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18 June 2014
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No Place Like Home


Ah, so that's why everyone thought Dawn had been around all along. You didn't think it was just bad continuity, did you?

Nice effects in the scene where Buffy drifts between the fake and real worlds, discovering Dawn's room isn't quite what it seems. I wish I could create the illusion my bedroom wasn't a complete mess.

Clare Kramer dresses to kill for her debut and shows that Glory can kick ass far better than Buffy - even if a broken heel can stop her in her tracks. We get the impression that she's nuttier than a fruitcake too.

How to cast spells in Buffy.

  1. Read some really old books. It isn't important what they're about, but they must be at least two inches think and have a nice grimy patina. Oh, and ignore any warnings from anyone who says the spell is dangerous, suspect or beyond your abilities. You're a star of the show, after all.

  2. Get some weird looking ingredients. Pour one of these into some kind of circle. You may want to pay attention to your carpeting at this point. Red sand can be hell to get out of white shag pile.

  3. Tilt your head back and take a couple of very deep breaths with your eyes shut. This gives a genuine look of internal struggle with occult forces. Or Wind. The two are interchangeable.

  4. Try not to look dizzy as the camera guy runs around you in little circles. This is for those all -important spinny head shots that signify magic powers at work.

  5. Wait for your world to go wobbly / funny colours /glowy, and the tootly pan pipe music to start, then drift around on rollerblades. This gives an impression of spooky gliding-without-your-feet-on-the-ground, without which your spell could seriously backfire. It also acts as a handy indicator to your audience that they are in the presence of cabbalistic powers.

  6. Snap out of it suddenly. At this point, you'll have successfully resolved a thorny plot problem, and we can move on to the next fight. Hurrah!

Oh - and if you're Willow - add a bit of 'When Harry Met Sally' into the mix. That'll get the boys going.

Oh hurray. Everyone finally knows a little more about Dawn. It wasn't a huge mistake (as some people seem to think). We can all relax.

But wasn't it cool when we all thought that Dawn was actually really, really, really evil? Just for a few moments Buffy got so scary it was almost untrue.

The big revelations stuff in this episode is beautifully contrasted with the well-written comedy surrounding Giles's shop. Hurrah for Anya.

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