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Open Earth Archive wins BAFTA

BAFTAThe Open Earth Archive has been awarded a unique, especially created "Interactive Innovation" award in the British Academy Television Craft Awards.

The award recognises the outstanding work that the BBC has done through this site in pushing forward interactivity.

Paul Gerhardt, Strategic Director of the BBC Creative Archive responded to the award saying; "It's a great honour for a pilot project to be acknowledged in this way, and establishes a standard of excellence we hope to fulfil with the new service."

In his acceptance speech at the BAFTA cermony Grant Bremner, Producer on the Open Earth Archive project, paid tribute to both the team behind the Open Earth Archive and also the Creative Archive Licence Group as a whole. Bremner thanked all those who are, " helping to shape this changing world of television consumption and allowing the public not only to watch & listen to content but also to re-use, edit and share, fuelling creative endeavours and helping drive a digital Britain."

The British Academy Television Craft Awards honour those people who work behind the scenes to create excellent and exciting content. These BAFTAs also look to encourage to developing new talent and reward emerging talent.



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