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The Licence

As a legal document, the full licence is quite lengthy, so we’ve produced the 5 basic rules in brief to quickly explain how the licence works. There’s also a section of questions about the licence in the FAQs section of this site

The 5 basic rules in brief

Basically, there are five main rules that you need to know and agree to in order to be able to use the Creative Archive material. Please note that this summary is not a replacement for the Creative Archive Licence but an effort to introduce the key concepts.


1. Non-commercial
Anything you create using the available content must be for your own non-commercial use. This means that you can share it freely with family and friends and use the content for educational purposes (which includes for non-endorsing faith-based educational purposes). You may not, however, sell or profit financially in any way from the use of the content, for example, artists can't charge admission fees to exhibit work they've produced with the content.

Share alike

2. Share-Alike
You are welcome to share the works (we call them 'Derivative Works') you produce with this content. If you do want to share your Derivative Works, please make sure you do so under the terms of the Creative Archive License, and make sure you 'credit' (see below) all creators and contributors whose content is included in the Derivative Works.


3. Crediting (Attribution)
This is your chance to make sure everyone knows what you've done, but you also need to make sure that others who have contributed to a work (a Derivative Work) are credited too. It's up to you how creatively you acknowledge others' contributions!

No endorsement

4. No Endorsement and No derogatory use
We want you to get creative with the content we’ve made available for you but please don't use it for endorsement, campaigning, defamatory or derogatory purposes. Whilst faith-based organisations may use the content for resource and teaching purposes they must take care not to breach the requirements of ‘No Endorsement’ as set out in the terms of the License. Equally, Educational Establishments may showcase uses of the content within the school environment but may not use the content to promote the school or college (e.g. on a school website). The bottom line is, don't use the content to promote political or charitable organisations or for campaigning or promotional purposes, and remember to treat others and their work in the way that you'd expect them to treat you and your work...with respect!

UK only

5. UK
The Creative Archive content is made available to internet users for use within the UK.


5 Rules of the Creative Archive Licence
  • No commercial use
    No commercial use
  • Share alike
    Share alike
  • Give credit
    Give credit
  • No endorsement
    No endorsement
  • UK only
    UK only
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