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24 September 2014

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Truro Cathedral, Truro City
Truro Cathedral
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Your views on this area

Adam London
Yeh its a great place .. especially being young and being in Cornwall its the best place outta a bad bunch ! nothing to do elsewhere.. Truro is where its all happening =)

grum from....nowhere (drifter)
I lived in Truro on and off for 5 years and miss it every day. Beautiful place, some wicked people people and a very perculiar pace of life. Don't miss pasties though, ate too many. Ick.

Lucy from Tilbury
Transferring to Truro from London area -any advice to give? Looking forward to the beaches and pasties.

Hannah Murgatroyd
Live in St Newlyn East - I'm in France now, been here for nearly 5 months, having a great time but cannot wait to get back to Cornwall, miss it loads, best place in the world!!

Sean, Truro
Lovin truro its the best, the piazza on lemon quay rules, its wher all the youth gangs hang out, thats y no1 goes ther after dark, truro city afc under 18's r the best!!! nuff love 2 my boys up in malabar

Caroline Gane from Gilroy California
All honour to this Land of Piskeys, Pasties & Clotted Cream. I grew up in Tresillian & will always consider Cornwall my home. In the blood you see, my handsome.. Kernow bys vyken !

Truro is the place met my one and only there best person in the world like most people in Truro good place to met good men.

sue morris canberra australia
our daughter helen & boyfriend doug spent a year at truro uni & spoke so highly of the people they met & worked with, that an extended visit is a must when we come home for a break next summer 2006

Alex Hosking Queensland Australia
I was born in Truro (1937) lived in Mithian and went to school at St. Agnes. I left Cornwall in 1952 to join the RAF. Then in 1966 I migrated to Australian and have been here ever since. Do I miss Cornwall? Well, I never gave it much thought until I got a computer and started finding a number of Cornish web sites such as this one. Now the old nostalgia bit is starting to kick in and I am reliving a little of my youth when I look at the pictures. More so the pictures of Mithian & St Agnes on other web sites that I have found. (Please try Charles Winpenny's Cornwall Cam when you get a chance) I will be making a visit to Cornwall on Aug 1st and will make a point of calling in to the Miners Arms in Mithian where I used to live. I want to get aquainted with the ghost that the new landlady has said is causing some consternation amoung staff and patrons. I will want to know why he never bothered me when I was a young and impressionable lad. A bit of PR work if you ask me.

claire van leeuwen
looking at these pictures do make me feel ,on how special cornwall is to me but to expensive i now reside in christchurch newzealand and met a real man kiwi of course .

Jo from Threemilestone
i live in Threemilestone and I work in the USA for 6-7 months at a time and I miss the litle things like proper gravy, roast potatoes @ pasties etc these pictures help when I get a bit homesick. truro is a great place to live it is so beautiful

Kerensa from Truro
Hi i was born in Truro and live in Truro

anthony lewis st Austell
Pictures of public transport would be good.

Jack Adamson Truro
ive lived in Truro all my life and yeah it is a great place but im sure that there are a lot of other people out there who would like to go to America,Spain and other places like that, its just because you are not there you really want to go, same with us kernow residents we'd like to go anywhere and it feels great, so anyone who hasn't come to Truro its a great place to be, ps we have got the best pastys in the world

dave truro
truro is the best place in the south west, maybe even the uk! you just dont know it yet! everything is fine here you dont need to leave, maybe only for a beach to dig a big hole in.....! why cant they clean up the damned river north of the park?

John Pett Finland
Lived in and around Truro 1976 to 1981, loved it. Friday nights at the William IV, long walks on the cliffs at St Anges. Ah summer 1976 conish beer and pasties.

Tracey, New Zealand
Have been away from Cornwall for nine years now and still miss it. Seeing all of these beautiful photos of Cornwall has made me feel very homesick all over again! It really is the most beautiful place.

Tiffany Bennetts-ex truro girl
miss my little town so much.the market...the park...the walks....sunny corner and bluebell woods, the heron inn.good times and good people.havnt visited in years,but hey to all my family and old friends. im a bit too young to remember any clubs tho.

Alice ex-Truro now Australia
Mark..ex Truro now Phoenix Arizona..Moondragon? Now that's going back a bit! Wasn't that Ozzy in Moondragon??

Laura Hoskin
I was born in Truro and i now live in Truro.Its a great place to visit on a holiday, and a great place to live.The nightclubs are good (or so my mum says!)The shops are nice and have good things to buy

Rob Glasson, Philly, USA
Kernow is the best! havent seen the motherland in three years and look forward to seeing this great county again!! all you residents are too lucky

Becci - Truro
I've spent most of my life in Truro and have worked in L2 Club and Bunters Bar for the last 2 years. Have spent the last 8 months in Australia and am loving it out here. But there's nowhere like home! Coming back at Easter and can't wait to have a huge night out at L2! Truro's the best!

Robin Playing Place
yeh the skateboard park is still here and woody come back mate we miss you. The Eclipse is still a gay bar. Truro is a lovely part of the world. Still untouched and the views are still as stunning today as they have always been.

Mark, ex-Truro, now Phoenix Arizona
"Thy starlight on the western seas..." -Any Moondragon fans out there still???

Rob Glasson , Philidelphia , USA
good to see some pics of the mother land!! you kernow residents are soo lucky ! havent seen truro in almost three years , brings back great memories.

wahoo after searching for ages i finally found a pic of my house truro kicks ass with chocolate buttons and jelly personally i think having the piazza in lemon key is better than the carpark although i guess they could have made it better tis really just bricks and benches

jos mate tonia from porthtowan
i also work at the watering hole and trust me it is great food entertainment and fun give it a try ull love it as do i !!

Jean&Dave Pedler, Bristol, Indiana USA
A few years back we had our first visit to Truro. What a beautiful city & every place we went, the people were so friendly. We can't wait till our next visit & a bite or two of a pastie. thanks for this web site!!

leanne ward from coventry
Me and my family have a time share at praze-an-beeble so we go shopping in truro to get prezzies and clothes for me. when we came over this year the city of truro tain was their so that realy made my brothes holiday. if you are any wear near truro go there it is a great place to go. i cant waite to go back next year.

Andrew, Hesperia, Ca, USA
I was born & raised in Truro. I love it so much. Ive been in Ca for 10mths now, I will be home Christmas and New Years, I can't wait to see my family & friends & go to a real pub to have a real pint. I really miss pasties, Mmmmm.

Jo Oliver from Porthtowan
the watering hole in perrenporth is the greatest place to go to eat i work there and love it so much !

Rebcca, New Zealand
I now live in New Zealand and looking at these pics has made me feel home sick!! Truros a great place, I agree with the comment about Lemon Quay though, what the hell have they done!?! Miss Cornish pasties from Blewetts loads!! Hi to all my family still there!!

Paul from Truro
I'm born and bred Truro but now live and work away...this a great site that reminds me where my home is- although it was better when they had the Old loft!

woody in San Jose
i miss playing footy 4 truro afc-good on sat then off 2 L2 in the evening... fun times in truro-holds great memories-what the hell did they do 2 lemon quay?

holly parsons-carper, charlotte, nc, USA
I grew up in Truro but have lived away for 4 yrs now. Cant come home this year, for the first time since i've been away, and have been feeling home sick. This site has great pics to make me feel worse..thanks!! LOL. Wish I could be there...

James from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Born in Truro... only been back a few times though.. I just plain miss England. Our Calgary Flames (Hockey) are deep into the playoffs. Don't know if any of you watch much hockey, but we're doing well this year. All my family lives up in, or near, Warrington, like Ms. Griffiths.

Louise ex Truro Girl
Cornwall is the best place to grow up in, when you are there you may think other wise ut once you move away you'll be gutted. I miss Truro so much and all the great beaches and people. St. Agnes is such a kicking place to go in the summer. Any one thinking of going to Cornwall to visit i well advise it.looking at these pictures i realsie how much i love this place.

Rosy Smith from Falmouth
ahhhh al your so sentimental i miss you loads! not long now and we'll all be back for a reunion at monday night loft! cant wait to get home to cornwall

Alex Lilly from Carnon Downs
I love cornwall so much, ive ben traveling around the world for 3 and a half months. These are the first pictures I have seen of Truro since I have been gone. They put a great smile on my face, cant wait to get home and big it up in L2 again!

I used to live in truro and these ics make ya realise howgreat it is to live there. Me miss it loads!!!!!

I used to love just going up to Malpas and watching the day go past sitting at the edge of the river. I miss the place loads!

Geoffrey Hebdon, Cape Town
The tourists miss many of the really interesting places, such as a village where my wife and myself stayed, that has a collection of Cornish characters in a place called Bar Ripper, near Cambourne. We found ancient remains of early Christians in that area, not people, but structures. Its well worth the visit.

Christopher Eddy
It would have much nicer if they opened up the River as use to be, instead of building that what i call an eye soar,The Piazza on Lemon Quay

Chris Pentecost- Truro
Hi I'm travelling the world with my girlfriend. I'm in Sydney its the 22/12/2003 X-mas on the beach. Feeling a little home sick and wanted a reminder of home.

little miss kernow
i grew up in truro and now live away and I miss it so much! in answer to nick, yes that skate park is still there, if you can cal it that, it's moe of a concrete bowl?! :)

Ashley Brent from Brest, France
I spent the best years of my life in Newquay and around the Truro area, living in St Columb. Miss it terribly, the food (no pasties in France), the countryside, the life. Cant't wait to get back there and live the good life again - sea, air and rain!

Tonia from Accrington
i am looking for a surfer called josh ward help me plz

Eclipse Man
Is the Eclipse not a gay bar sigh the memories

Nick, Truro
I grew up in Playing Place near Truro. I love it. Great site. Miss cornwall loads. Is that darned skate park still there?

Emma Lipman from Bahrain (Middle East)
WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS OF FALMOUTH?? My family live in Falmouth and (although i never thought it possible) i quite miss the area. The beaches and nice long walks...though i dont think i quite miss the rain and wind! I miss the sound the of the waves crashing down and the whole feeling of being by the sea. There is some lovely counrtyside- worth a visit! Truro had some interesting little corners to visit, the little coffee shops and pubs...*sigh* cant wait to go back for a holiday.

King Kernow
This hill brings back memories!! After L2 on a monday one night my friends and thought it was a good idea to ride a wheely bin down it, we made it just about!!!

allison griffiths from warrington cheshire
I grew up in a little village called Bissoe nr Truro and miss it awfuly.Its a great city and well worth visitin this site brings back loads of great memories

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