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18 June 2014
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"I'm Cowboy Guy." Need we say more? Oh, all right - there's also that lovely scene where he goes off to build a fort from pillows.

There's a lot of trivia this week - it's all about dreams.

The Joining Spell: Last week the Scooby Gang combined to fight Adam - Willow provided the Spirit, Xander the Heart, Giles the Mind and Buffy the Strength. It is these elements that the First Slayer is after from each of them.

Buffy's Mum: Joyce is back - she was last seen in Who Are You? Don't worry - we see a lot more of Buffy's family next year.

Videos: Xander's hired several films - the only one he names is "gay romp" Apocalypse Now. There are three videos perched on top of Buffy's video player, including one called "Strategy for Success". The other two labels are partically obscured - one is a live performance, the other is dated the 21st of a month in 1996.

FBI: American video tapes contain a copyright warning from the FBI.

The Pillow Book: Joss Whedon admits Willow painting Greek on Tara's back may have been influenced by the poster for this Peter Greenaway film. He hasn't seen the film - yet more proof he is a man of taste. It's a very art-house movie about a mostly-naked Ewan McGregor having calligraphy painted on him for a very long time. Oh, and fans were quick to spot the Greek poem is by Sappho, from the Island of Lesbos.

Oz, Harmony and Olivia: Seth Green, Mercedes McNab and Phina Oruche make brief cameos in this episode.

Tara: There are more hints that Tara's hiding something. But we do learn that her real name is Tara. So that's okay.

Death of a Salesman: A favorite school play about an unhappy salesman who dies. It contains no cowboys.

The red curtains - they're reminiscent of the red curtains from the dream sequences in Twin Peaks. There's also another appearance of red bed sheets.

Willow: we get to see her wearing her clothes from the first ever episode - proving she's still afraid of her inner nerd.

The Graduate: Joyce's seduction of Xander evokes the film starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

A conquistador was an early Spanish settler/invader of America.

Spike in Tweed: We will see Spike wearing tweed again in season five.

Willow and Tara: they still don't kiss on screen - but there's definitely naughty touching.

Apocalypse Now: Principal Snyder (Armin Shimmerman) makes a great cameo in the Marlon Brando part of this film.

The French film bit: Giles and Anya are telling Xander to get back to Buffy's house. Giles's voice is dubbed by Joss Whedon's assistant.

Xander's father: We finally get to meet Xander's father. He guts Xander.

Spike's photoshoot: some of the poses are more than a little reminiscent of a David Boreanaz's publicity photos for Angel.

Anya: Can we just pause, put our objectivity on hold and point out that Emma Caulfield is superb? Thank you.

The Exposition Song: Giles sings for the third time this season. It was written by Joss Whedon. Could have listened to it for hours.

Buffy's dream: There are lots of enigmatic hints for the future - the number 730 returns from Graduation Day, there's the word "Dawn", and there's a hint about Riley's future.

Adam: We finally get to see what George Hertzberg looks like without the plasticine make-up. Disappointingly, he appears to be about 12.

Turkish Delight: Tara wandering across the desert recalls an ancient advert for Fry's Turkish Delight.

That guy with the cheese: It's a joke from Joss Whedon. He claims it means absolutely nothing, but the fans don't believe him.

Christophe Beck: It's his last score for Buffy for a while, and it's a great, great set of incidental music (the scene in the Ice Cream van especially). His replacement for Season Five is called Thomas Wanker.

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