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18 June 2014
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Alexander "Xander" LaVelle Harris

Character Type: (Very Experienced) White Hat
Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Constitution 4, Intelligence 2, Perception 2, Willpower 4
Life Points: 53
Drama Points: 8

+2 (+2 on all Social Tasks)
Hard to Kill: 5 (+15 Life Points; +5 on Survival Tests)
Good Luck: 5 (once per game session, add +5 to any roll or a total of +5 spread among more than one roll)

(Assorted) 4 (hazard by association; a Slayer’s allies attract enemies)
Clown: (jokes at times, even inappropriate ones)
Love: (develops romantic relationships; -3 Willpower check to follow head over heart)

Acrobatics 5, Art 0, Computers 0, Crime 2, Doctor 1, Driving 3, Getting Medieval 5, Gun Fu 1, Influence 1, Knowledge 2, Kung Fu 5, Languages 0, Mr. Fix-It 4, Notice 4, Occultism 3, Science 1, Sports 0, Wild Card (Military Knowledge) 1

Name Bonus Base Damage Notes
Axe 8 15 Slash/stab
Dodge 8 - Defense action
Kick 7 8 Bash
Punch 8 6 Bash
Stake 8 6 Slash/stab
Stake (through the heart) 5 6 Times 5 versus Vampires

Notes: Still living in your parents’ basement, you’ve been able to spend more time with Anya recently since Buffy hasn’t needed you since Adam was killed. Getting regular work is still a problem, so you are currently working for the local Sunny Pizza Kitchen franchise.

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