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18 June 2014
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The Rules


Witches can move objects with the force of their will. To use this power, the Witch rolls and adds her Willpower and Sorcery levels. Each Success Level in the roll becomes a point of "Strength" for the telekinetic effect. So, if the roll results in five Success Levels, the Witch could move an object as if she had a Strength 5 — good enough to pick up a grown man and slam him against a wall. Lifting and tossing things around requires no additional rolls, but precise tasks (guiding a key into a keyhole, staking a vamp) require a Perception and Dexterity roll, or a roll using Dexterity and an appropriate Skill (staking the vamp would use Getting Medieval). These tasks have a -1 penalty because the Witch is manipulating the object at a distance. Tossing small objects at someone also requires a Willpower and Sorcery roll, and must overcome the target’s defense roll. The damage value of such an attack is two times the Success Levels rolled.

Two or more Witches can combine their power to move very large objects. Witches working together roll as above, and add their combined Success Levels to determine the Strength of the effect.

This power does not last long. Each turn after the first, another Willpower and Sorcery roll must be made, at a cumulative -2 penalty. So, the second Turn, the roll suffers a -2 penalty; on the fifth Turn, a -8 penalty is incurred. This penalty applies to all further uses of Telekinesis until the Witch gets at least three hours of rest between uses. This ability is good for throwing a few things around, but your character can’t go all Carrie with it.

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