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24 September 2014

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Singer Pauline Black

Singer Pauline Black

Where are they now?

All those involved in the 2-Tone movement were hugely talented musicians and many are still carrying the torch. We thought we'd have a look at what some of them are up to today.

We may be wallowing in nostalgia while we celebrate the 2-Tone era but those involved are staying firmly in the present by exploring new musical projects. We take a look at what some of them are up to now.

Terry Hall

The restless former Specials frontman has been involved in several projects since he left the band to form Fun Boy Three, with varying success. The three, formed with Specials band mates Lynval Golding and Neville Staple, enjoyed several chart hits including Tunnel of Love and The Lunatics (Are Taking Over the Asylum) but Hall left after just two albums.

The enigmatic singer, who has always shied away from the trappings of fame, went on to form Colourfield, who charted with the sublime Thinking of You, and then the trio Terry, Blair and Anouchka before a one-off outing with Dave Stewart -  Vegas.

Terry Hall pictured in his Specials days

Terry Hall pictured in his Specials days

He finally released his debut solo album, Home, in 1995. He continues to enjoy a solo career and has collaborated with artists like Blur, Gorillaz and Tricky in recent years.

Neville Staple

An absolute legend, former Specials and Fun Boy Three stalwart Neville is still hugely popular and tours both as a solo artist and with some of his former 2-Tone colleagues, including Ranking Roger from The Beat. He tours extensively in the UK and around the world. His last release was Rude Boy Returns in 2004.

Lynval Golding

Another member of both The Specials and Fun Boy Three, Lynval Golding, has continued to work in the music industry but he does it from his base in Seattle, USA. He is involved in a number of projects, including production work and occasional live appearances.

Roddy Byers

Roddy Byers, or Roddy Radiation as he was sometimes known, played guitar and wrote some of the songs produced by The Specials. The hugely talented guitarist, singer, songwriter and all-round top bloke continues to tour and record with his band The Skabilly Rebels, with Pauline Black in Three Men and Black and with other stars of the time in 2-Tone Collective. He is still based in Cov.

Jerry Dammers

Jerry Dammers is DJing now

Jerry Dammers

Jerry Dammers was the man who masterminded 2-Tone and The Specials and he continued with the band after the departure of the Fun Boy Three, recording The Boiler and Free Nelson Mandela with The Special AKA as they became known again and then working with Artists Against Apartheid. He now spends much of his time DJing and plays lots of reggae, ska and as ever is exploring many other genres.

Pauline Black

You name it, former Selecter vocalist Pauline Black has done it! After she left the band in 1982, she started a hugely successful acting career, appearing on stage, TV and in films and in 1990 she won a Time Out Best Actress award for her portrayal of Billie Holliday.

The Selecter were reformed in 1991 with Pauline and Neol Davies of the original line up, and enjoyed several successful tours. Pauline still performs with The Selecter to this day, albeit without Neol.

2-Tone legend Neol Davies

Neol Davies. Pic by Joe Kerrigan

She also performs under the umberella Three Men and Black with musicians taken from a pool featuring the likes of Jake Burns  of Stiff Little Fingers, Jean Jacques Burnel  of The Stranglers, Bruce Foxton of the Jam and Roddy 'Radiation' Byers as well as The Selecter Accoustic.

Neol Davies

Neol Davies may have been the main songwriter for The Selecter but he always had an eye on the blues and since he left the original and re-formed Selecter, he has been mainly involved in blues projects including Box of Blues with Horace Panter of The Specials and Anthony Hearty of the Style Council.

A new project could be on the horizon with another musician from the 2-Tone era - but we can't say any more just yet!

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You are in: Coventry and Warwickshire > History > Famous People > Where are they now?

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