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CALG announces new panel of advisors

The Creative Archive Licence Group has established its new Advisory Panel, with an invited membership of experts and individuals representing stakeholders across the industry.

The Panel’s remit will be to consider the Creative Archive pilots and the release of material; and reflect on the user experience, case studies and other market research; technology developments; industry take-up of the Creative Archive Licence scheme; international trends in the sharing of open content; and CALG’s forward plans.

At its first meeting yesterday, 7th September 2005, the Panel heard reports from all the CALG partners. They also discussed topics for consideration at future meetings, which will take place on a quarterly basis. Items on the agenda will include: user-generated content; contributor rights and copyright education; market impact (including new business models and secondary markets); and best ways to access the ever-increasing content.


5 Rules of the Creative Archive Licence
  • No commercial use
    No commercial use
  • Share alike
    Share alike
  • Give credit
    Give credit
  • No endorsement
    No endorsement
  • UK only
    UK only
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