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18 June 2014
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy Season Five episode guide - reviews, trivia, and quizzes
Season Five Highlight
The Body
The Body

Buffy's world falls to pieces. MORE >>

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Season Five quizzes.
Season Five Guide - by the writers

Season Five episode list

  1. Buffy vs. Dracula
      A tall, dark, handsome stranger comes to town.
  2. Real Me
      Dawn's feeling left out of the group.
  3. The Replacement
      Xander gets a split personality.
  4. Out of my Mind
      Riley goes into overdrive.
  5. No Place Like Home
      Dawn gets explained and a new villain comes to town.
  6. Family
      Tara's big secret is about to be revealed.
  7. Fool for Love
      Buffy turns to Spike for advice on how to stay alive.
  8. Shadow
      As concern for Buffy's mother grows, Glory sets out to find her Key.
  9. Listening To Fear
      A slimey space demon arrives in Sunnydale.
  10. Into the Woods
      An emotional time for Buffy as Riley's dark secret is revealed.
  11. Triangle
      Willow and Anya cause troll trouble.
  12. Checkpoint
      A visit from the Watcher's Council tests Buffy to the full.
  13. Blood Ties
      Dawn discovers the truth about her existence.
  14. Crush
      Spike's old flame is back in town.
  15. I Was Made To Love You
      Someone has been making new friends - literally.
  16. The Body
      Buffy and friends try to cope with a tragic event.
  17. Forever
      Dawn dabbles with dark forces.
  18. Intervention
      Buffy's destiny revealed?
  19. Tough Love
      A turbulent time for Willow and Tara.
  20. Spiral
      The Scoobies flee, with knights on their tail.
  21. The Weight of the World
      Buffy slips into catatonia.
  22. The Gift
      Death or Glory for Buffy?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the UK on BBC 2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer copyright Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.

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