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18 June 2014
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Riley Finn

Riley Finn

Character Type: (Experienced) Hero
Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Constitution 4, Intelligence 3, Perception 3,Willpower 4
Life Points: 61
Drama Points: 4

+2 (+3 on all Social Tasks)
Fast Reaction Time: (+1 on Fear Checks; +5 to Initiative)
Hard to Kill: 5 (+15 Life Points; +5 on Survival Tests)
Initiative Commando: (adds certain bonuses)
Natural Toughness: (4 Armor vs. blunt attacks)
Nerves of Steel: (+4 on Fright Checks; only necessary under very unusual circumstances)

(Various) 4 (occupational hazard; demon hunters attract enemies)
Love: (Tragic) (develops romantic relationships that end badly; -3 Willpower check to follow head over heart)
Obligation: (Initiative) (duty to the death)

Acrobatics 7, Art 0, Computers 2, Crime 6, Doctor 3, Driving 4, Getting Medieval 5, Gun Fu 9, Influence 3, Knowledge 3, Kung Fu 7, Languages 0, Mr. Fix-It 3, Notice 5, Occultism 3, Science 2, Sports 2, Wild Card (Initiative Tech) 4

Name Bonus Base Damage Notes
Dodge 12 - Defense action
Kick 11 12 Bash
Knife 10 10 Slash/stab
Punch 12 10 Bash
Stake 10 10 Slash/stab
Stake (through the heart) 7 10 Times 5 versus Vampires
Taser Rifle 14 5 Bash; knockout

Notes: You have just returned from debriefing with an honorable discharge. You were flown back in with a group of Initiative folks who are tasked with shutting down the base for good, but have now been left on your own. You have your TA job for the rest of the semester (you still TA for Buffy’s psych class, actually handling some of the lectures now that Prof. Tomlinson has stepped in for the late Prof. Walsh), and your dorm room in Lowell, but soon you’ll have to figure out what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Having always assumed a military career, you are sometimes at a loss when you aren’t fighting alongside Buffy. You haven’t seen her since getting back, but are looking forward to getting reacquainted.

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