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24 September 2014

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Goodbye Highfield Road

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What did you think of the final match day at Highfield Road?

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Graham Bean
It truly was a great little stadium, with much better atmosphere than we have now at the Ricoh.

matt number1 fan
i loved highfield road and i think that the last game was gr8 i live in plymouth now but still love city COME ON SKYBLUES!!!!!!

Ryan Carey
Im a derby fan born in cov i hate the cov team down at the ricoh i loved it at highfield road thats y i hate the city now

michael o connor
the best ever game i have possibly seen.

jack neale
goodbye highfeild bit late but miss it ;)

why did i never go?

i will really miss it

kyran howe
tremdos city ccfc 4 life

wot a game 4 city !!! thats all i can say !!

cletus the slack jawed yolkel
well i live in texas but goodbye highfield road, nuff love.

goobey highfield road

cov city 4eva

Cameron Smith
premership here we cum man utd watch urs backs

A perfect game, what a great final goal at Highfield Road

A perfect game, what a great final goal at Highfield Road!

it was all a final game should be. a perfect preformance matched by the perfect scoreline.

Jerry Springer
It was a memorable game that I and I`m sure all of the other fans will never forget,good bye Highfield Road

It was great but at the end of the match I felt sad because cov were moving stadiums

Great for two reason:1- we thrashed Derby2- we gave Highfield Road a fitting tribute!!

words cannot describe.........simple as that....pure xtc..highfield rd sent the whole city away to the ricoh on a high ..even it was a bit late ..both great stadiums

darren waring
wot a great game it was very enjoyable and all great goals it was very sad to say goodbye to highfiels it will be missed rip highfield road

Best day and worst day of my life . R.I.P Highfield Rd . gone but never forgotton

alan wood.
wasnt to go but win or lose ell ave some blues 4ever.

cov r the best

it was a really good game and i would love to see cov play at highfield road again

it was a memorable mathch

the last day at highfield road was breathtaking i luved it so much and highfield field road is surely missed by all coventry city suppoters. but the ricoh arena is brill!!!

charlie scott
i wish i was there but wicked !!!!!

Highfield was the best. Ricoh is ok but not better then Highfield. The last game was wicked what a win. City till i die. RIP Highfield

Connor Brady
Great Game, Great Stadium, Ricoh here we come!!!

we r goin up say we r goin up
luv u highfield road

Was the best cov game in ages the crowd were the loudest i eva herd!!

Why knock such a legendary stadium down it didnt look like any other ground it was much better than the ricoh the ricoh just looks the same as pride park, the walkers and st marys R.I.P Highfield Road

richard sharp
it is sad to see highfleld road go. good luck coventry you are the best

fight fight were ever u may be we are the boys from coventry wat a game

amy freeman
city till i die, and i will streak again !!!!!!!!! beware stewards!!!!!! and mo knojac!!

George Guice
It was the best match that i have ever been to. The Sky blue army were in full voice and Jimmy Hill running on the pitch and doing a dance was just class. 6-2!!!!! come on city! lets get promoted in 06-07

haley rixon
we won yahoo.

the richo is a good stadium but not as good as highfeild road the first match i ever went to in my life was there play up sky blues and farewell highfeild road

sad,but we are doing well this seson i hop we keep dennis wise a.k.a wisey

shaun loakes
Let's all sing together, Play up Sky Blues, While we sing together, We will never lose, Tottenham or Chelsea, United or anyone, They shan't defeat us, We'll fight 'til the game is won. Goodbye Highfield Road I loved you all so much

Shaun loakes
I think it was a sad day for all people who live in cov but time moves on

city till i die!

great crowd sad to come out glad that won

it was good

CCFC Till I Die. The Ricoh Is A Great Stadium And weve now got a record theyre thats very impressive.

Tom Smith
Coventry just rule, that game will always be in my heart forever!

fort the last game of the seson was the best game we had played all season, The tune was amazing! it as a great expirence sittin in the west was a great game and beautiull ending to highfieldand all thr true fans will never forget the higfield road memories!

Christian Dodd
The last game at Highfield Road was the most emotional game i have ever been to. Me and my Dad travelled from Doncaster just to witness this amazing moment. I will always treasure my memories of Highfield Road and i for one will be sad to see it demolished. Thank you City!


Ryan england
what a game we can beat anyone if we play like that even chelsea Hopfully we will play villa next year in the prem and we will thrash them Good luck city City till i die always am and always will be COME ON CITY

Absolutely brilliant! What a tremendous way to see off Highfield Road! I must have been a young teen when i saw my first match there, i think it was against Leeds United FC...

Best result that we could have hoped for a fitting way to on our our way to the rhico arena.

Cov city till i die!! I know i am im sure i am im city till i die!!

lee g
im city till i die

highfield road class stadium sad 2 see it go man r.i.p

charlotte sawyer
I have been a city supporter all my life! And i always will! I was sad to leave highfield rd but i came away with goo memories! Come on you blues!

city till i die!!!!

karl price
i have been a city supporter all my life and the last game at highfield rd was sad for me but highfield rd went out with a bang

jordan teeling
city til i die

richard sharp
i love the game

Leigh Dobson, CITY 4 EVER
I think that game will be remembered in years to come. I think it will mean alot to the players and espicially andy wing as he scored the last goal ever at highfield road, and what a good goal it was

wayne davis
it was a fantastic day, and a great game of football, but my best day was in nov 97 when i was married to fiona at the ground.and on that day city lost to derby 3.1 away.

the best game ive been to amazing

Kayla_City Till I Die
i think that the match on the 30th of april 2005 was phenomenol it was brilliant the whole team did us proud that day im just sad to see it over i realli hope tht city have a gr8 1st season in the ricoh arena i will be there of course in the evening telegraph stand i jus wish we could of spent longer at Highfield Road it feels like home to me, but the ricoh arena feels like nothing to me yet im sure it will someday but Highfield Road will always, always be my one and truely home in my heart and nothing will every change that. some people say at my school im not meant to like football because im a girl only lads are true city fans and i always say to them well if you dont think im a true city fan then cut my wrists and find out for yourselfs! love Doyle n Mcsheffery n Morrell n Hughesy and Dele of course anyway...Highfield road and city until I DIE!! luv Citys Top Fan Kayla xxxxxx *PLAY UP SKY BLUES*

sam reader
i sang tht much it felt like mi head was guin tu explode i will miss highfield road and i love mcsheffrey hes great

daniel smith
it was a great game i got my tooth knocked out celebrating at the end

sean legs warden
the result was a hight as the sky

sam reader
i could not get my head around the result

What a day that was Premiership footbal.

I think it was good but why can`t they always play like that.Do well for us.

it was the best eva i cant believe its ova

Jamie wood
great win on final day at highfield road lets hope to have a better season at the RICOH ARENA!!!!

Daniel Philip-Harrison
Brilliant Game City All The Way Through i Have Never Watched A better Game

tom percival
it was an amazing atmosphere, and the way they played, it was just unbelivable

Adam Manning
well wot can i say, a date that will neevr be forgotten, a memorable performance to say thank you to the stadium, highfeild rd, NEVER FORGOTTEN!

I thought it was amasing how city won 6,2 aganst darby.

darren waring
it was fantastic 6 2 what a score

aaron ccfc till die
one of the best ever and it is a shame to let it be knocked down we will have some great days there and look forward to are new 32,ooo seat arena

look at us we r a state at the new arena we r gonna get relegated

Lee Wigmore
i think that this was one of coventrys best games by far but if only this could happen on a regular basis

william shakesphere
i think dat the game was da best,never seen anything like and i enjoyed myself so much

To sum it up memorable

alex ogleby
good game ever let do it again

ccfc 4 life
best game i have eva been 2 by far

kieron pheasey
I think it was a good match

Sean Moore
Great match, thebest in ccfc history nothing can beat that moment in a home that cov city have played in for 106 years thanks for the memories,r.i.p highfield rd , sean moore

i live in derby/nottingham and all of my freinds and neighburs suport derby, they were always laughing at our position in the table and the always sed wit till the last game and winnin infact not just winin thrashing derby was aperfect excuse to get my own back

it woz wicked!

liam horsley
The start to the new season hasnt been the best with 2 draws and a four nil loss but we are yet to get underway at the richo but for one last time GOODBYE HIGHFIELD ROAD.

reece palmer
the games was proberly the best game i have seen this season. the team played like they should do week in week out. and it was the best way 2 give highfield rd the best send off it could have had. i dont think it will b the same with out the west terrace soo cmon u sky blues for next season

michael carroll
the sky blues will never fail to put a smile on our faces! after a very poor season they came up with the goods on a day that meant so so much to so many people! we sat last season and watch awful games like the goaless draw with rotherham,but a thrashing of a local team in our swansong to our historic groungd makes that whole season seem worthwhile!sky blue is and always will be in my blood! now make sure we get some support behind the lads and make the richo arena a fortress that teams dont want to visit! CITY TILL I DIE!!

liam horsley
It was a memorable day and i will never forget it.It brought back some great memories from the premiership hopefully we can look forward to a good future at the richo arena

toni scanlon
coventry is the best and i play for cov girls

kevin bailey
great day out, travelled down from colwyn bay, reminded of the atmosphere of the best cup final ever seen at wembley,

nathan scanlon
well i missed the last game of highfield road and really wanted to go to it but the tickets were sold out. Ive got a season ticket for next season and ime a JSB.They played very good and won 6-2

peter whopples
it was a great game and very amotional up the city

if we had that sort of support next season we can claim bak our rightfull spot in the top flight gr8 day itll live in my memory forever

gemma wong
ooooh it was brilliant, absolutly amazing ☺

your supposed to support cov through thick and thin, and that's exactly what every fan out there has been doing, including me. The last game at Highfield Road was amazing and I'll never forget it, it will stick in my memory forever...

jack warren clark
I'm only 11 but that game will live with me forever...wicked

martin woolley
A brilliant and very emotional day.Nearly as good as '87.Jimmy is God

Balwant Singh
I have nothing but contempt for the board at CCFC, but the last game ever at Highfield Rd has to be up there with the 87 Cup Final, a unforgettable day that makes all the pain and misery of suuporting CCFC, worth it.

trevor ward
Loved It

sam wiffen
it was so emotional

amazin game wont ever forget all of my memories.

Gary Shaw
Cov thanx for a great last game at highfield road you should be proud of yourselfs again whos peter reid!!!!!!

it was very gud

Jay Peake
There was no better way to say good bye to highfield rd than to win 6 2 against derby it was a game that i will never forget the game was superd the atomosphere was quallity and jimmy hill is the closest thing we have to a god our dayz. Highfield rd R.I.P gone but never forgotten

rory ceairns
it was my birthday on saturday and it was my best ever birthday i even had my name put up on the score board.everyone was in a great mood and coventry winning made it the best day ever

John Osborne
Brill! Fantastic!! Can't wait for next season and promotion. Who was Peter Reid?

Emma Barr
What can i say not only am i proud to be cov support even better to be at last game. Jimmy Hill brill choice think he could be on next pop idol with that singing no seriously well done boys u done us proud good luck for last game and new season

Evans & Clover
wicked result proud to be a cov supporter

emma smith
Thanx for the best send off at last a win we deserve bring on the new season big stadium even better wins x

john jones
long awaited decent result good luck in your new stadium

Kelly keegan
Coventry did us proud saturday its a shame highfield road is no more as thats what its famous for oh well im sure the new ground will be a good start for us and an even better season for us to win more

Big Vic
Thank you everyone for giving me, and thousands of other fans, one of the best days as a Coventry City fan. What a send off for one of the best stadiums in the football league and seeing Snoz and Jimmy Hill singing the Sky Blue song will stay with me forever. Our team has come under much criticism recently for making the wrong decisions (a new badge etc) well this time, you got it all spot on. We love you City.

dennis cleary
fantastic day so many memories to treasure.thank to the board ,the players , the fantastic sky blue army but most of all thank you highfield road forever in my heart. the new stadium has alot to live upto but i am sure in time it too will find a place in our hearts.:highfield road never again never forgotten :

Ken Tatham
Listened on the radio, it took you back to when they won the cup in 1987. It brought tears to your eyes. All the best at the new ground.

stacy louise
The best time i ever had as a city fan just hope they play beter at the new area now they got a lot 2 live up two. i just hope they learn a lesson in how to bring the crown in. next season.

Brilliant lads all the best for next season in Richo Arena.Micky Adams your a hero sky blue through and through,Play Up Sky Blues!!!!

Fantastic atmosphere, fitting for the last day at the ground. The team did us proud!

Kris Bedder
It was my most memorable day at Highfield Road and it could not have been better. I felt really sad when i walked out the stadium for the very last time and thought i will never see that again. The result was great, the atmosphere the best ever and why it can't be like that every week i don't know, the pitch invasion was good and so was singing with Jimmy Hill and the speeches were very touching so goodbye to my greatest home and goodbye to my best ever footballing memories and lets make sure that in this new era we do as The Great Jimmy Hill says and "LETS ALL SING TOGETHER".

i feel so proud being there. The day was superb,when i got there around five past 1, outside the ground was full of people waiting to get in ,i've never seen it like that before. Also Jimmy Hill's Singing will live with me forever,that was a truly magical moment. And also Whingy's Goal,What a goal to leave HR with. I just like to Praise MA,the players and the staff at HR who have left a superb day to live with me forever.

best game ever

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