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18 June 2014
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Evening, officer: James G MacDonald once again appears in the occasional role of Detective Stein, having first appeared in Ted. He'll next be back in Consequences.

Up the reds: Spike mentions Manchester United as one of the reasons not to destroy the world. Unlike most Man U fans, there's a possibility that he's ranged within 200 miles of their home ground at Old Trafford sometime in his life.

McMurder and mayhem: Another thing Spike likes is the "billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs." A kiddie favourite available at the sign of the golden arches, Happy Meals consist of regular fries, regular soft drink, hamburger or chicken nuggets and some sort of toy. What fulfils the role of the toy in Spike's version is probably best not investigated too deeply.

It's a long way to the seventh circle of hell: "Goodbye Picadilly, farewell Leicester bloody Square," spits Spike at the end of his explanation of why he'll help stop Angel. He's misquoting the popular World War One song It's a Long Way to Tipperary.

Front man: Asked what he does in the "rock band" Buffy claims they play in together, Spike says that he sings. That's not so far from the truth, as actor James Marsters does do a bit of rock vocals on the side. He has his own band, Ghost of the Robot, and is also often seen performing at conventions, usually backed by Four Star Mary, the real life band behind Oz's Dingoes Ate My Baby.

Familiar face: Spike refers to the events of earlier episode School Hard, when asked by Joyce if they've met before. "You hit me with an axe one time."

Top note: The score to this episode, by regular composer Christophe Beck, won an Emmy.

Hair today: Buffy's hair seems to have a mind of its own during her sword-fight with Angel. It manages to change from tied-up to loose and back several times. Angel's barnet also causes a boob - it's impossible not to notice the huge difference between his hairline and that of his stunt double.

Soul music: The song playing as Buffy leaves Sunnydale is Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan, from her 1997 album Surfacing.

Tinted windows: Spike drives off in a car with blacked-out windows - the second time we've seen vampires using this method to prevent spontaneous freeway congestion. It's an idea that's also been used to the full in 1987 movie Near Dark, a thoughtful look at what it might be like to be a modern-day vampire.

A little knowledge: Does Snyder know more than we thought? The comment "tell the Mayor I have good news," may not seem that incriminating now, but given the events of season three to come...

Miserable monster: For this episode, the cry of the cut-out monster on the Mutant Enemy end titles was changed from the usual "grr...argh!" to "I need a hug." Poor little fiend.

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