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18 June 2014
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Angel - Season One Episode Guide
City Of

PictureA new start in a new city for Angel

"Once upon a time there was a vampire. And he was the meanest vampire in all the land." That vampire was Angel, also known as Angelus. Having fought alongside Slayer Buffy Summers for three years, Angel left his former love to hone his brooding skills, fight evil and pretend to be a bit like Batman in Los Angeles.

Enter mysterious god-like beings, The Powers That Be. They want to give our hero a focus in life, sending him on specific missions to help the hopeless and redeem himself in the process.

They send him a guide, half demon Doyle, a creature who can receive their visions of people in peril and send Angel to save the day.

Along with old friend and aspiring actress Cordelia Chase, Angel and Doyle face the monsters that roam the dark alleys and sewers of L.A.

The trio swiftly make enemies of Wolfram and Hart, lawyers to the demon world, by killing one of their top clients.

Quiz - ten quick questions.

Trivia: Angel's mentor for the series wasn't initially intended to be Doyle. The original scripts featured Whistler, the benign demon who appeared in the Buffy episodes Becoming Parts one and two.

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