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18 June 2014
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Poor Riley, he's desperately trying to be the man Buffy wants him to be - except he doesn't realise she isn't looking for another Angel right now. Still, it seems the girl just can't avoid the attentions of lusty vampires, as the stunning final scene proves. Bet it had you going...

Harmony's back once again - this time the clueless chick is convinced that she is the Slayer's arch-nemesis and is desperate to avoid a good kicking. A little crossbow safety training wouldn't be wasted on her. She'll have someone's eye out with that thing.

Yay! Graham is back. Graham and his giant arms were one of the secret heroes of last year for me. They were always there - a bit like Morn in Deep Space 9 - just lurking around in the background.

This isn't really a great episode. It's beautifully written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner with lots of super smart lines and great moment (the operating scene is an especial highlight) but an early example of how Season Five can produce something that is vivid, entertaining fun from beginning to end but quite hard to remember afterwards.

The character of Dawn is wonderfully developed here too - she's so authentically portrayed as the slightly bratty kid sister ("But it's important...."). Whatever viewers concerns about the sudden introduction of the character, it's great to see the part being so intelligently written. She's no Scrappy Doo.

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