Freelancer training

The BBC regards safety and legislative compliance as being of the highest priority. Because of this all workers are required to complete some online mandatory training in basic safety awareness and on the importance of data protection and cyber security. In addition to this, and depending on role, some further mandatory training may be required.

As a freelancer working for the BBC, you too are required to complete mandatory training. If you are unclear what training you are required to do you should speak to the person who is responsible for hiring you.

In order to complete your mandatory training you will require access to myDevelopment, the BBC’s online training and talent management system. Please follow this link to log in. Your login ID will be the same that you use to log in to the Freelance Payment Portal, and your passcode (which you can later change to one of your choice) will be sent to the email address you registered with the Freelance Payment Portal.

If you have any questions about your training then please contact Should you require a password reset on the myDevelopment system then email