as Amy, she's clearly a bad influence on the troubled Willow - who really can't see she has major problems with her use of magic. I couldn't fail to be impressed with her supernatural Net surfing skills, however.

It's great to have the geeks backs - especially scripted by someone who knows the true meaning of geekiness himself. Spike's sudden familiarity with all things Star Trek was a little suspect, though.

The trio of rather less than evil nerds are back after a couple of weeks off. They have a fabulous run in with Spike in the process - every fan-boy type in the world will understand completely the Boba Fett moment (and I count myself amongst their number).

Amy, who has some fantastic exchanges with the regulars, is a welcome addition to the cast. A bit of new blood was sorely needed this season and Elizabeth Anne Allen certainly provides it.

Buffy, on the other hand, is after very old blood. She finally gives in to temptation and has a moment of passion with Spike, mostly because she doesn't think she's human anymore. This had been on the cards from the start of the season and so is a satisfying, (if slightly icky), turn for the season to take.

All in all, a satisfying episode if you are a regular, but one that will leave a casual viewer rather bemused. And am I the only one who's noticed that something really bad happens every time Buffy has sex? Poor girl.

Buffy getting it on with Spike, Willow and Amy misusing their powers and the geeks being geeky - All the elements are there for a classic episode, but unfortunately the end result is not equal to the sum of its parts.

What's lacking is any real threat - the geeks diamond stealing and the Scooby Gang's over-analysing of it's importance is amusing, as is Willow's witchery, but there's no real sense of danger. The long-awaited Spike and Buffy union also works well in isolation, but you can't help but think such an important event deserves a better plot to frame it. One for the fans, methinks, entertaining but not great drama.

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