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18 June 2014
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A small shrine to the dumbest man on TV. This week:

Riley drops stuff on Xander.

Xander thinks Riley insulted him in Latin. That's likely.

"There could be outfits." Buffy has that boy wrapped round her finger.

"A lot of young people nowadays are experimenting with shortness." Cute.

He tells Buffy, "I'll come running." He's soooo faithful.

Riley's got a dark side! Ooh, interesting. Drinking with demons and flirting with vampires. Wow, he's so dark.

And, joyously: "I don't go out with vampires. They're never interested in my intellect."

Looks Familiar: Megan Gray plays Sandy, the vampire that Riley meets in Willy's bar. The character previously appeared in Season Three's Doppelgängland as the girl at the Bronze killed by Vampire Willow. Nice touch. Both episodes being written and directed by Joss probably had something to do with it.

Also making a comeback is demon dive Willys Place - but without Willy.

There could be outfits: That may be Buffy's promise to Riley, but it's Glory who seems to have the walk-in wardrobe to die for. The question is, did she pay for for those great leather dresses or does she adopt Harmony's 'kill and help yourself' approach to Sunnydale sales?

School's Out: In order to take care of her mother, Buffy decides to move out of her new dorm at UC Sunnydale and back home. The Slayer's education takes a back seat from now on, although some of the college sets remain intact on the Buffy soundstages in case they are needed.

Oops: If Tara cast a spell to hide only her demonic side, how come nobody could see Spike? A vampire is only part demon, after all.

To baldy go: When we asked Amber Benson who the oddest member of her family was, she told us, "Probably my sister. She shaved her head and she'll do anything for a dare."

Continuity Corner: Tara's surname is McClay.

Buffy and Dawn make up a bed together - an image which echoes that of several Buffy dream sequences.

Buffy's cool clothes shop of choice is department store Bloomingdale's.

"Only losers drink alcohol." Dawn may mock, but it is refreshing to see all the main cast boozing without horrible things happening to them (see Beer Bad, if you have to).

Fools for Love: Ben instantly qualifies as potential love interest for Buffy when he takes his shirt off. Spike has his second lust-filled dream about Buffy. Could this be love? And Willow and Tara may not snog on screen, but they do hug.

Secrets and Lies: We've spent a year piecing together Tara's true nature from the hints - her wrecking of the demon-detecting spell, her talk about her family - and we've all been wondering "Is she a secret demon?". This week we find out ... she doesn't even know herself.

Let's Party: This week’s music is provided by Yo La Tengo (Tears Are In Your Eyes), My Vitriol (Cemented Shoes), Motorace (American Shoes and Melanie Doane - (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You). The first track plays in Willy's place when Riley gets picked up by Sandy. The others feature at Tara's birthday party at the Bronze.

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