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24 September 2014

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Ryton closure

Peugeot 206
Peugeot 206

Have your say on Ryton closure

The final car rolled off the main production line at Peugeot's Ryton Plant on Tuesday, 12 December and the factory officially closed on Monday, 8 January. It confirmed the loss of 2,300 jobs. Have your say on the closure.

The Ryton plant produced the Peugeot 206 model and operated on a two-shift system.

2,300 jobs were lost when production was stopped in two phases by moving to a single shift in July 2006 and then ceasing in December.

The plant officially closes in January 2007.

Peugeot helpline

The Ryton plant
The Ryton plant

There is a helpline for Peugeot workers to call. The number is 024 7688 6753.

The helpline will be open daily from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 8am to 12 midday Fridays.

Tell is what you think about Ryton's closure

Let us know what you think about the decision to end production at Peugeot's Ryton plant.

last updated: 09/01/07
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What do you think about the closure of Peugeot's Ryton plant?
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Carl Kenney
I still really miss the old place. There were some good times, and I made a lot of friends. There were some really intelligent people there with great ideas. My best mate Rudy was always suggesting improvements. If your out there Rudy - I would love to hear from you mate.

E Gourlay
Yes I agree, i attended Peugeot Ryton for just over three years. Towards the end the ideas just became more and more krankie.

I have enjoyed reading the honest and frank comments from respected former work mates. I think the French paid and will continue to pay a massive price for being weak, overtly nationalistic and inward thinking with Jean-Martin Folz falling on his sword. Now at 5.00 am when I leave for work I see and hear the container train go passed my house with 207 Peugeot engines built at Hams Hall just starting their long journey to Slovakia(rather than travelling down the A45) – can someone explain the logic…

Darren Williams
From the start life at Peugeot was a case of lies lies and more lies. Towards the end the bigger they got.

J Smedley
What? They've closed Ryton?

Jerry Stroud
I suppose I left with a good amount of cash in my back pocket so I can't complain. I'm just a bit bitter about how it was all done.

Pete White
The plant was never gonna be cost effective when local management paid masive amounts of cash to contractors to do simple mundane tasks

Mick O'Donovan
I spent many happy years at Ryton, too many people tried to finger the company and that led to its downfall.The company never really gave itself a real working platform and tried to shoe horn many things which never really worked

A Flear
With the lack of investment we knew it would close. The plant was like something out of the Flintstones

Big Daz
Watcha lads, still working locally at Brum Airport as a baggage handler.So next holiday shutdown I might be on youe case.

Has Chapaneri
When they announced the closure my eyes nearly popped out of my head it was such a shock even now 12 months on

A. Askey
Getting a Job at peugeot was a blessing then they closed it and I got another one. So you could say 'its turned out nice again

Mick Fox
I think the French were very sly, there were rumours for years that they were going to target us and run us out of the country, but we kept faith in the system and beleived that they weren't going to chase us out for real. They may as well have sounded the last post on the bugle to the British car industry when they closed the place.

soul brother
great to hear from some old pals. I worked with Geoff lewis and his daughter in the 90's what memories 'too bookoo'

With 4,840 registrations of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in 2004, Peugeot ranks fourth in the Slovakian market, with a 7.2% share. The marquee is continuing to expand in 2005, ranking second in the market as of March 31.The Peugeot 206 is Slovakia’s second best selling car in its segment and the leading imported compact.Slovakia is located on the borders of the European Union near important markets for PSA Peugeot Citroen, like Germany, Austria and Italy

Geoff Lewis
I found the footage of Ryton factory being demolished deeply upsetting. I was worked for years as a cleaner ensuring the factory was tidy and the notice boards were up to date, even though nobody looked at them! Some the ideas confused me though so I jumped on any old bandwagon! Best wishes to all my fellow work mates,i'm now retired and off to clean the kitchen floor..

Brian Bratt
As an ex Ryton Employee I had the best days of my working career there I have a chuckle with my twin brother about my time at Ryton and I wish all of my ex colleagues especially Pete Woolridge who to me was an excellent colleage who would always be there to help me so to you and any other ex colleagues I do hope you have all found suitable employment, I now work as a Robot Engineer...

kevin yardley
as a peugeot employee for 17 years with most of it being with faurecia at the stoke plant producing seats, i have seen plenty of ups and downs and the closure of both plants was no suprise as we had all seen pictures of the czech plant being built,but i feel as let down as everyone else by the company, the union who to be honest are a waste of space and of course the government who are a bigger waste of space. From a business point of view it makes sense to close ryton as everyone knows because its cheaper to build the car in the czech republic what with lower wages and still selling the car at the going rate, but to be honest i have never met anyone who has left peugeot and not bettered themselves,.i drive 44 tonne artics for co-op now so think positive everyone and the french can stick their car where the sun don't shine

Ted Bovis
Great memories, still in touch with all the gang, peggy, clive spike. Would love to here from gladis

J Hughes
I worked at Ryton for 17 years and never had a cross word. I will miss being part of a team, that i was also proud to call mates.

Gaz Keenan
I am still gutted at the closure - I tried ery hard at Peugeot to get on and further myself. Each time I tried to go up a rung in the ladder it felt like my feet were welded to the floor. They never knew how committed I was, and since then I have been.

Tony Foster
The news of the closure brought a lump to my throat.

We could never compete with cheap foreign labour. All my personal effort and hard work to optimise / improve came to nothing. I may as well of done nothing for the past 20 years.

Neil Preston
Well Done Auntie Beeb. What a great Archive of peoples thoughts and memories of Ryton, even if some get my back up.

Terry Edmonds
I was fortunate to see it coming, I got a tip off! You can't expect a job for life you've got to be an adaptor. Some people put up resistance, I ensured I could weld a future for my family.

Paul Stanford
Well its been a blessing in disguise for me, after years at the sharp end, going home filthy after working up to my armpits in machinery, I've found a nice desk job! Can't say i'm complaining now.

Joe Mcgee
An addition to my comments below, when i started at Peugeot i was a quite track operative keeping myself to myself. Peugeot gave me the oppotunity to become a true rags to rich engineer with my european welding qualification gained on my 3rd attempt but again i remained humble and reserved to the end.

Richard Morris
I was on the picket line when the closure was announced. The queue of cars stretched back to the A45 as I explained the union position.

Steve Banks
I could see the scores on the doors long before this happened. I have moved to a small Welsh village where the locals are more tolerant.

Jerry Stroud
It was unfortunate that Peugeot closed. They'll have to leave under a dark cloud. All they seemed to do was take, take, take with very little outcome and it was a for gone conclusion that it would end in tears.

S Bird
I was very dissapointed at the closure and I lost my job too. I thought that Peugeot liked to build in this country as we have a good skilled workforce, you wont catch me working for a foreign owned company again - stick with british thats what I say.

J O'Shea
I for one am glad that it closed. It gave me the push I needed to do the thing I had dreamed about all my life. I now spend my time being the centre piece at weddings and other functions.I have become cery skilled at displaying the food in a professional manner.

J Vaughan
I think the closure stinks of underhand tactics by Peugeot - I'm sure there was a mole there somewhere.

R Lathbury
My boyfriend worked at Ryton for several years and I was disgusted at his treatment. He was over the moon the night the closure was announced.

Tim Palmer
I spent all of my working days at Ryton working for a superb company I worked many arduous hours I personally think it was a very bold move to take the work to Slovakia

M Goddard
I loved working at Peugeot - I made many friends over the happy years I spent there, and those friends will last me all my life. I don't think I will ever find such a happy place to work where everyone is so friendly.

Kev Smart (Bomber)
I worked reqular weekend nights which was hard as a comitted family man. At least I now get a chance to go out and socialise and have a good nights sleep

Andy Emery
Peugeot sold us short.

Joe McGhee
It was Peugeot that helped me gain my European Welding Qualification. I don't think i've really told anyone what this qualification means to me.

Steve Edwards
I've had to tighten my belt a little since the closure but that just shows what good salaries we were on.

Craig Stapleton
I'd like to think we can move on from this experience. Whatever you say about Peugeot there was always chance to progress your career. I took many tools that have enabled me to step up a level in the career i have now chosen.

Nobby Clarke
I am speechless about the whole sorry matter even after all this time. I used to love working at Ryton and worked very hard to help everyone improve. We were a good plant, and had a lot of skillfull people there. I used to travel the short distance to work in minutes, and now I have been forced to seek work miles away from home, and am now worried about my impact on the environment as well. Im gutted.

Denis Cairns
For me - the closure was a total shock - I just never saw it coming...

Ben A
Every cloud has a silver lining - I now work in a building which doesn't let in water through the roof every time it rains. I blame the inevitable shift from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy myself. And the paintshop.

Like Bill I've turned 'Green' since leaving Ryton. I work on a wind farm and cycle to work, I realise now that I wasted 16 years of my life churning out poluting cars that are killing the planted. We should all concentrate on our 'carbon footprint'.

Bill Lait
I thought it was the end of my working life when they closed Ryton it was in fact 'not a problem' I have started my own landscape gardening business with some quite large mowing contracts all is going well except when by old van lets me down, anyone got a toe?

Andy Baxter
I blame the consumer. Everyone wants a snazzy motor. I myself drive a 1958 Hillman Traveller, you should see the wood shine after 7-8 hours heavy polishing with a good quality bees wax and a lint free cloth

I am very sad to hear the comments made by Daz and Avtar, I share your sorrow at the plant being closed - bad times. On the other side of thigns though, I must look forward and now have a job in Poissy in charge of 5S for the carparks and workwear department - good times...

I worked at Peugeot for over 20 years. In that time the company tried to implement many changes to stay ahead of the competion. The unions persistantly moaned and attempted to put a spanner in the works. I think people who blame the company should look a little bit closer to home

Avtar Sandhu
Many years of working my fingers to the bone, believing in the company came to nothing. I loved my job, my workmates were great. Spent many hours sharing problems, helping each other out, keeping the team spirit going. I don't think I could ever be as open and trusting in another job. Many people blamed the timing, I blame the timers.

Daz Williams
Peugeot knew the plant was closing but still told us we had a future. I spent the last two years renovating every conveyor in the plant and all for nothing. They've treated us like mules !! I saw what it was like at the end when the plant was empty and almost everyone had left....I was down to the last two ....sad times...

I was lucky enough to have been brought up in the Midlands which was once the thriving heart of british industry, I served my apprenticeship at Rolls Royce in Coventry another great part of British Engineering then moved to Peugeot which like RR closed down in Coventry, what a terrible shame that the once hub of British Engineering has gone, along with Massey Ferguson, Alfred Herbert, Webster & Bennett the list goes on and on ...........

I had 17 good years at Ryton including a year at the Slovakian plant.....what an eye opener!Operators on £3K per year with no chance of ever buying the product that they make. Nice people being used in the name of business. Companies will one day be forced to have morals in the way they make their profits....but for now as the old Peugeot motto went....The lying goes from strength to strength....

Luc Barbier
It's so sad, I spent many happy years at Ryton, fond memories and good friends. George, Avtar, John, Steve Pyle Etc. I'd never ever buy another French car.

As a ford worker the peugeot decision to close Ryton shocked us all unfortunatly we have now followed those men to the job centre (Ford of Leamington to close 22 July 2007)maybe we will see them working in B&Q or Tesco's???REST IN PIECE BRITISH MANUFACTURING......MY IT COME BACK TO HAUNT THEM ALL!!

Neil Preston
This country is in a sad decline unfortunatley, not just in Car manufacturing but manufacturing in general I'm afraid. I wroked for Peugeto for 19 years and left last September, but if I was Mr Peugeot - I would have closed the plant too. As a business decision it was the obvious one to make - keep a plant here in Coventry with our large overheads - or move to Slovakia where they are 4 or 5 times less - its a no brainer. The problem is - how can the rest of the companies in this country compete with that ?, until the government changes things and does it quickly - we will see the steady decline of EVERY industry in this country gain more and more pace until there is nothing left.

Carl Kenney
About the same time that the first Chinese built MG's rolled off the production line it was announced that Ryton plant was sold. Very sad times. No doubt the factory site will rise from the ashes to provide lots of scope for apprentice training, mass employment for locals providing a chance to progress throughout their career plus also have the security of a decent pension scheme?? Yeah right! At a guess acres of low paid warehousing will follow. At least we could use the storage space to house Chinese MG's and Slovakian 207's. What has happened to the proud centre of the car industry that Coventry was? What has happenend the industry that I felt so proud and honoured to be part of?

The British public, media and government need to wake up and send PSA Peugeot Citreon a strong message of disaproval by refusing to buy their cars and destroying their brand image in the UK. Maybe then, other multi-national companies thinking about closing British plants will think twice and realise that it will have consequences. Shame about the dealerships, but they can always sell other brands of foreign made cars.

Hope all the Peugeot ex-employees find a better job with better bosses. I think Peugeot should take a hard look at themselves and learn the meaning of: "biting the hand that feeds you."

Carl Kenney
In response to the comments written by Butch. Mr Gordon Brown is obviously too busy watching reality TV and trying to decided his greatest football moments to be involved with saving the Midlands industry! It's good to see that the potential next Prime Minister sets his priorities well! Perhaps if Tony had explained that 2300 were just about to get evicted from the Big Peugeot House he may have got more concerned! God help any surviving factories when the new series of I'm a celebrity starts........

Carl Kenney
In early 1993 Hoover closed a factory in Dijon France and transfered the production to Glasgow because of the cheaper production costs in Scotland. This resulted in French people in the surrounding areas boycotting Hoover products. One thing is for sure, my family members and I will not be wasting any money on Peugeot cars ever again. If you want to build them in Slovakia, sell them to the wealthy folk there. I'm sure 3k per year wages will go along way towards a 1007, the biggest turkey in the range!

Peugeot closing Ryton Plant is a disaster for the ecomonics of Coventry and the surrounding towns and villages. What happened to the support and feedback from Mr Gordon Brown? A great start for a new potential Labour leader. Peugeot cars are tainted goods and anybody with any heart or compassion for the Midlands as a hole should think twice before buying one.

Dave Charley (Canada)
It is very sad to hear about the closure of the Peugeot plant. I served my apprenticeship at Rootes in the 1960's Very sad to know that no mure skilled tradesmen will be trained there. I thought Blair was for the workingman I guess I was wrong.

People who think that what's happened to Ryton is just one of those things, should take the trouble to find out what went on in the background whilst our Government did nothing. Peugeot and the EU have got away with industrial murder and Bliar and his cronies have let it happen.

ex peugeot pete
when will we lose all of our manufacturing to cheap overseas wages. Coventry is now a service centre manufacturing is dead, Leicester and other cities are dying as well. When will manufacturing be on childrens History timetables as they will not have a clue what manufacturing is. No more well paid jobs just low paid ten a penny jobs that will not pay your mortgage or your everyday bills. So Mr Blair you tell our children and Peugeots ex workers where the decent (what do you call decent pay £200 pw) jobs are because the Rover workers are still looking!

Peugeot's treatment of the British worker is disgusting. My Peugeot has gone now and would NEVER have another. Hope Peugeot's market share in the UK drops significantly they deserve it. We should buy British, but who cares these days we are paying the price for it dearly.

Greed, Greed & more greed, then you ask why the British Car Industry is no more, where's red Robbo now?

To Anon. Getting sacked and being made redundant are two completely different things. I wish all those that have lost their jobs all the best for the future but put your self in the position of those that haven’t for a minute. I can understand you anger but why do you fell it necessary to damage our future prospects with an "I don’t care about you" attitude? We have always given our full support to you.

peter bates
I left in september after 28 years service sacked by a greedy multinational company who had no respect for it's workforce or the law. I hope the company goes into decline and makes huge losses as from the outset it has not entered into any meaningful consultation with Amicus or the T&G I am lucky i have skills and have another job where i am treated with dignity and respect something Peugeot failed to do. The only down side is the benefits that go with the job are inferior to what i got at Peugeot something our forefathers fought for, decent pay and conditions that many of my old workmates will not experience in their future employment.

darren smith
i worked for peugeot back in the mid eighties, where i was a shop steward, the then management team forced the workforce into new working practices and shift patterns in order as they then said to remain competitive,they even moved the holidays to bring production in line with france, the workforce bent over backwards to accomodate the managements requests and have now been stabbed in the back by the company which assured the workforce that no closure plans were on the horizon,peugeot were never going to lay off french men while british workers were still working , my heart gos out to all the lads and lasses who worked so hard to keep there jobs afloat

Obviously nobody told Peugeot what our Prime Minister thinks, and I quote : "The UK is one of the best places to do business and we need to keep it that way." But some support from the British population would be nice too - perhaps some consideration as to where the products they buy are from, rather than just concentrating on price. Then maybe the UK wouldn't be losing its entire manufacturing base.....

mark T
I worked at Ryton for about 7 years, making the 309, 405 & the 306. During that period of time they were a decent company to work for. However the world moves on, the work on the assembly track is largely unskilled & as such the production is always liable to gravitate to the country/regions which have the lowest labour costs. With the emergence of China & India, Peugeot/PSA are going to be up against it anyway, even using cheap EU labour. For all the heartache that the workers are going through now, I can tell you that there is a future for you, beyond Peugeot & Car manufacture, I know, because I moved on. Whilst providing a good living, car assembly has to be one of the worst jobs going. You can not even go to the Loo when you want, because the all consuming "track" may stop, not to mention being on your feet for 10 hours at a time, raw & bruised fingers from constantly fitting the same parts & using the same body movements, sore legs from walking the same 25 feet, fitting parts, then walking back again. I would like to think that the workers can be "upskilled", so that in future they have good working conditions & enough spare cash to buy cars that may be half the price they are now. I realise that for some of the people being laid off this may not be possible, however given the loyalty & work ethic of Ryton eployees, I am sure that they will not be out of work for too long. I wish you all the best, regards Mark


I've worked at Ryton since 2003 for a company which was a supplier to Peugeot. The contract has ended for the supplier company which has now gone bust and I've lost my job. I'm told by the Peugeot helpline and Coventry Business Link there is no help available for me. What is going to happen to the suppliers and their employees? There are more people affected than just the 2300+ direct employees.

Yet again I read reports of unions calling for more protests outside dealerships selling Peugeot and Citroen vehicles. Do those calling for these protests realise that this is also damaging the futures and pensions of the 5000 people still employed by the PSA group, not just the 1000 in Coventry but across the whole of the UK. The redundancy offers have been made by Peugeot and from what I hear the majority of workers are happy to take their money and go. The turnout and result from the recent ballot showing this to clearly be the case. Look at what the poor Rover workers got from the Longbridge closure, £5000 each if they were lucky which is a lot less than the current offers from Ryton. Yes I wish it was different and I don't want to sound harsh but get on with things, take you money and go quietly, leaving the rest of us with some hope for the future. There are lots of employees in the group who would swap positions and jump at the chance of a redundancy payoff but are not allowed to do so.

Alot has been said about Peugeot, following the announcement on 18th April things like we knew it was going to happen ! We need to get real, No one ever expected such a immoral, unjust,or such a disgusting announcement would ever be made to the workforce at Ryton, having recently been told yet again by Mr Foltz that the future of Ryton was secure until 2009/10 and then perhaps a NEW model. A workforce that had adapted repeatedly over the years to meet the needs of Peugeots ever increasing business requirements ,every target set by Puegeot has been met or bettered by the Ryton workforce in the belief that the plant was to have a future. Unfortunately PSA Peugeot Citreon, share holders require even more profits, more the the 1 billion euro`s profits for 2004/5

personally, i lived next to the plant for 25 years, in the early 80s the plant was small and there was lots of wild flowers and bueatiful scenery then in 1985 Peugeot decided to make it bigger, and along came the bulldozers etc and all the fields were turned into concrete for carpark spaces that were rarely used flood lights put up, and walls were erected close to the houses were we once useto walk across into the fields, even upto last year after long fights with the villagers of ryton, as if they hadn't already got enough land they never used, they claimed another beauty spot, but luckly never got to build on it. not to mention the pollution, which would turn the ventilator grids black in my house, im sincerely sorry for the workers and their families but im not sad to see it go, i hope maybe its destroyed and the mess they created goes back to nature, even though i moved from there early in the year

YOU COULDNT MAKE IT UP in the city where peugeot have just dumped 2300 people on to the dole they now have plans to launch the 207 at THE RICOH ARENA !! how on earth can this be allowed to happen. dont the council part own the ricoh? didnt they give 100% backing to rytons workers? this council should not allow this to go ahead or is it just a case of MONEY TALKS? if they want to launch there new car somewhere try slovakia. oh thats right on the money they pay them they cannot afford to buy one.

I Kelly (again)
forgot to mention how insenitive it is for some local stations to be advertising the Pugeot cars, they should cease doing so. I was rather interested in the new little model (don't know what i's called) but no way now. I would not drive a Pugeot vehicle in Coventry!!!

I. Kelly
I am so sad about the closure of Ryton. My heart goes out to it's workforce and all who will be affected by it's closure. Coventry can be proud of its contribution to the car industry over many years, not much consilation to the people whose livelyhoods will be destroyed. I wish you well in your negotiations to turn the French decision around. Coventry has a history of surviving, lets hope that any further developments can be controlled by a British investor with it's workkforces best interest at heart.

sad and weak goverment well done tony blair

Shame, increasing living costs in the country means it is more profitable to produce cars abroad. Perhaps the staff should be looking to take voluntary pay cuts. Simply economics. Government wake up and do something about the high costs of living in the country!

Bad. Bad. is the rising price of oil and therefore fuel pushing car industry out of Britain? Bad. Bad.

what a bombshell

Conscience....the missing ingredient, in most board room decisions. Welcome to the new world order! dave...USA

Nick in Newark
My dad & grandad worked at the Stoke & Ryton plants & it's a shame to see the end of mass production. BUT I think lower volume niche models are still viable, with the right management & backed by an international company. Why can't Ryton be resurrected building Sunbeam soft-tops & coupes? It's still a well-loved brand across the world. The workforce is top notch - give it a top notch product to build instead of a low-margin high-volume supermini that is always going to be cheaper to build in eastern Europe.

Rob Haynes
I could not believe it when i herd it was going to close,what's the ground going to be used for,more houses,all i can say is DONT GIVE IN WITHOUT A GOOD FIGHT LADS,because they would'nt put up with it in france,they would blockade every where,and there would be country wide strikes,but they know here the brits will just give in as like they normally do that why everyone walks over us.

It was inevitable, car workers are in the most vunerable of professions it happened when the Japs started importing cars here now with the emerging Chinese/ Korean markets, Nissan and Honda UK will be next

Spare a thought for the 1000 people still employed locally by Peugeot. Making statements such as never buy another Peugeot does nothing to help their job security. Yes this is sad news and yes people are shocked but this was always going to happen.

daniel potts
A big blow to the wrokers at the ryton plant. I hope that it works out for you all

Clem Jackson
It's sad to see yet another key part of my life come to an end. I started work at the plant as a (Rootes) Apprentice in 1968 and have some good memories of both Ryton and Stoke, when we employed over 12,000 people in the city. However Coventry has a habit of regenerating itself and, whilst it is a significant blow, the end of car (as opposed to taxi) prodcution in the city, I have confidence that my home city will reinvent itself once again. I hope all those affected, in the supply industry as well, will soon find alternative employment. Keep going Cov!

lea jonson coventry
This closure is a god send for Tony blair with the closure of Ryton he has enabled Britain to pass its emmision levels as they will now test for pollution in this City, with no factorys and not many able to afford running a car we will pass with ease, also training and jobs in this City are a bit like his weapons of mass distruction they dont exist.

I am disgusted by the decision to close Ryton. The only way forward is for consumers to boycott the Peugeot and Citroen product from now on. There are good cars bulit in Britain, such as the MINI, and these are the products which deserve our hard earned cash. Peugeot has, for too long, pushed its factories to build more and more cars at cheaper prices and the result of this is that over the last few years the product quality across the range has been dreadful.

John Osborne
I will not buy any European brand car again

Ru Wilkinson
How many Peugeot cars did you see on our roads in 1978 when Peugeot bought the Ryton plant? The workers at Ryton have done a tremendous job of raising the profile of the profile of the Peugeot name over morethan a decade.If it was not for Ryton,very few Peugeot cars would be sold in this country.

John Williamson
There is no point blaming the government over this, Peugeot are a commercial enterprise who have every right to make commercial decisions, however they hve a moral obligation to ensure they work with the government and the unions to do what they can to get these 2,300 back into the workforce as soon as possible. You cannot just cut these peoples lifeline and walk away. I hope the time between now and closure is used effectively to do the right thing and manage the closure with some compassion.

Paul Gardner
i can't say that i'm surprised by the closure or by the way that it was announced,it seems to me over the years that the workforce has done a great job & this is their reward for hardwork ( which it always was ) !! it becomes yet another closure to follow the likes of Massy's,Jag,Alvis, makes you wonder where the next generation of coventry kids are going to work,is the Specials ghost town becoming a reality ?

bob horner
Not really surprised at the closure . But, since peugeot got so much money from the british taxpayer in grants is the government getting all that taxpayers money back from them with interest ?

The Unions knew of this months ago, i am a union steward in the car industry and was given this news in January.

unfortunately this is no surprise, the current and former government have failed to see the blindly obvious state of affairs the manufacturing industry as a whole is in. The motor industry especially has been hit by a failure to introduce tax and levies on major imports the same as our exports are in other country's. This is why it was so attractive for certain car makers to come here in the first place. But with the opening up of eastern Europe to car makers and other industries where wages are less than 10% than the uk's even the favourable tax holes are not viable any more. What makes it worse is that a supposed expert (Jay Nagley) has said " we're down to generally efficient car factories" he says, and as such there are no reasons to fear further major closures."?. Apart from this week general motors Europe announced a reduction in build numbers of 179.000 astras for next year, or putting it another way, the total output of vauxhalls in Ellesmere port. A plant already facing the axe because of gme's decision to close a European plant in the next 4-5 years.

Well not a surprise, the 206 is finishing production and the Citroen side have supported the ailing Peugeot brand over the last 5 years with their superior cars and sales, Peugeot need to rationalise the range and use the Citroen set up to get out of their problems, It's a sad day for the UK car industry once again but lets be honest about it, BMW 's are built in China and Audi's are built in Slovakia, its a profit motive and nothng more for these large companies

This is Private enterprise, (The Thatcher Dream) Why blame this Government. Many of our utlities are also owned by French Companies (thank you Mr Major) This whole thing is caused by the greed of not only PSA but all of those other so called Captains of industrry ho have abandoned Britains manufacturing base

Mikko Takala
Sorry for the workers on a personal level but the writing has been on the wall for decades. If you are over-priced and unproductive then you get the chop.

The workers need to take over the factory bring it under thier common ownership and start producing cars again. There are many lessons to learn from the dozens of factories and plants brought under public ownership in Latin America over the last few years, by the workers themselves.
As an an EX Vauxhall worker here in Luton I feel sympathy for all the workers and their families in Ryton.Its an absolute disgrace whats happening to our Country.We had one of the most profirable plants in Europe but they still closed us.The Country is slowly but surely being run down and our so called leaders are doing nothing about it.We are heading for a low wage economy and with that the decline of Great Britain PLC.This closure would not of happenend in Europe purely for the reason it is easy to sack the British worker than it is a European.Capital has gone global and that means the East will have firms going there due to the fact they can exploit the workforce in the East.We will be a third world Country with in a couple of generations as there will be no work in this Country,unless you want to work in B&Q!This is no idle threat.Coming from a Town thst had loads of industry we have nothing left.Multiply this across the UK and we my friends are heading for terminal decline.No wonder the Far Right are on the march discontent is EVERYWHERE!

Very sad that the end has finally come. With one exception (a Hillman Imp made in Peugeot's long ago closed Scottish factory) every car I've ever owned was built at Ryton. My garage still houses a 1963 Sunbeam alongside a current 206.

I have bought Peugeot's for the last five years, all have been 206's made in the UK. I will never buy another one made by this company. They do not care about the consequences that this descision will have on the local community.

I lived in Coventry for 15 years, and have seen many industries die there - of course it's always a shame. But what ON EARTH is all this rubbish about "the government's fault for our weak labour laws"? Just look at how many japanese car companies CHOSE the UK in the seventies and eighties as there gateway into europe, and chose to build plants here? And why the UK? It was exactly BECAUSE of those flexible employment laws. They knew - build a plant in France and we'll be STUCK with it. Let's have some balance in this otherwise rather one-sided argument about the macro economics, please.

the government is to blame as if we had the same employment rights as our european counterparts we would not be closing. it is far easier and cheaper to sack british workers. by the time we enjoy the same level playing field there will be no manufacturing jobs left in the uk.

There is no point anyone working in manufactoring any more. Thats why I got out over 15 years ago. As former worker at both Jag and Morris Engines I have real sympathy for the workforce. I'm sure they are all in a state of shock.

Simon Gittus
This is another sad day for the country and I feel sorry for all those employees that have lost their jobs. However, if you wish to get your message of discontent about their decision across, DON'T BUY A PEUGEOT or CITROEN. PSA will soon realise what a mistake they've made when their market share in Britain has declined. As Jean Martin Folz explains its about PSA's profits, so why not kick them in the teeth and slash it some more? There was no need for the plant to close and if labour laws were stronger, this would never happen!

Sandria Scott
I think the goverment of this country needs to wake up, as major companys are pulling out of Britian because of costs. Yet again the midlands have lost another major employee, when is it going to end.

This is a sad, sad day for coventry, but when the company owners are french why should they feel any loyalty to the british workforce? This is just a consequence of everything being made in this country being owned by somebody abroad. Maybe the politicians who determine the fate of manufacturing in this country should spend some time with some of the 1000s of unemployed families that will be a consequence of this news today. Lets all hail Mr Browns miracle economy..... Hopefully it will melt down before he gets a chance to do even more damage to the UK as pm. My thoughts are with all the effected families.

Yet another nail in the coffin of British manufacturing. It must be a very worrying time for all concerned, the impact on the local West Midlands economy is likely to be much larger with all the suppliers to Ryton also under threat. The total job losses will be very high. My thoughts are with all the affected employess and their families.

Eric Johnson
First Jag, now Peugeot. Cov's manufacturing industry is officially DEAD.

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