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28 October 2014

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Lee Mack
Lee Mack

Mack impresses at WAC

By Hannah Barnwell
Lee Mack tickled our reviewer Hannah Barnwell when he turned up at Warwick Arts Centre.

Lee Mack @ Warwick Arts Centre

Sunday, 29 January 2006

I had high expectations of the current They Think It’s All Over presenter, and I was certainly not disappointed.  A high energy, fast paced performance, Mack jumped quickly and confidently from one hilarious subject to another, leaving the audience on the edge of their seat.

Lee Mack
Lee Mack

With subjects as diverse as gymnastic preparations and where the word walkie-talkie came from, his animated, eccentric performance left the audience begging for more.

There was an almost slapstick element to the performance, with him jumping around the stage like a man possessed.  His new and scarier version of the New Zealand rugby team haka was a sight to behold.

What I found most impressive was his ability to throw a quick fire joke into a story from nowhere.  One minute you would be hanging on his every word waiting for the punch line, then it would arrive before expected, catching you totally off guard. A kind of blink-and-you-miss-it humour.

Mack managed to stay a way from the all too easy subjects of the moment, instead choosing the observational humour route, which was refreshing.  Also refreshing was the lack of swearing.  Okay, so there was a section on how much he loved swearing, but other than at this time there was very little.  It now seems to be the norm that comedians will swear through their routines as a humour mechanism.  Mack did well to stray away from this. 

Lee Mack
Lee Mack

Although generally a fantastic, packed performance, there was a stretch in the middle where it almost seemed he had no material so relied on the audience.  I know this is a common strategy, although unfortunately for Mack he didn’t have much to work with!  I also think a 35 minute encore is a little long, but overall, a very dynamic, eccentric performance, which I would recommend to all.

Steve Williams (support act)

My first impressions of Williams were not the best.  Initially he seemed nervous and hesitant, almost as if he was making his set up as he went along.  However, as he became more relaxed I discovered I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Highlights included a wonderful take on the famous Gladiator speech, had Gladiator been Welsh, and the beauty of the French language.

The topics covered were refreshing, and I wasn’t left with that have I heard this before? feeling.

But by far the highlight of his set was his suggestion that instead of Chip and Pin (when people cannot remember their pin number) we should have a system where we can write our name with a sparkler (as everyone loves sparklers).  Classic.

All in all a fantastic night out.

last updated: 30/01/06
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