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28 October 2014

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Mirror! Mirror!
Mirror! Mirror!

The fairest of them all?

Angular Nuneaton noisemongers Mirror! Mirror! are our Band of the Month for January 2006.

Our first Band of the Month of 2006 are Nuneaton quintet Mirror! Mirror!

Mike plays guitar, Alex plays guitar, Stephen shouts, Luke plays bass and Jon hits the tins. They've recorded seven tracks so far and have a split 7" single with Sheffield band Rolo Tomassi coming out very soon.

Mirror! Mirror!
Mirror! Mirror!

Mirror! Mirror! have played around 50 shows, including a prestigious support slot with New York art-punk band The Liars at the Flapper & Firkin in Birmingham.


Mirror! Mirror! are a band whose influences are probably more diverse that most. On their Myspace page they cite groups like Erase Errata, Wolves! (Of Greece), Q & Not U, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and the Ex-Models - but how do they discover new music?

"Most of the bands who influence us, we heard through independent record labels, curiosity, mixtapes from friends, reading, the net and most importantly going out to shows."


Describing their sound as "Noisy screamo and punk rock with indie and disco breakdowns," Mirror! Mirror!'s songs can be a challenging, but always rewarding listen. Never taking the obvious route, the group mix up different styles and genres to brilliant effect.

Steve from Mirror! Mirror!
Steve from Mirror! Mirror!

Vocalist Stephen Broadley tells us how the band have progressed over the past twelve months:

"We used to be quite heavy, more like Botch or Everytime I Die. I suppose we gradually matured as a band and looked to our wide variety of influences to hopefully gather a fresh sound, move away from obvious cliches and try to excite ourselves with something new.

"We've slowly started to fit in with punk, hardcore, and indie bands without feeling too alienated - it can also depend on the crowd. I think our friends have influenced us a lot over the last year with all their help, feeding back to us with suggestions."


Writing songs is a collaborative process for Mirror! Mirror!.

The two guitarists Alex and Mike will put together the basic outline of a track. Then drums and bass are played to correspond accordingly, adding or taking away various parts of the song. The vocals are always added last, with lyrics tailored to suit the timing of the song.

Nuneaton scene?

"Nuneaton hosts some good bands, plenty of scene here mate," they say.

"There are some great bands like Pictures Paint Words, Effervescent, Watch That Horse Fly, Holy Smokes! - who unfortunately split, Radio Daze, Tales From Space, 1989 and a fair few others."

Mirror! Mirror!
Mirror! Mirror!

Mirror! Mirror are also able to network with other bands and fans from around the UK and the world, with their Myspace page.

"We're Myspacers for life. It's a good way to update people who care, or who are interested in the band. It's nice to be able to spread our music to new audiences, advertise where we're playing or what's going on.

"We've got friends who we love from all over the country, even outside, so please have a look on our site for links or browse our myspace friends if you get some time."

Plans for 2006?

Mirror! Mirror! will shortly be releasing their 7" split single on Speedowax Records and they also plan to bring out a full length LP later in the year.

Find out more about the band by visiting their website and Myspace page - or

How to get featured?

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire's Band of the Month feature aims to showcase the best local musical talent.

If you think you and/or your band are worthy enough of a feature then get in contact with us.

…. Or use the postal address below.

You can email us .... email:

All we require is a short biography, a couple of decent quality colour images (in jpeg format) and a copy of your music.

last updated: 27/01/06
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