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25 July 2014
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The Rules

Getting the Wiggins

When the big hairy scary happens, the characters have to make a Willpower (doubled) roll (Qualities like Nerves of Steel or Fast Reaction Time help). This is known as the Fear Test. Modifiers may be called for. Thatís up to the Director.

If the result of the roll is nine or higher, the character may be afraid or apprehensive, but she can act normally. If the result is eight or less, she wigs out. Use the Panic Table for inspiration.

Panic Table
Roll Result Effect
7-8 Startled The character is startled but not paralyzed, and can act normally. Initiative is lost, however; the critter wins Initiative automatically on that Turn.
5-6 Freak Out The character screams and/or flinches away. Only defense actions can be attempted on that Turn, and the character cannot go on Full Defense.
3-4 Run Away! The character takes off running like a spider-eating spine-missing Zeppo for a full Turn, unless cornered, in which case cowering in terror is on the agenda. No attacks are possible, and defense actions are at -2. After each Turn (or handful of seconds), a new Fear Test can be rolled (reduce any penalties by one with each successive Turn, until the character snaps out of it).
2 or less Total Terror The character is not in control of her actions. She may lose her lunch, pass out or suffer some other oh-so-embarrassing fate.

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