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Notes: Seminar workshop notes

On Wednesday 13th of April, the Creative Archive Licence Group held a half day seminar entitled Creative Fuel for the Nation: unlocking television, film and radio for the public. The afternoon started with a keynote from Lord Puttnam, followed by three workshops. Each workshop was asked to produce bullets points to summarise the issues, questions and themes that emerged.

Workshop A - Towards a national Creative Archive.
- There is a need to reassure rights holders, particularly with respect to the definition of non-commercial use.
- How do we prioritise public policy such that it recognises the value that the Creative Archive offers?
- Is classroom use commercial or non-commercial?
- How do we tackle the landscape of unacceptable uses?
- Copyright should become right to innovate.

Workshop B - Rip, rig & panic. Enabling Creativity: the user experience.
- Maximise access.
- Balance rights-holders concerns and accessibility.
- Importance of metadata and searching.
- Need for tools to manipulate material intelligently.
- Supporting creativity among users.
- Don't underestimate a lack of technical sophistication among some audience sectors eg. teachers.

Workshop C - Getting the balance right: Public & commercial rights
- Making material freely available DOES stimulate commercial use.
- Could provide incentives to commercial providers to make their material freely available.
- The added value that comes from a 'paid-for' licence needs to be attractive.
- Need to define the public - 'sharing' activity.
- Could an honesty box work ie. non-commercial user declaring when they become commercial.
- Licences must be compatible and easy to use.
- Educate users in understanding copyright and IP.
- The need to develop a non-commercial market to prevent product staying on the shelf if the commercial market isn't viable.
- DRM - should be more than a protective device eg. metadata/honesty box mechanism and attribution.

5 Rules of the Creative Archive Licence
  • No commercial use
    No commercial use
  • Share alike
    Share alike
  • Give credit
    Give credit
  • No endorsement
    No endorsement
  • UK only
    UK only
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