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24 September 2014

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Bringing Tintagel's beauty to the world
Merlins Cave
Merlin's Cave attracts many visitors

David Flower taught himself how to build a website when he retired.

He now runs one of the most successful rural websites around.

Tintagel website
David Flower's fantastic website is packed full of pictures of the area with plenty of stories. It is very easy to work you way around this large site.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

+ David Flower's website attracts visitors from all over the world who want to find out more about Tintagel.

+ The website started as two pages but has now grown into one of the largest village websites around.

+ David taught himself how to build a website and has devloped a fascinating site well worth a visit.

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Tintagel is known throughout the world for its links to the legends of King Arthur and Merlin.

There is a lot more to discover about the area and David Flower set out to prove that in his website.

David, for years, ran a successful business in Cornwall. In June 2000 he started the Tintagel website. When he retired in July 2001 he expanded the site.

"I have always been a busy person," explains David. "I was determined not to sit back and do nothing when I retired."

Living in Tintagel David found plenty of things that eventually inspired him to set up a website.

Bossiney Mound
Bossiney Mound plays a big part in Arthurian Legend

According to Cornish tradition King Arthur's golden Round Table lies deep in the earth buried under Bossiney Mound. Only on Midsummer Night does it rise, and then the flash of light from it for a moment illuminates the sky, after which the golden table sinks again.

David had always been interested in computers but started to take their potential more seriously soon after he retired.

"I bought a big computer book and taught myself how to build a website," remembers David. "I wanted to show everyone how beautiful Tintagel is."

David's idea was to build a small website with a couple of pages.

This initial plan has now turned into what is probably Cornwall's biggest village website.

Around Bossiney Mound
David's pictures capture the beauty of Tintagel

With the many pages has come recognition from around the world.

"It has been amazing," smiles David. "I fought hard to get recognised on the various search engines. It was worthwhile though. In one week recently I received 1,356 visitors!"

David's website has reached some incredible places and unusual people.

"I received an email from a rock band in America who are called Tintagel," laughs David. "They were asking if they could use one of my pictures of the area. My photo is now part of the bands emblem!"

David takes his photography seriously.

"I spend a while making sure I get the pictures just right," says David.

David's website now stretches into the village of Boscastle too.

Cloam Oven
Famous cloam oven in a cottage wall in Boscastle

"I have produced a tour of Boscastle," he explains. "You can see the pictures and then go to the village and find where exactly the cloam oven in a wall can be found."

David's pictures have become popular with website visitors. As well as taking the traditional photos there are also some amusing shots to be seen.

Face in the wall
A face in the wall, built on purpose or by accident?

"I took a picture of a face in the wall which is really funny," smiles David. "At some stage in the past the face was obviously built into the wall either on purpose or by accident. You can't miss it."

The website has an average of 60,000 visitors a year which makes David very proud.

"It all started as a hobby," he says. "The website has grown much bigger than I had ever planned. I must spend at least ten hours a week working on it!"

Now you have read about David's success why not pay a visit to

Many thanks to David for letting the BBC Cornwall website use some of his pictures. You can see many more on his excellent website.

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