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13 November 2014

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Thom Kirkpatrick

Thom Kirkpatrick

A beautiful noise

Our Band of the Month for August is Leamington Spa's Thom Kirkpatrick.

If you were at this year’s Godiva Festival, you will have heard a variety of sounds and instruments coming from the main stage – but only one performer.

Thom Kirkpatrick – This Beautiful Noise - could be described as a modern day version one-man band, pulled in the crowds at the festival with his bright, electro-acoustic music that was perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

With a synth, a guitar, pedals and a drum, Thom creates a sound which immediately brightens your day and puts a smile on your face. Many of the songs – such as Somebody Save Me - are bright, catchy and could be compared to the likes of Ben Folds, Regina Spektor and Rufus Wainwright.

Thom Kirkpatrick

Playing Godiva Festival 2009

We caught up with Thom and asked him about his musical history and background:

"I've been playing music since I was seven-years old, when a friend of mine taught me how to play Twist and Shout on the piano. I got the bug, I wanted to learn how to play as many instruments as I could - primarily so I could make my own four-track demos.

"I guess I always wanted to be a one-man band really. I started songwriting when I was about 15. I've formed and played in lots of bands and played for lots of different projects, including composing music for some radio drama on the BBC."

Tell us more about This Beautiful Noise

"I played bass in a band called Switches and we were on tour in the US for six months last year. That was an awesome experience, but it was during that time that I concocted the idea for This Beautiful Noise. 

"I wanted to get out and play my original songs live as a solo artist, create a big sound but without the restrictions of organising a band.  Starting with just my guitar, I set to work; first adding a bass drum, then keyboards, cajon, percussion and finally a loop pedal. 

Thom Kirkpatrick - This Beautiful Noise - Our Band of the Month for August

Thom Kirkpatrick - This Beautiful Noise

"I wanted to see how much I could do at once. I might sing a verse whilst recording my guitar part, but in the second verse I'll be playing keyboard over the top for example. Rehearsing the material is challenging as I only have to rely on myself and it's almost like rehearsing a routine - if I get it wrong, I have to delete all the recorded loops and start again."

What is your main inspiration... And what comes first, the music or lyrics?

"With my songs, the musical idea or melody always comes first. Sometimes they come out of nowhere, usually when I'm driving or walking somewhere. I record the idea on my mobile and then come back to it later.

"Having a strong melody is really important to me in my writing. In terms of lyrics, I almost always collaborate. I have the bulk of the material, usually about my own personal life experiences and ideas."

Did you enjoy playing the Godiva Festival?

"Godiva was amazing, the biggest gig I've done yet with my little one man band.  I checked the photos recently and I looked so small on that big stage. I hope people were able to get an idea of what I was doing. 

Thom Kirkpatrick

This Beautiful Noise

"The visual aspect of what I do live is so important. Very nerve racking, the thought of getting it wrong in front of so many! Great fun though."

How would you describe your music?

"At the moment, I think my music is still evolving. The nature of my loop-based set-up determines quite a lot of what I do, which isn't a bad thing - stops me going off on mad tangents.

"I'm influenced by minimalist composers like Steve Reich and Philip Glass and songwriters like Iron and Wine, Ben Folds, Regina Spektor and Julian Casablancas."

To find out more about Thom Kirkpatrick visit his MySpace page by clicking on the link below:

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