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24 September 2014

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The Enemy

The Enemy

Enemy single review

Local music writer Pete Chambers gets the inside scoop on the new Enemy single, You're Not Alone.

This month, Coventry’s “new thing to get excited about” The Enemy, release probably their most important single to date. You’re Not Alone is cards on the table time, their first release since their debut album We’ll Live And Die In These Towns went number one.

The song engages in an acerbic diatribe to those who sold 2,000 Coventry Peugeot workers down the proverbial river earlier this year when the Ryton plant closed for good. It holds no punches; its lyrics are brutal, honest and cleverly constructed.

The Enemy

The Enemy at Godiva Festival

Vocally too, it sounds more mature, stronger and more focused than it’s track-mates. I asked lead vocalist Tom Clarke if this was a conscious thing? “I think some songs mean more to you than others”, He replied. It’s Not OK was a song about Peugeot. While You’re Not Alone was when we started touring, and I felt the relevance to the rest of the UK, in the sense of the decline of industry, not just now but over the last twenty thirty years”.

So is it going to be their first number one single I asked? “We have been getting hundreds of emails from people saying You’re Not Alone is their favourite track”, reveals Tom, “We recorded the video out in Ukraine” Andy says, “we saw some of that the other day and we are happy with that”.

True to say this video is pretty good in it’s colossal industrial way, though I’m even more excited about the bands next video idea, that’s all I can say on that matter.

Classic single

Back to this present release though. In the terms of Coventry and Warwickshire singles it looks likely to shape us a classic, it has all the elements of a perfect pop song. A catchy verse that demand attention, a sing-a-long chorus to die for, intelligent almost poetic lyrics and a backing track that sounds like it was lifted straight from the classic Roxy Music single Virginia Plain.

It really shouldn’t fail, saying that, this track is available on the album, so will it sell enough to put this at the top of the heap? That’s the worry in the Enemy camp, but whatever happens, the Coventry Enemy dream is guaranteed to continue unabated.

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You are in: Coventry and Warwickshire > Entertainment > Music > Features > Enemy single review

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