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18 June 2014
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The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth.

A small shrine to the nerdiest supervillans on TV. This week:

Movie magic: Andrew criticises the invisibility gun by saying it's more Ed Wood that ILM. Ed Wood was the famously bad director of films like Plan Nine from Outer Space (1959).

ILM is Industrial Light and Magic, the top effects studio set up by George Lucas for Star Wars.

Shortround: Warren calls Jonathan Frodo, after the similarly tiny Lord of the Rings character.

Smallville vs. Sunnydale: Andrew compares the geeks to Lex Luthor, Superman's nemesis, who strangely never does finally kill the man of steel.

Game for a laugh: The geeks' preferred meeting place is a video game arcade, where Jonathan and Andrew are distracted by the Dead or Alive cabinet. The Drunken Monkey Fist move referred to isn't a real one, although Crane Fist Pinch and Double Dragon Fist are both genuine DOA moves.

Fashion bunny: Andrew wears a Sponge Bob Square Pants T shirt.

Naughty boys: The geeks' main reason for inventing the invisibility ray is to sneak into a women's sauna - one that offers Bikini Wax Wednesdays according to the window.

Sticky moments: The effect of invisible Buffy nibbling Spike's ear was achieved by gluing a stick to James Marsters' earlobe, wiggling it about and then removing the stick with computer graphics in post-production.

Magical miscellany: The magical items thrown out by Buffy include Tarot cards, a crystal ball, candles, crystals and a fertility statue first seen in season one's The Witch.

Wig Wiggins: Although Sarah Michele Gellar sports a natty season two haircut for this episode, she actually wore a long wig for the first few scenes of the story. Check out those split ends.

Remember if you will: There's a reference to season one episode Out of Sight, Out of Mind in which an ignored girl, Marcy Ross, becomes invisible. Buffy even namechecks her.

Whistle while you spook: Buffy cheerily whistles a snatch of Going Through the Motions from Once More, With Feeling after making social worker Mrs Kroger look crazy. The "All work and no play makes Mrs Kroger a dull girl" is an obvious reference to the 1980 film The Shining.

The drugs don't work: Explaining why even candles must be thrown out, Buffy tells Dawn that to witches they're "like bongs" - a pipe used to smoke cannabis. Oddly, Dawn herself seems to be wearing a cannabis leaf T-shirt. And the sage puts in another appearance, described by Buffy as "magic weed." Oops.

TV times: There's a nod to fellow Fox programme the X Files by Buffy, who notes that Anya and Xander are "Muldering out what happened".

The real thing?: Note the use of an obviously non-specific brand of cola in the scene where invisible Buffy kicks a can down the street.

Hat of Horror: That purple leather baseball cap with studs was definitely better off in the bin.

Illuminating: Willow mentions the Illuminata - perhaps a reference to the long-running Illuminatus conspiracy theories.

These allege that secret societies are running the world. Whilst some people take these theories very seriously, a more light-hearted treatment of the subject is the psychedelic sixties Illuminatus trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea.

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