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18 June 2014
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Hey! Funny Buffy! Welcome home love, where you been?

An excellent episode that came over like an uber-season one story. It was absolutely chock-full of trad Buffy elements: squirming embarrassment, slapstick humour, a high-school setting and a meaningless magical mcguffin (a charmed jacket that's not just full of lurve vibes, but very hard-wearing too) - and a good thing too.

What made me particularly happy was the comeuppance of the horrible chav* at the centre of it. Seeing Dawn and Buffy take revenge on dim blondie plank man wasn't necessary, because we'd already met his brother. Ah, R.J., what terrible fate awaits you - the curse of the nylon tracksuit.

*Chav. Nasty young man prone to wearing replica sports kit and getting into fights outside MacDonalds.


Him is a brilliant return to form, reminding us of the days when story-arcs were less important and you could just tune in and watch a good fun episode. Yes, the premise is a tad silly – a magic jacket making the wearer attractive to all, indeed! But who cares when it produces such joy.

The real star of the show (apart from the cute stud muffin with said garment) is Michelle Trachtenberg as Dawn. Who’d have thought last season that we’d squirm in horror at such disastrous attempts to net her man, and find her so funny in the process? Although cheerleading may not be Dawn’s forte, luckily, comedy is Michelle’s.

Him offers great moments for the rest of the cast too, with all of the girls (including Willow) falling for R.J.’s charms. Even Xander finds him a swell guy.

I also loved the nod to Charlie’s Angels in the split-screen scene where the gang plot to snatch the magic jacket, and luckily, Spike’s emergence from the basement doesn’t get in the way of all the fun.

By the way - anyone know where you can get such a jacket?


I'd like to pay tribute to the sound editing on Him. Watching this straight after the slightly oddly edited Selfless really brings it home - Him is sharply, wittily edited.

Applaud the powerful use of music (did you notice all the scenes that end on crash sound edits?). Then cheer as each split screen scene gets its own sound editing.

The episode feels as though it got twice as much time in the edit suite as last week's - not a shot is out of place, not a beat of music is missing, and there are no flabby scenes.

PS: Extra bonus - no ropy CGI or make-up.

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