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18 June 2014
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Buffy Season Four episode guide - reviews, trivia, and quizzes
Season Four Highlight
The Initiative
The Initiative

Spike's off his food.

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Season Four episode list

  1. Freshman
      Buffy's a freshman out of water.
  2. Living Conditions
      Buffy's roommate really is from Hell.
  3. Harsh Light of Day
      Spike's looking for a tan.
  4. Fear Itself
      Halloween goes wrong. Again.
  5. Beer Bad
      Alcohol is very bad for you.
  6. Wild at Heart
      Oz is under suspicion.
  7. The Initiative
      There's a secret military conspiracy on campus.
  8. Pangs
      The Natives are restless.
  9. Something Blue
      Willow's grief is all-consuming.
  10. Hush
      The Gentlemen come to town.
  11. Doomed
      It's the end of the world. Again.
  12. A New Man
      Giles wakes up with a monster head.
  13. The I in Team
      Buffy joins the Initiative.
  14. Goodbye, Iowa
      Adam is unleashed.
  15. This Year's Girl
      Faith awakes from her coma.
  16. Who Are You?
      Faith and Buffy go head-to-head in each other's bodies!
  17. Superstar
      It's a Celebrity deathmatch for Jonathan...
  18. Where the Wild Things Are
      Buffy and Riley hump so much they raise evil spirits. Really.
  19. New Moon Rising
      Willow has to make a tough choice.
  20. The Yoko Factor
      Adam's plans come to fruition.
  21. Primeval
      The Scooby Gang join together.
  22. Restless
      The gang get together, watch videos and fall asleep.

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