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17 September 2014
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Christopher Golden talks Buffy on Xbox

Christopher Golden We spoke to top Buffy author Christopher Golden back when he'd just started work on scripting the Buffy Xbox game, then caught up with him again a few months ago for some more questions. Here's what he told us about the process.

Tell us about the work you and Tom Sniegoski have done on scripting the Buffy game.

Tom and I are still in the process of writing the dialogue for the Buffy video game for the Microsoft Xbox, which is really cool. The one hint that Iíve been giving - even if I donít know if Fox is going to yell at me or not - is that you do get to see the return of a major Buffy villain.

What have been the challenges of scripting for a game?

When I got the story outline, there were a couple of things we knew you couldnít do unless you explain them, because they donít work in the Buffyverse.

You canít have that vampire behave this way because vampires donít do that, so you have to say why that particular vampire is capable of doing that. So that was interesting. Itís been funny, and working with Tom is always a blast. The more I work with him, the less Iím able to figure out who wrote what.

Most of the crazy lines - the nonsensical lines - are his, but not all. Once upon a time, they would all have been his, but heís been influencing me, I think. Heís so funny, and so there are some hysterical scenes that turn on one line in the dialogue.

The game has a great deal of both combat scenes and static scenes - which are called cut scenes in the jargon of the industry - and weíve actually done all the cut scenes. Theyíre like scenes from the show.

What's your impression of the game now you've seen it?

Iíve seen a very early version and I must say, I canít wait to play this game. It looks really cool.

The gameplay is good, and all the voices, save Sarahís, are the actual actors. And the girl who does Sarahís voice sounds exactly like her. They got a great voice double.

There are lots of cut-scenes. Itís why they hired us, because they knew that they needed a story, they knew that they needed to make it feel like Buffy. Itís very like putting yourself in the longest episode of Buffy ever done.

Thereís plenty of fighting, but you really do need to understand the plot of the game, and figure out as you go along, what theyíre really up to. The hard thing was figuring out how much of the cut-scenes they could remove, because some were very long.

Do you think this game will lead to others?

Thereís always talk. There is going to be another Buffy game, but I canít really tell you any more about it. You can say thereís going to be a second one. Weíre in preliminary stages of working on the story for that one.

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