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Latest Download figures for Creative Archive Licensed clips

Here are the latest download figures for the BBC's Superstar VJs clips, the bfi's archive and Teachers TV programming

BBC Superstar VJs (November)
Aerial shots of Manhattan 402
Busy Hong Kong street 287
Windswept adelie penguin 224
Jamaican sunset 221
Time Machine - Tomorrow’s World 213
Manhattan time lapse 204
Manhattan skyline on a grey day 161
Dolphins swimming 158
Killer whales attacking seals 157
Emperor penguins 156

bfi (November)
No change in the order of popularity of the bfi’s top eight this month, just a change in the number of requests each received
Hamlet (1913) ghost scene 1152
Let's go to Birmingham (1962) 640
The little match seller (1902) 387
Between the tides (1958) 302
Looks very jolly, doesn’t it (1921) 223
Daisy doodad's dial (1914) 160
Our new errand boy (1905) 109
Hamlet (1913) closet scene 55

Teachers’TV (October)
Young Learners 916
Another Day Another Fight 744
School Matters - Every child matters 723
Teaching With Bayley - Girl Talk 698
Early Years - The Outdoor Environment 684
Early Years - Daily Routines 595
KS34 Science - Demonstrating Physics: Electrostatics etc 528
Primary Admin Staff - Dealing with Parents 522
KS34 Science - Demonstrating Physics: Forces 498
Showcase - Secondary Showcase PSHECitizenship 464

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