Top Gear

Confirmed for BBC One on 30 June at 8pm to 9pm on BBC Two

Ep 3/5

Sunday 30 June



Chris, Freddie and Paddy set out to turn an old hearse into the ultimate family car. On the track, Chris gets to grips with the lightweight Dallara Stradale, while Zara and Mike Tindall go head-to-head in the Reasonably Fast Car.


According to Paddy McGuinness, the perfect second-hand family car is not a sturdy Volvo estate, or a dependable Land Rover Discovery. No, the perfect second-hand family car is… an old hearse. His logic? They’re spacious, carefully driven, and really very cheap, on account of no sane human wanting to buy something that’s spent a decade ferrying corpses about.

To prove the genius of his plan, Paddy bought himself an old Daimler hearse, and invited Chris and Freddie to the Top Gear test track to experience its magnificence. Magnificence that was, for some reason, best proved by loading the hearse with vegetables and lawnmowers and grandmothers.

Convinced, somehow, of Paddy’s genius, Chris and Freddie took it upon themselves to lightly upgrade Paddy’s Daimler, transforming it from hearse into… the Overtaker, Britain’s ultimate family car. Which the Top Gear producers then challenged to a series of sensible, family car tests including a beach assault course, a hill climb off-road challenge, and a no-holds-barred banger race. It was during the hill climb off road challenge, with Freddie at the wheel, that things went really, really wrong.

Did you know?

  • Hearses have a compartment for an extra coffin - as Fred and Chris both experienced
  • 500 plastic buckets, 100 meters of wind breaks, 7 jet skis and two ice cream vans were used to set up a beach slalom course in which the hearse raced against a Mercedes AMG E63
  • Freddie Flintoff crashed the hearse at Walters Arena - a location where he had previous crashed a rally car. He just loves crashing there