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28 October 2014

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Jo Brand
She's big in many ways - Jo Brand

Jo Brand is one funny woman

Our reviwer Hannah may not have seen every funny woman in the world but she still believes that Jo Brand is the funniest of the lot.

Review by Hannah Barnwell

“There are two types of people in this world, one who opens a packet of biscuits, has one and puts the rest back in the cupboard, and one who eats the whole packet in one go”.

I’m sure Jo Brand wouldn’t mind me saying she is definitely the second type. When I saw Jo at Warwick Arts Centre, I noticed she is big, but not just in body - she has a big personality, big opinions, and most importantly, big jokes.

Quick to dispel the ever present myth that she is a lesbian, Jo openly states that “men are fantastic – as a concept”.  Worried that I was letting myself in for a night of feminist jokes, I was pleasantly surprised by Jo’s observational humour, and solutions to every day problems, like why life would be simpler if we had remote controls for our partners (so we could put them on hold to watch TV and come back to them later). 

Jo covered topics from political party conferences to cosmetic surgery, the joys (and pains) of young children to the current situation in London, each done in a bold and refreshing way. 

A high point of the night was when she read sections out of one of Coventry’s local papers which had grabbed her attention, including the Coventry calendar, the crime page and the letters page.  This added a personal touch to the performance. 

At the end of the show, Jo did a little Q&A session, which proved a rather refreshing alternative to the usual encore. 

I read a comment on one of the posters for the show which read “The funniest female in the world bar none”.  Ok, so I haven’t heard all the females in the world, but from what I’ve seen tonight, I’d have to rank her right up there at the top.  A fantastic, inspired performance.

Jo Brand’s support act was a very tall Brummie called Andy Robinson.  I’ve never heard of him before, but certainly hope to hear from again.

Topics covered included Feng Shui (which “doesn’t exist in the UK, we just arrange our rooms by where the plug sockets are”), the “torpedo” which hit Birmingham earlier this year, what happens when you live on your own, and music (from Westlife in their 30’s to Coldplay’s depressing lyrics), all of which were pulled off to perfection.

I very much recommend you see him, if only to learn the truth about why men’s toilets don’t have as many cubicles as women’s....

last updated: 26/10/05
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