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13 November 2014

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Eat Your Art Out

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Eat Your ART Out

Group: Godiva Sisters

Find out more about Eat Your ART Out's Godiva Sisters group...

Pru Porretta, Coventry’s present-day Lady Godiva, reached out to the various ethnic, cultural and faith communities in the city of Coventry and formed the Godiva Sisters in 2000.

The group is made up of strong inspirational women from many different communities across Coventry. They celebrate Coventry's rich history and multiculturalism and their own culture's heroines.

Theme: Godiva

Members: Pru Porretta, Therese Porretta, Amerjit Hayden, Slavica Stojsavljevic, Carol Wright, Kushumika Chatterjee, Zainab Khan, Talia Porretta.

Godiva Sisters creating self-portraits

Their sculpture is of Lady Godiva, Coventry's most famous icon. Lady Godiva is riding a white horse, whose legs merge into a tree trunk that represents Cofa's Tree, the name that Coventry allegedly gets her name from. 

The roots of the tree go into and underneath the city's cobbled floor. In between the cobbles you can see the River Sherbourne, the river that runs underneath our city. 

Lady Godiva's hair is brightly coloured to reflect Coventry's multicultural communities. Nine bread baskets, with fruit in, are around their sculpture to represent each member in the group and have messages of hope, peace and love on them. Bread is traditionally used to share amongst friends and family.

Thanks to Emma Jane O'Brien - The Lock Gallery, Emma Gluyas - artist and Laura Kettless - life model.

Life drawing class

As part of their Eat Your ART Out journey, the Godiva Sisters went to a life drawing class at the Lock Gallery in Coventry.

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You are in: Coventry and Warwickshire > People > Eat Your Art Out > Group: Godiva Sisters

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