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28 October 2014

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River Avon in Stratford, looking downstream
Would the bridge damage the view?

Does Stratford need another bridge?

Five architects have submitted proposals to Warwickshire County Council for a new bridge but some residents claim the town doesn't need one. What do you think?

Is another footbridge in Stratford a bridge too far? Some residents in the town certainly think so. They have objected strongly to Warwickshire County Council's competition to design a new bridge for the town.

Leading the dissent is Shottery's James Philpotts, who led the campaign to save the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

He told the BBC that adding a bridge across the Avon would destroy some of the views of the town.

"It will destroy the vista from the tram bridge. That is what I call the billion pound view," he said.

"If these philistines, and I use the term advisedly, have their way, that vista will be closed."

The bridge is being built as part of the redevelopment of Waterside, the area on the banks of the river near the Royal Shakespeare Theatres.

Five designs for a new bridge in front of one of England's most famous scenes at Stratford-upon-Avon have been revealed. The bridge will cost £2 million and will be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

Currently, the only ways to cross the river in the town centre of Stratford are via Clopton Bridge, which is used by motor vehicles as well as pedestrian traffic, or the penny ferry by the Dirty Duck pub.

Does Stratford need another bridge to help pedestrians cross the river safely or should the famous views of Stratford be preserved?

Take a look at the proposed designs by clicking on the link and let us know what you think on the messageboard below. Plus don't forget to vote!

last updated: 12/09/06
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Not happy
What stratford needs is proper parking, footpaths, and a good clean. it is dirty, dull, and depressing. We have enough bridges at presant, the new one on the rec is an eyesore, we do not need another one.

Susan Stevenson
stratford has an ideally located bridge already - but it needs updating and renovating. The money saved from NOT building another new bridge can be put to much better use

Who cares? World class Stratford with its latest strip club (or is it just pole dancing) has been ruined anyway.

norman conway
i believe we should redevelop the mill bridge

no we do not need another bridge the planners need to remember Stratford upon avon only exists in its present form because of William Shakespeare and respect the town accordingly. Without Shakespeare we woul d be just another Cotswold market town. Make alterations but consult the towns visitors. Without them we would have no town and many of us would be unemployed. How many will take one look at the Bancroft Gardens and keep driving. No way were all the trees diseased. Anyone who believes that is an idiot.

Steve Adkins
before visitors to stratford can become pedestrians they need to be able to get in by car. the traffic congestion in stratford it appaling. something needs to be done immidiatley to improve traffic flow and to prevent an accident. every time i drive around the one way system near the lesure centre there is silly drivers cutting infront of other cars, or blocking traffic. shurely this is not the image stratford wants to put on show before its visitors look around.

Chris Baker
This is £2m to be spent on solving a problem that does not exist. You have to question the motivation fot it.

ithink it should its a good way to get pople across.are you gonna change or improve any other attractions in stratford upon avon

Danny Keaney S on A
Rumours circulating in the world of structual engineering is that the only person on the bridge judging panel with the relevant skills in bridge construction would not put his name to the chosen bridge design because of his concerns for the safety of the people that would use the proposed " thinnest arched bridge in the world". In his opinion (allegedly) he thought the structure to be dangerously unstable. If this is true then the people of Stratford should be told.

David Bowie
All these people wanting to bring Stratford 'up to date' just don't understand that lots of visitors come because it ISN'T 'up-to-date'. Making it 'modern' (like Milton Keynes or Telford?) will just drive people away. By the way, Stratford already has four bridges and a ferry - no need for any more. And whatever you may think, a public vote of 'NO' should stand.

No, I don't think the bridge is suitable to Stratford's look and while I agree that we need more ways to get around the town and across the river but I don't think it's a huge cause for concern and the ballot says more people do not want it than do. In this time and age, democracy rules and STRATFORD SAYS NO! P.S The Tramway Brigde did still exist last time I went across it, why is it not in this report?

Lucy Bridges
Lies, damned lies and statistics - the results to the consultation have just come out and the headlines say that half the people in Stratford don't want it. They only had 2500 responses - according to the figures I have seen it would be accurate to say that 1400 people oppose the bridge, 1100 support it, and the other 17,500 residents (approx) of Stratford really don't care one way or another. The worst thing about Stratford is the people who want to see it stagnate and so oppose all and any proposals to bring it up to date.

Common on Stratfordians, what's wrong with you all, you're living in the dark ages. The new bridge will let people access the theatre gardens, rec and town more easily. I agree with those who say yes, rather than those who hate change in whatever form. It's time to move forward and stop all the moaning, there are plenty of other towns who would gladly welcome the money being spent on them.

Danny Keaney
The people of stratford have spoken. Stratford Herald bridge ballot results tell us 62% don't want bridge. Democracy must be upheld.

Lorraine Keaney S on A
Nature has provided a world class river view, why spoil it with an unwanted and unnecessary steel carbuncle?

p green
no definitely not

D M Walton
Please get your facts right.Clopton Bridge or the ferry are NOT the only ways to cross the river. The tram bridge just 100 metres from Clopton bridge is probably THE major pedestrian route, and the view from which will be spoilt by a new bridge. A new bridge is NOT wanted by all residents I have spoken to. The money would be far better spent on a pedestrian bridge over the road by Cox's Yard.

what a brilliant idea - Stratford looks so drab it needs an exciting new feature like the proposed bridge - and it will be very useful to pedestrians

Toni Wooldridge
Yes its does, what a fantasic idea

Stratford has to move forward, it can't dwell in the past as some residents prefer. A new bridge would be an attractive and stylish feature. Think about the Millenium Bridge in London, the new Tyne bridge in Newcastle, etc - they are distinctive landmarks that improve the location and I'm sure it would be the same for Stratford.

yes it should have a bridge the only way forward is to update area and modernise!

Anne McKechnie
Today having being held up for some considerable time by the traffic attending the G8 Conference re-enforces my view that Stratford does need another bridge. This was at a time of none peak holiday traffic as well. A simple accident on or near the bridge causes chaos.

The bridge should definitely be built. The bancroft gardens are frequently used by me and my friends in the summer, but it becomes very congested. The proposed bridge would greatly improve access to the rec (recreation ground) and, therefore, reduce congestion on the Bancroft. There are no plans to concrete over the rec, only to enable more people to enjoy it. It would not ruin the supposedly perfect view along the Avon. In fact, the new bridge can barely be seen, if its opponents cared to look at the proposals, they would see this. This is not a case of we can build a new bridge or renovate the Lucy's Mill bridge. The money has been allocated by the regional Quango, Advantage West Midlands, for the building of a new bridge and, if it is not built, Stratford will be passed over for much needed investment once again. Besides, the Lucy's Mill bridge is not in an accessible position, nor would its renovation achieve any of the aims of the proposed bridge. The chain ferry would not be destroyed by the bridge. In fact, the man who runs the ferry is strongly in favour.

Roger Bennet
The debat is nonsense. From what I have seen,l the new bridge will not be visible from the Tramway Bridge and will not affect the view. Even if it did, the view will be affected anyway when they refurbish the theatre.

Danny keaney
We must keep up the pressure to stop the footbridge being built, it can be done, don't give up. We must convince John Deegan and his fellow would be vandals that their brain dead scheme will not be tolerated. As the saying goes " it aint over till the fat lady sings"

Tony Homer
I have to agree with Darren Parkin - democracy will not resolve this matter. Rather, it will be a select committee of councillors who will be playing party politics with our town. It's not just the building of the bridge that concerns me but the impact on the wonderful recreation ground. Wide open spaces should go on an endangered species list. As for the loss of the ferry, surely we can prove that Shakespeare used it and make it a preservation site.

john oldfield
no we do not.why are wks cc so keen to spend £2m,against the wishes of the majority of local residents?is this already a done deal?

no it just needs the old ones to be revamped,

How is building a bridge 'Moving forward', other than simply creating a new design?! A more cost effective method would be to add a bike lane to the Tramway bridge, as Clopton bridge already has a pedestrian lane and of course there is the ferry. Use the money for something more beneficial for a really needy cause other than just satisfying the demands of a design hungry organisation wanting to repress their thirsts for 'the latest design monument'.

Bryan Cockerill
No No We do not need another bridge. There are 3 bridges already. What about the perfectly adequate Tramway Bridge not mentioned in this report. Upgrrade the bridge at Luceys Mill and save lots of money.

Gordon Brace
Stratford has two road bridges and two footbridges and a ferry. I t does not need another a footbridge and certainly not on the suggested site. That would really damage the recreation ground and spoil a world famous view for no practical advantage. I would be useful, if money is available, to modify the footbridge at Lucy's Mill to make it useable by disabled people.

No, it does not. It would be a reckless waste of the rates, help to turn Stratford-upon-Avon into a tourists' mecca and destroy it as a community in its own right.

Karen Varga
There is a solely pedestrian bridge! From Swan's Nest/recreation ground car park to the Bancroft gardens. What it really needs is traffic diverting away from the centre of town and cars not being able to use the Clopton bridge at all.

Chris Pearce
No! No! No! That's all we ever hear from Stratfordians. It's their oppose-anything-new-at-any-price that has helped create a town which Germaine Greer rightly called a dump. The proposed bridge is an exciting project which is just what the town needs if it is to through off its 'old fogey' image.

Susan Thomas
as we already have two pedestrian bridges across the Avon and our wonderful Ferry, why on earth do we need another foot bridge, is this just for the sake of spending public funds for the sake of it. I certainly do not want to live in a Disney theme park, a World heritage site is based on natural and historical beauty not more man made eyesores which distract from it's unspoilt beauty. Please say no to the bridge and stop the glory hunters wanting their name on a plaque.

Colin Haywood
No one has yet consulted the Sea Cadets with regard to sailing underneath. As it stands, we do not consider that another bridge is required.

It's not just the over 70's who think that this bridge is a mistake. And just because a structure is new doesn't make it progress, or desirable. Look at the Birthplace Trust what a dump! - right next to the beautiful house of Shakespeare's birth. Look at the materials used for the pedestrianisation of that area with cheap paviours, and paving slabs. You wouldn't find that in a really world class city or town. Stratford has left it too late to make the town world class - it would cost billions. It takes constant vigilance, vision and the desire to retain the best of the old together with the best of the new. The lack of democracy of this project is evidence that it is not good enough to get support because of it's own merits, it's just someones idea of a legacy project. Stratford has mediocrity written all over it for example the ugly signage of the shops. Compare the signage in Stratford to the shops in somewhere like Florence - with subtle and unobtrusive signage, which doesn't spoil its buildings. Most of the character shops left Stratford years ago. In my opinion the only thing Stratford has left or worth is the riverside - the garden adjacent to trinity church is simply lovely, and the one adjacent to the theatre is very pleasant it's difficult to see where exactly the bridge is going but either one or both of these is likely to be ruined. I hate vandals with a passion, but I think that I could be tempted could this bridge get built.

Brian Hall Richardson
No, it does not. It does need improved access to bridge at Lucy's Mill,more places in overcrowded schools and community facilities on the southern bank of the river, to name but a few! It is significant that no access details are provided in the consultative literature, why? Might it be that parts of the Receation Ground and theatre grounds are to be covered in tarmac etc.? Would it not have been refreshing if the W.C.C. Highways department had dealt with the matter in an honest and straight forward manner? I would like to know how it is possible that £2000000 can be 'ring-fenced' before consultation has taken place. I would also like to know who is responsible for proposing the idea in the first place or are we to assume that it entirely down the W.C.C.Highways department.

Corinne Richardson
The information above is totally incorrect. There is a foot bridge across the Avon not a stones throw from the traffic bridge, which does also have a secure footpath running alongside, and further down stream there is another Footbridge, which the residents would like upgraded. That would provide the circular walk for pushchairs and disabled at a fraction of the cost and far less environmental damage. WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT ANOTHER BRIDGE. This idea has come from another planet and can go back there.

The Tramway bridge is near enough to the proposed site and perfectly adequate. If money is available it would be better spent on making the Lucy's Mill bridge wheelchair and cycle friendly.

David Chamberlain
The way this project has been organised, and I use that term in the loosest sense, is a farse. Why spend thousands of pounds on a trip to Cannes,have designs submitted and hold "consultations" even before the decision has been made as to whether the bridge will happen, ALLEGEDLY!!!!! Why were the latest consultation in 2 out of 3 cases held in tourist hotspots? This is purely a local issue. We are suposed to be a high profile tourist attraction, we have three bridges and NO BUS STATION. We do have a unique ferry across the river and this needs to be kept in situ. We have a chronic traffic problem so if we require a new bridge at all it needs to be a road bridge to take traffic round the town. NO TO THIS BRIDGE.

David Bowie
Another thought: Stratford, with a population of about 25000, already has 4 bridges over a short stretch of river. Based on populations, that's equivalent to London having about 1,200 bridges over the Thames! The idea of building yet another one seems more absurd every way you look at it.

Helen Young
No, Stratford dose not need another foot bridge, what we need is for the money to be put towards another road bridge, or spend the money on Lucy's Mill bridge. Make it wheelchair, pushchair and bike friendly bridge.

Martyn Luscombe
If we have a bridge in the proposed location we shall also have increased parking on the rec, with a floodlit path to take people from their cars to the theatre. We will also have lots more bikes in an area where people, young and old, are walking and playing. Worst of all, we will have a large modern structure imposed on a timeless piece of English heritage, completely at odds with its setting and surroundings. NO, we don't need it. Save the open spaces of the rec and upgrade Lucy's Mill footbridge instead.

Eric Ward
Your report is false: there is a more than adequate way to cross the river on foot, by the beautiful Tramway Bridge. Another footbridge is downstream, just past the church. We do NOT need any more footbridges! We do NOT want this proposed one. Your correspondents do not al seem to appreciate the consequent damage to the lovely green "Rec" if a bridge is built. Where do they think the cyclists will go to, I wonder. Large areas would be tarmacked over for them, for the additional carparks, and for new access routes which would spoil the places people flock to Stratford to enjoy. Vote NO.

Alfred T
Yes we do need a new bridge but not in the proposed location. The old bridge at down river near Seven Meadows Road needs to be replaced. To build a bridge in the proposed location would be an act of vandalism.

John Power
Yes, Stratford does need another bridge not a footbridge but a road bridge that should be warwickshires county councils priority. They should forget their ego and resolve the traffic problem with a new road bridge. The fact that a competition was held makes most people think that consultation is a bit of a myth but it gives the powers that be credibility

The Tramway bridge is only 2m wide, not wide enough for both cycles and pedestrians, which is what is needed. Lucy's Mill bridge is way off the line in which most people want to travel, and so is in the wrong place. We NEED this bridge.

No! Definately NOT!!

David Bowie
NO! It would damage not only the view but also our swans, which are prone to fly into supporting wires. It would take up a big area of riverbank land on both sides. We need to modernise the existing bridge next to Lucy's Mill, which would offer cyclists direct traffic-free access to the Greenway (if you don't know where Lucy's Mill is, or what the Greenway is, you probably should stay out of this debate).

Stephanie Jackson
The question should be: does Stratford need another PEDESTRIAN bridge in town? A lot of people are supporting a new bridge because they think it will help the congestion on Clopton Bridge, which of course won't be affected by this proposed scheme. What will be affected is the fantastic view, from the Tramway Bridge of the River Avon and Holy Trinity Church, which is as much part of Stratford's heritage (and, as a Stratfordian, born and bred, MY heritage)as the Birthplace or the Theatre. Another question that needs to be asked is why, through the choice of venues for the consultation displays, more emphasis is being put on the views of visitors to the town than residents of Stratford-on-Avon District. The consultation process does not even make it out to the west of the District (i.e. Alcester. Is this a ploy to make sure that the 'powers that be' get the result they want, rather than the result that residents want? By the way, I am not over 70, but rather the mum of 3 children aged between 5 and 12, all of whom think that a new pedestrian bridge is most definitely not needed in this beautiful town of ours. It would be much better to spend the money elsewhere, such as on the bridge at Lucy's Mill.

Glyn Mazey
There are already three footbridges, as well as two roads across the Avon within a 2-mile length at this point. At least 2 of the proposed designs could endanger wildlife, e.g. if swans fly into them. Few local residents want another bridge, and it would add to congestion at the narrowest part of the north bank.

jack Isaacson
I agree that this bridge is NOT needed in this spot. There is a bridge a bit further down the river which if modernised and improved would be of use to not only pedestrians and cyclists but also the elderly and partially disabled living at the foot of the bridge. Looking at the "photos" of the new bridge it strikes me that it is much smaller and unobtrusive than it would be in reality. If a bridge Must be built it would surely be more logical to widen Clopton bridge to accommodate more traffic and include a cycle lane

Look at all the places in the West Midlands which could do with a makeover and some investment. The quango Advantage West Midlands decides to waste £2m on a bridge which isn't needed, which no-one wants which will spoil the only nice part of stratford left - namely the view down the river. Couldn't Coventry or Birmingham make better use of this money, and the additional £7m to improve an already pleasant garden. Why not make the loveley chain ferry free- you could do that with £2m without spoiling the view.

P Condron
NO we dont need another bridge. The view from the Tramway Bridge towards the church will be spoilt for all time, what a legacy to leave for future generations. You have forgotten the Tramway Bridge which is another way to cross the River on foot. The Lucy's Mill bridge ought to be brought up to modern standards.

Paul Davies
Has any consideration been given to river users? TS Gurkha, the Stratford-upon-Avon Sea Cadets use that section of the river to teach sailing using their sailing dinghies. Has any consideration been given to masthead clearance FROM BANK TO BANK. There is no other section of the river that is suitable. This is yet another reason why this bridge should not be built!

Giovanni Renna
The question shouldn't be if Stratford needs another bridge, but is it needed in that location? The answer is NO. Residents have already said no, the architects for the new RST said that it would interfere with their project and no justification has been given why alternative solutions and locations will not be considered.

Elizabeth N
Cannot see the need for ANOTHER bridge. Also one would be detrimental to a beautiful view.

Only if it replaced the current one near the Seven Meadows road bridge, at the same location. We don't need "icons" imposed on the river environment, one of the towns most treasured features.


Deffinitely NOT. The Lucy,s Mill footbridge should be made more pedestrian accessable.The steps are an obstacle for anybody with a push chair or bicycle. It certainly does not confirm to disabled guide lines. Being a guest ,many of my guests to cross the river there and enjoy the views of the church and theatre as they walk back to the town. Views that will be destroyed by the propopsed new footbridge. The uninterrupted view down river from the tramway footbridge is world famous, do not destroy it with a modern footbridge.

The Davey Family (count us as four votes)
NO! The bridge at Lucy's Mill should be adapted for cyclists and wheelchairs. Leave the view alone and why is there so much obsession about developing this beautiful part of the river? The usage of the chain ferry is guaranteed to drop too. In summer bikes can go over on that. It is a great feature of the town and the only one of its' kind left in the UK.

Brian Brazier
You have not mentioned the Tramway bridge which is a perfectly convenient way to get into town from the Rec car parks. No - we do not want or need another bridge - far better spend the money on getting on with completing the ring road which would solve most of the town's traffic problems

John Dews
I find myself out of step with the people that oppose the New Bridge. As to the New Bridge marring the views, every bridge has its views. The New one would have a wonderful view upstream past the Theatre to the Tramway bridge and downstream to the Church and the weir. So from the Tramway you gain another view, the New Bridge and on to the Church. To me that’s a gain not a loss! The Bridge would serve with the proposed alterations to Theatre and riverside as another “relief valve” to the congested Bancroft Gardens, while giving easy access to the Theatre and Town Perhaps a new overall approach might give another reason for the New Bridge. If a new car park was provided on the land at the rear of the Recreation ground with an entrance and exit from the Shipston Road Roundabout on the bypass(screened with trees this would have very little visual impact ) and with some form of transport running traffic free from the car park to the foot of the New Bridge this would put the public well within walking distance of the centre of Stratford and the Theatre. This would accommodate any visitors to the Town from the Banbury/ Oxford/ Evesham roads without them actually crossing Clopton Bridge or adding to the general traffic chaos in the town. Users of the car park would then not need to cross any of the major traffic routes. A Southern Park and Ride would have the disadvantage that after leaving their cars in the car park they still have to join the traffic, on the bus, to cross Clopton Bridge or some other congested route to access the town. I might add I have resided in and just outside of the Town for over forty years. Having a business in the Town I travel into Stratford regularly and suffer the traffic problems. Bring on the New Bridge.

David Jennings
I concur wholeheartedly with the comments made by Sally Spikings. Yes, we need a bridge.

Andrew Bak
I use both the Tram bridge and Lucys Mill bridge daily and yes I also use my bike. I think that Lucys Mill bridge should be improved rather than build a completly new one. I find it rather amusing how so many things are overlooked and left to decline when a big wad of cash is waved and individuals get a 'big idea ' . How strange also that an online questionaire regarding it all is so hard if not impossible to find.

I have lived and worked in Stratford for some years and whilst believing another bridge was much needed was worried about the visual impact. Having seen the designs, which i think are very imaginatic I now see that the impact is much less than I had feared. Please go ahead, its a great idea

Have just seen all of the bridge designs at the Bancroft Gardens cosultation during the Bank Holiday.Great stuff,everyone should get to see them,keep an open mind and then imagine just how much difference it could make. I am converted,yes we do need a new bridge.

Sally Spikings
Culture is a living thing that needs to keep being added to so that it can continue to grow. It seems to me that the detractors want to close the door for good on Stratford evolving, something that they are periously close to having done already. As a regualr visitor to Stratford(yes, I know I don't live in the town but its' prosperity depends on people like me) it has become patently obvious that the town needs to move with the times. It's stuck in a rut, the making of which can be laid fair and square at the feet of those in fear embracing anything that might be remotely viewed as modern in style or design and whom are slowly but surely condeming the town to the status of museum exhibit.

Jim Maynard
This bridge is long overdue, I generally park on the far side of the river and a direct route into town would be most welcome. The people who are complaining should look back at some of the buildings that their generation sanctioned and hang their heads in shame. These designs look fantastic.

Neil W
Anything which encourages a realistic increased use of cycling should be supported.

Tracey B
I think another bridge would be a great idea. Always very congested with cars and people, another bridge would help a lot!

This isn't just any bridge. The proposals I have seen are to create a architecturally world class bridge that will gain Stratford publicity around the globe. The Theatre by itself isn't enough to keep the visitors arriving or indeed attract investment and residents to the area. I don't believe that this debate is about needing a bridge or not, rather do we believe in the future of the town as a dynamic and forward thinking place, while still recognising and being sympethitic to its history, or allow it to become even more lodged in the past.

If you look at the Councils track record (e.g eg allowing that vile Holiday inn to be built and the appalling gyratory system with our new "tower block" to welcome tourists) it is not good..basically a Govt Quango "Advantage West Midlands"c has offered to build them a bridge for nothing and they have said "yes please"....As previous posters have said the existing bridges are already poorly maintained and there is a bridge at Lucys Mill that could be modified at a fraction of the expense to accomodate cyclists and push chair users.... Another example of useless councils wasting tax payers money and ignoring the wishes of the people who pay their wages!

The view from the Tramway Bridge, which is the picture you are showing,will be all but untouched. The proposed position is so far around the corner it will only be slightly visible during winter when the leaves have all gone. Mr Philpott's doesn't seemed to have grasped this fact.

I am 10 and live on the other side of the river to school. I think it would be a good thing to build a bridge so that I can ride to school on my bike. I am not allowed to now because of all the cars.

Janet B
As a tourist to your wonderful town, yes you most certainly do need another foot bridge. I was surprized at the congestion not only of foot traffic within the town but also to the vehicular traffic and lack of parking facilities. As a tourist town you maybe need to think about the people who are visiting the town and spending alot of money there.

Sarah Henderson
Philpotts has never learnt to read plans or maps. But he obviously has the power to see around bends. Is he serious? How much of the new bridge does he think would be visable from the Tram Bridge. He certainly does not seem concerned about the 'vista'in the other direction as thousands of cars, lorries, coaches, assorted HGV's cross Clopton Bridge otherwise he would be joining the effort for a complete ring road on both the west and the east of the town. Or does he have a hidden agenda? After all he has spoken out again the Shottery relief road would would have taken 1000's of vehicles away from the centre of town.

Christine W
I think its a great idea. The different designs all look amazing. If you like bridges, and I do, the view will be enhanced. Plus, they'll be two new views from the bridge up and down the river. Also, I understand the ferry (which is not open during the winter months or in the evening) will move to nearer the theatre, a better position for it.

I'm fed up with the over 70's in this town thinking they speak for everyone else. The bridge will form a key access for cycles. At the moment cycles can't use the tramway bridge, its dabngerous to cross on Clopton Bridge and Lucy's Mill it too far out of the way with far too many steps up to it. It will also be great for children from the new housing development east of the river to get to school safely.

Why is it the people of Stratford always moan. The town needs to move forward and stop living in the dark ages.

Rob at Stratford
Ron Lyre's Stratford Strumpet blog entry of 16 August 06 sums up the situation : in brief, NO we do not need a bridge from the theatre to the theatre's car park - improve the Lucy's Mill footbridge and don't waste money.

David Japan
as usual we complain about a waster of money and miss opportunities to progress and grow. England is not a museum.

have you seen the choises they have, one doubles nearly all the way back, what a farse!

No not another bridge for more traffic to congest a medieval town with narrow roads. It will mean more car parks. What the town needs is a decent train adn coach services with decent stations that befits a town that is a tourist magnet. When will the council realize that roads are not the only method of transport?

yes it does. Too congested.

Jay C
No - not another bridge! Why not upgrade the Lucy`s Mill footbridge to be wheelchair, bicycle, pedestrian friendly?

Karen Varga
We do need more cycle routes around and through the town, we do need more buses and public transport, we do need more localised sevices. We DO NOT need an expensive, unnecessary, unwanted piece of council nonsense! There is talk that the bridge will be designed abroad, and there has been no public outcry at the lack of another foot bridge. So - why are we being told one is being designed??

Martyn in Coventry
I dont live in Stratford but I go there every weekend. I think another bridge would spoil the look and natural image of the town. It is just another waste of tax payers money.

Tim Coton
Quite simply why do you need another bridge. Everyone is banging on about the lack of exercise people get these days and always on about lack of funding for key public services areas where resources are more needed and deserving. Why then spend £2m+ (as we all know nothing comes within budget anymore either) on a bridge which is not needed just for the sake of it. I'm sure these funds could be put to much better use than wasting it on an unnecessary new bridge.

Tony Walsh
Rather than spending money on an unwanted bridge, WCC would be better reducing the council tax.

Carole Leach
Stratford does lack sweeping vistas and to put a bridge on a lovely part of the river is plain daft. The ferry is a delightful novelty and if visitors and residents wish they can meander to Clopton Bridge or the Canal bridge (by the lock) to cross water and enjoy the views.. I have not noticed a 'pedestrian jam' which would necessitate another bridge. Walking leisurely around Stratford is a delight.

David Chowen
Architects & Planners have already made their mark on an historic town with the carpark on the gyratory, the wrecking on Mulberry Bush corner, et al. a fourth bridge (Clopton Bridge, Tramway & Lucy's Mill) is unecessary.

Neil Batchelor
Stratford certainly does not need another bridge. As is stated the famous veiws should be kept for as long as possible. Being a non driver, whenever I am in stratford town I don't seem to have any problems crossing the river. I don't follow the logic that means that if it saves people having to walk for an extra 100yrds that the rest of us should have to put up with the eyesore of the build than the lack of open views.

Lucy Perry
Of course we dont need a new bridge -WALK AROUND!!!

Chris Morris
Quote "currently, the only ways to cross the river in the town centre of Stratford are via Clopton Bridge, which is used by motor vehicles as well as pedestrian traffic, or the penny ferry by the Dirty Duck pub." This is simply not the case. Certainly the Bridge Foot bridge carries motor traffic as well as pedestrians, but as Mr Doody says, there is a perfectly serviceable pedestrian bridge to the south west of the main one. Another would surely be a surfeit of riches!!! No, Stratford does NOT need another bridge, foot or otherwise.

clive thomas
the bridge that is needed is to replace the one at the bottom of mill lane which is very user unfriendly

Malcolm Doody
Your article is incorrect. As well as the road bridge their is a bridge near to the RSC accross the river toward the butterfly farm. Equally further down stream at the end of the riverside park their is a footbridge. (No Stratford does not need another bridge).

Darren Parkin
As with most things that the people of Stratford don't want, the authorities are bound to just do it anyway. We didn't want parking meters in town. We got them anyway. We didn't want that ridiculous Park & Ride. We got it. We don't want more houses in Shottery. But we'll get them. We don't want the daft new bridge. But we'll probably get it anyway. Democracy is a dirty word in these parts!

Janet C
No - we don`t need another bridge

keith Mayhew

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