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ITN Source joins the Creative Archive Licence

The Creative Archive Licence Group is pleased to announce that ITN Source (formerly ITN Archive Ltd) has joined the partnership and plans to share some of its library content under the Creative Archive scheme.

Mark Wood, Chief Executive of ITN, said; “ITN Source is delighted to become a member of The Creative Archive Group, joining an impressive rostrum of key media players. As a global leader in the provision of content, our participation in the Creative Archive initiative will allow us to promote creativity by sharing our vast array of video archives with a wider audience, whilst continuing to operate as one of the world’s most successful commercial footage licensing businesses.” Paul Gerhardt, Co-ordinator of the CALG, welcomed “the opportunity to collaborate with ITN and its rich collection in the development of new content under the Creative Archive licence. This is also a vote of confidence for our efforts to develop a new business model which can provide both public benefit and commercial value.”

This development was also welcomed by David Puttnam (Lord Puttnam of Queensgate) at a reception at Channel 4 on Wednesday (13th September). In a speech congratulating the Creative Archive Licence Group for its work over the last 18 months Lord Puttnam also called for a new form of “public lending right”, similar to that operating for libraries, which could provide a fixed revenue stream to underlying rights holders.

At present each member of the Creative Archive Licence Group is responsible for clearing its own content for distribution through the Creative Archive scheme. The partnership welcomes Lord Puttnam’s proposal and will give it active consideration in its plans to move towards Creative Archive UK - a unified web-based service for the public. A centralised agreement to reimburse rights holders could significantly increase the amount of content that would be released for the public.

5 Rules of the Creative Archive Licence
  • No commercial use
    No commercial use
  • Share alike
    Share alike
  • Give credit
    Give credit
  • No endorsement
    No endorsement
  • UK only
    UK only
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