BBC Annual Report and Accounts 2017/18

Never has the BBC been more vital as the cornerstone of the UK’s creative and cultural strength.Tony Hall, Director-General
Every year the BBC reports to licence fee payers and audiences on our content, performance and finances.

This Annual Report and Accounts covers the year to 31 March 2018, the first financial year in which a new Board and governance arrangements have been in place at the BBC, under the 2016 Royal Charter.

The 2017/18 report looks a little different from previous years as we report on delivery of the work set out in the BBC’s first Annual Plan, focusing on the delivery of the BBC’s five public purposes. The Annual Plan and the Annual Report are both key documents in the relationship between the BBC and our regulator Ofcom, as well as an essential part of our accountability to licence fee payers.

The 2017/18 Annual Report and Accounts is formally laid in Parliament in accordance with the requirements of the Charter.

We also make the Annual Report and Accounts available on the BBC website as a PDF download. All sections of the report are available as one PDF linked to below.