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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
Lie To Me


You're not from round here then: Billy 'Ford' Fordham is played by Jason Behr, who went on to much bigger things as Max, the lead character of alien teen drama Roswell High. To see a bit more of him, why not visit our Roswell High section.

Oh, that's what that song is about?!: Buffy says she got over her crush on Ford by listening to the DiVinyls's 1991 hit I Touch Myself. That was before she worked out what the lyrics meant of course. And yes, it is about touching yourself that way.

Goth geek chic: The sad vampire wannabes in the goth club are in love with the romantic idea of vampires without having the faintest idea what they're getting themselves into. Not surprising, given the many links between goth music and vampires. Bauhaus lead singer Peter Murphy appeared in 1983 vampire movie The Hunger, and Dave Vanian, The Damned's singer, often dressed in full Dracula get-up.

Some Goths have been known to take the vampire life too far. A recent German murder case revolved around a couple who stabbed and bludgeoned a workmate to death, claiming that Satan had ordered it. The girl, Manuela, said she had practised vampirism, and had even had her canines pulled and replaced with animal fangs.

Cult would like to make clear that all real-life vampire actions are fraught with danger and are definitely not recommended. Stick with the black eyeliner.

Hear today, gone tomorrow: In the first broadcast of Lie to Me, the music playing as Ford enters the Sunset Club is Never Land by the Sisters of Mercy, from their late album Floodland. In later broadcasts it was replaced by a specially composed track called Blood of a Stranger, for copyright reasons.

Different definitions: To vampire worshipper Chantarelle, vampires are "the lonely ones." Xander's take is somewhat different. "We usually call them the nasty, pointy, bitey ones," he tells her.

Be seeing you: This isn't the last we see of Chantarelle. She turns up again in season three opener Anne, this time calling herself Lily. Later still, and now using the name Anne, she pops up in Angel, running a shelter for the homeless.

In the movies : In the Sunset Club, Ford mouths the words of a vampire movie playing in the background. The film is the 1973 TV movie Dracula, starring Jack Palance and directed by Dan Curtis.

Crew cameo : In the club, a man wearing full vampire get-up and standing in a coffin says "Hi" to Willow and Xander. He's played by Buffy makeup supervisor Todd McIntosh.

Same tailor?: Just as Angel is sounding forth on how the vampire wannabies know nothing about what vampires are, how they live and how they dress, a wannabie with exactly the same shirt pushes past him.

Romantic rendezvous: Jenny Calendar's surprise for Giles turns out to be tickets to a monster truck rally. Needless to say, the reserved English Watcher isn't too taken by the chance to see huge vehicles climbing mudbanks, and didn't really mind missing the "nitro-burning funny cars."

Secrets will out : Challenged by Buffy, Angel is forced to reveal the truth about Drusilla. He admits to torturing her into insanity by killing all around her, then finally turning her the day before she was to take holy orders.

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