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13 November 2014

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Christmas 2008

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A Christmas pudding on a festive table

Do you have the perfect pudding recipe?

Festive tips and traditions

With Christmas day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the parties, the food, and trimmings – that’s if you haven’t already begun! Sometimes the preparation and hard work can take the fun out this time of year.

We had this page last year, but we would like to continue the sharing of Christmas trips and tricks this year...

So, we would like you to take a breather and remember why Christmas is special to you and how you make it special by letting us know on our Tips and Traditions page.

Glam-rockers Slade

Listening to Slade - an annual Christmas tradition

How is Christmas special for you?

Do you always try and stay awake to see in Christmas day? Will you eat certain food – such as sprouts – only at Christmas time? Or do you go to a special event every year? Even if it’s just going to your Gran’s for dinner at 2pm and all the family are there – we’d love to hear your traditions. 

Or are you like BBC Coventry & Warwickshire’s Tim Boswell and your birthday falls on 25 December? How do you celebrate the two occasions on one-day?

Perfect Christmas dinner

Why not send in some cookery tips for this page as well by filling in the form below.

To start things off, we’ve been asking around the BBC Coventry & Warwickshire studios for any festive tips and traditions. Here are just some of them:

"Add grated cooking apple and brandy to bought mincemeat before making your pies."

Tim Atkinson

Tim Atkinson from the newsroom said: “Add grated cooking apple and brandy to bought mincemeat before making your pies. Last year followed Nigella's instructions to soak turkey in brine and spices for 24-hours before roasting and had the most moist and succulent turkey ever. Highly recommend it.”

While Faye Chambers told us: “We always make sure one of the Christmas tree fairy lights is on the very top of the tree, so no low-flying aircraft would hit it (in the living room!)”

Hannah Tobin from the web team added: "I like to add a touch of marmite to the Yorkshire Pudding batter. I'd have Yorkshire Pudding even if I'm not having beef. I love it."

Gingerbread House

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Rugby Correspondent Sue Curtis told us one of her traditions: "The only presents we're allowed to open before Christmas lunch are the one that Santa brings and puts in stocking - everything else has to wait till after lunch." Sue also shared with us a recipe for a Gingerbread House. To read it, click on the link below:

Send us your tips, tricks and traditions

Why not bookmark this page and return to see what other festive tips, tricks and traditions have been added.

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Joy Dehany
I allow the children to open a special present from the Christmas fairies on Christmas eve, but they have to solve clues to find it!Keeps them busy for half an hour while I finish up the last minute things and get the kettle on. They still want me to do it even though they are 18 and 14...silly sausages...

when wrapping christmas presents do them on the ironing board.

You are in: Coventry and Warwickshire > Christmas 2008 > Festive tips and traditions

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