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Open Schools Archive launched

Schools ArchiveThe Open Schools Archive offers free archive content from the BBC for use in education.

The Open Schools Archive enables teachers to add colour and depth to lessons by allowing them access to the BBC's archives. The material released includes gems such as groundbreaking news reports, interviews with people who survived the Blitz, and clips detailing aspects of physical geography. The content in the archive has been divided into categories which highlight their relevance for use in a classroom setting.

George Auckland, Head Of Innovation for the new media department of BBC Factual and Learning greeted the launch of the Open Schools Archive with excitement about the opportunities it opens up. "Schools in the UK have been using BBC broadcast materials in the classroom since 1924, but with the Schools Open Archive, we are opening up a whole new world of possibilities. For the first time we are able to offer a selection of BBC clips where the emphasis is on creativity in the classroom. Teachers and students can download and edit the clips, add their own videos sequences, animations and stills and make new projects.

We have even include a number of clips designed to be used as part of colour separation overlay or Chromakey, so not only can the students edit the shots they can even appear in them, as if they were right there on location. Learning by doing is the order of the day."


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