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28 October 2014

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New Station

Breakfast presenter Liz Kershaw
Breakfast presenter Liz Kershaw

Liz and Anita join Bob and Annie

The brand new line-up for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire has been announced. Find out who you'll be listening to from September.

The new schedule


7am to 10am: Jon Gaunt

10am to 1pm: Annie Othen

1pm to 4pm: Bob Brolly

4pm to 7pm: Liz Kershaw

7pm to 10pm: Anita Miah

10pm to 1am: Jimmy Franks


7am to 10am: Lorna Bailey

10am to 1pm: Trish Adudu

1pm to 2pm: Hawaii Five-Nil with Geoff and Rob

2pm - 6pm: Sky Blues Sport


6am to 7am: Mervyn Roberts

7am to 10am: Will Hanrahan

10am to 1pm: Trish Adudu

1pm to 3pm: The Best of Annie

3pm to 4pm: Vic Minett

4pm to 6pm: Bob Brolly

Liz Kershaw and Anitia Miah will join Annie Othen and Bob Brolly on the brand new BBC Coventry and Warwickshire's daytime schedule.

Also appearing on the all-new BBC Coventry and Warwickshire will be Trish Adudu and Will Hanrahan, who will be on air at weekends after the new station launches in September.

Gaining former BBC Radio 1 DJ Liz Kershaw's signature is something of a coup. She'll be on air between 7am and 10am every morning.

Liz, who currently fronts a show on BBC 6 Music, brings a wealth of experience to the station, including time spent at other BBC local radio stations in Leeds and Northamptonshire.

Trish Adudu
Trish Adudu pictured at Warwick Castle

She said: “This new venture for BBC Coventry & Warwickshire marks a whole new world of radio for the 21st century and I'm very excited about hosting my new show here."

Annie said: “It's fantastic news. When the then-director general Greg Dyke came on my programme 18 months or so ago to announce the development of the new station and the new building it seemed such a long way away - and now it’s happening!”

“For me it will be wonderful to present the morning programme. This is the first time for a good many years that we can broadcast our very own mid-morning show to everyone in the region and I am really looking forward to it.”

Things will stay as they are in the afternoons as Bob Brolly continues to spread smiles across the area from 1pm to 4pm but from September, he will be followed by Lorna Bailey who will be on air from 4pm to 7pm.

Anita Miah will take to the air between 7pm and 10pm for three hours of community interaction from BBC Coventry & Warwickshire’s open centre.

Anita Miah
Anita Miah takes control of evenings

Jimmy Franks continues with the late show between 10pm-1am with his usual mix of music and musings.

At the weekends Trish Adudu will be at the helm of the mid morning show and Coventry kid Vic Minett will take you through the best of entertainment in the Guide.

On Saturdays, old friend Malcolm Boyden will be in charge of the breakfast show and Geoff Foster will join Rob Baldock for Hawaii 5-0, a trawl through the weird and wonderful in local sport, before Sky Blue Sport covering all the City matches.

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire’s managing editor David Clargo says: “I’m delighted we’ve been able to bring together a team of presenters of such calibre to make an outstanding presentation line-up.

“They are passionate about Coventry and Warwickshire and I’m sure will become a compelling part of people’s radio listening.

“We can hardly wait to hit the airwaves from our new home at Priory Place."

last updated: 16/05/06
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janet chamberlain
I travel to most of cov's away games and I have to say the local bbc radio stations stick 100% to their football team on a saturday afternoon. Not cov and warks sky blue sat is a joke bring back rob

nbafc fan
its should be nuneaton boro hour insted of sky blue on a saturday other than that its a crackin station

PLEASE PLEAESE bring Rob Gurney back to C&W station. I used to tune into the station all the time to listen to the sky blues when he was there but now that clive eaken is on i hardly bother!


Richard Carlson
If the people at Coventry and Warwickshire are listening to their audience then they should bring back Rob Guerney to the station, he is Coventry through and through, we currently have to listen to a very sarcastic Clive Eakin, who from his tone of voice does not care as much for our downtrodden football club. The chemistry is there when pairing up the likes of Adam Dent and Geoff Foster with Rob,but it is so apparent that with Clive it is very lacking. So why not bring him back, he was excellent on Saturday! It seems that this would be the greater move for both Rob and Clive as Clive's heart never seems in it and Rob's always does. Thanks, Richard Carlson

tony mills
good luck with the new slot...i think it all sounds ace! I will mis ed doolan here in Stratford but eh-ho, Miss Othen will be great!! I see Keith Middleton's up to his usual tricks on this forum asking why "keithy boy" has been ignored for the cov line up!he's a regular on other forums with different alias's to suit..always asking why "Keithy Boy" aint got a regular slot and thinking if managment read these forums then they'll drop everything and sign him up. I think the line up is fine just as it is. delighted to have motor mouth back where he belongs, but i will miss doolan! Leave middleton on the dole where he is, and don't be fooled by his forum nonsense!!

M.Eaves, Coventry
Why didn't you get Jim Lee back?

Your presenters are too old and boring you need some younger presenters with personality rather than what you have and are employing!

Scott Bowater
The Line up looks good. I would like to hear old favourites Alex Trelinski and Keith Ellery together again on the Late Show. Always compelling, Always variety and Always great Chemistry.

Gareth Morgan
Where is Rob Gurney as an armchair sky blue fan I miss his passion Clive Eakin is rubbish send back where he came from. I won't be missing Molly Green I the new early presenter is an improvement. Great new line up good luck everyone.

K Smith, Coventry
What a complete waste of 3 million pounds!!! The BBC spent a fortune on the original C&W radio and then it flopped, they closed it down and merged it with WM, why throw more money at it with these old farts fronting a "Radio Station" that nobody will listen to apart from maybe a few "Old Farts". No commercial station would make the same mistakes twice or spend such ludicrous amount of money, then again most commercial radio nowadays is any better. BBC local radio and TV so cheesy, that's why nobody listens, the selection of presenters just clarifies this. Video didn't kill the radio killed the radio star.

i love haveing liz kershaw on station shes funny and WOW fact more ladys please

Cyril Hobbins
I have been a long term regular listener since the beginning of CWR. Great stuff in general, but less of those loud and totally unneccesary soccer game extracts (instant switch off) Please remember that your audience is mainly Middle English. The Scots, Welsh and Irish are extremely proud of their roots please allow us to be, after all we all speak ENGLISH. One last thing: Announcer please remember to pronounce yout Ts ie. CiTy not Ci'y and SaTurday not Sa'urday. Thank you for listening Cyril Hobbins Toy Maker

Michael Hammond
I look forward to listening.Wonder if local radio will ever be brave enough to promote social awareness and understanding rather than the 'tabloid journalism'of individuals with a sense of self importance.

A fan
I think it looks fab!

I just hope that the BBC has learnt its lesson, and will never de-localise its services again.

Derek & Linda Rowe
Nice to see Our ANNIE having a bit of respite in the mornings .It was always so soothing to wake up with her by my side. I don't think the Wife will let me layin till ten though to still wake up with her What's happening to the other Coventry Kids (Cinderella and Prince Charming)Lorna & Geoff. They had the best Saturday Show ever GOOD LUCK to you all, we really need our own identity Linda & Derek

Peter Lawrence , Brinklow
Hi, looking forward to new station. Please could we see the new programme schedule in full. Heard a thing on the radio saying Lorna is on - but when?! Many thanks, Pete.

Graeme Aiken
How Wonderful to see that CWR will soon be up and running again in its new home! I worked for the old CWR in 1990-92 whilst a student at Warwick University, assisting on Laurence Lee's show and the PDQ youth programme on Sunday nights, amoungst other shows! Thge demise of CWR was a great tragedy for the region. I wish everyone involved in the new station every success. Best Wishes Graeme Aiken.

Notice how the presenters people are most happpy with are the truely local people (gaunty, annie, brolly, gurney etc.). Why do we have the likes of Trish Adudu, Will Hanrahan & liz kershaw in our area ? They have shown little knowledge about coventry and are poor sounding. You have only got it half right Mr Clargo.

Frankie Jones
Where is Keith Middleton in the new line up? Why get the rest and leave out the best? I'm gutted, thought he'd be a sure bet for a prominent show. Goes to show the Cov and Warks managers consistency with the WM management - not seeing the star (occasionally) within their studios...

I thought this was a local station- so I was confused to see Liz Kershaw on the line up. Not that she isn't an excellent presenter but her talents and background do not quite fit the Coventry and Warwickshire profile.

Lee, Earlsdon, Coventry
I personally thought Will Hanrahan was awful when he sat in for Annie Othen recently, lots of bumbling and pauses. Only my opinion though! I don't think Trish Adudu is that good eithier. Again, only my opinion.

trish adudu
i think that trish adudu i swonderful !!

Dave, Allesley
Where is Rob Gurney in the new line up???

Please Consider getting Rob Gurney back on your station. He is a Sky Blue Fan through and through and i hope you have him back commentating on the Sky Blues, He is superb Please Consider this

Catherine Bell, Sutton Coldfield.
I drive every day from Brum to Stratford and have just started listening to WM from Coventry. It's great and I think Will is brilliant - but can we have more music between eight and nine? The programme is great from 9 until 9.30 (when I have to switch off) because the music is so good.

Carol in Leamington
Will Hanrahan is dreamy!

Sylvia in Stratford
It will be lovely to hear Will Hanrahan on regularly. It's been a real pleasure listening to him stand in for Annie.

Steve in Cov
Well done! The new line-up is almost perfect. So glad you've gone for so many locals. Bob Brolly is the gem for Cov. Not too sure about Annie Othen, she does'nt seem to realise that having our own airport is a 'good' thing for the 'majority' of people and the economic and business life of Cov & Warks! Apart from that, good luck with the new station and presenters - roll on September!

Michael Brown
Disappointed that no room could be found for Lorna Bailey, Norma Morgan and especially Keith Middleton (who seemed to be one of the most requested names on this page). Why have separate programming all day and then share the WM late show when it is their weakest show? Keithy-Boy would have been perfect in that slot but, if you had to share a programme late at night for financial reasons, Rob Underwood would have been a better choice. The line up looks strong but, think you have made a mistake with your after 10 programming. However, (there's always BBC Leicester for that programme and) I am looking forward to hearing all the other shows come September! Good luck...

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