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24 September 2014

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Makua Rothman at Jaws
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If you have taken photos of the local surf scene in Cornwall, why not send your pictures in to us. We are building up an archive, but we need more!

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Your views on this area

roxy polzeath
Surfin in cornwal is gr8, u shud get some more pics of it. am at skool at da mo, its v borin bt ure pics realy cheer me up. thnx x

YANET- Sunset Beach, O'ahu
Sorry to break all of your hearts, but he's taken!

beth gillum
i love your pics. i love surfers i dont surf myself but just like to follow people who do. its the best way of life. im not a stalker though...... much

Krislynn Ka'aiohelo KahauO'malu- Ewa Beach HAWAII
i luv all da pic's especially the "MAKUA ROTHMAN" ones... he is please keep upgrading these sites with more pictures of him...he is damn gorgeous...garrenz boo!!! ALOJAhs, krislynn

I think that picture is great.Brilliant wave.Please wish me luck im going to a competion in Febuary hoping to get First prize.Ive been doing it for 5 and a half years .

Will from cornwall
good going guys but we need more pics of cornwall and wat about some porthleven breaks!!! Theyer fast hollow and fun wat more could you want ?? keep up the good work though

jake Florida
It's amazing how huge these waves are. When I get good enough and get my own place, I wanna move here so I can ride the wave every day. These are some awesome pics, I've never seen Jaws! It's huge it's even bigger than the waves that hit Indonesia! I heard a mega-tsunamis hitting my place soon.

Isabel Australia
hey i think that ur piccis are hell good but u need sum more surfer chicks up there the guys get all the credit like layne beachley she is a champion. Surfing is the best sport ever i love it.

west penwith booga
awesome pics! but it would be good to be on a more local theme as in spots,bodyboard,stand up, surf ski etc peace

scott "spinner" b.
awesome pics ,the huge wave pics are sick as hell,this is the best surfinf pic website, get more pics in as soon as possible!

Ingrid Fabig vic. australia
i love your site heaps. i think that you should put some more pics of their faces so that you know what they look like and can recognise them.

Joanna From Cornwall
Always thought surfing was amazing, never done it myself but hope to very soon, those pics look amazing those guys definitely have talent, respect to them!!!

Tanya D TOWN Dallas ,TX
I need to find MAKUA ROTHMAN Does anyone have his email!! like yall really gonna give it to me, ne wayz well hope you read this "Makua" I saw you on the pipline events on tv, Baby Boy YOU are so Fine!I love your personality! i'm dyin to meet you and be there 4 your next event.

kayla byrd augusta
OMG he is so HOTT I wish he was mine i would do n e thing ofr hime he's a great surfer to i really like the fact that he shows respect for people that give him respect (see some to receive some u know) he just seems like a great guy he dont give up u know i would date him he has gorgeous eyes in everything i hope 2 met him one day well love u love kayla

Scott Booth From da "Ross"
That wace was mega fresh, like totaly devon, woww-wee

Daisy from Puerto Rico
makua is the best keep the amazing work. Papito chuloooooooooooooooooooooo.

rochelle ballard
thank-you all for takeing the time to stop and look at the photos stay safe all of you and ride the night waway

kim, north shore, hawaii
makua's not as hot as you guys think he is. believe me.


Daisy from the little island Puerto Rico
Makua is ingredeble in the surf board and very talented.I am his #1 fan. I am 20 year old and some day I will like to surf like him or better and I will like to challeng him at Jaws.

Lilah Rothman (the one and only) $cali$
I lOoooooOve makua!! he's super cute and i plan to move to sunset beach to be closer to his fine a$$. if he's readind this will you marry me? and why is there so little pix of him there should be way more.

Vanessa 21 FRM Arizona

Brianna Rothman, Texas
okay yall! im sorry but makua is mine! just kiddin but hes soooo sooo fine!Please get some more pics of the love of my life! Cuz that boy is just 2 hot!i promise someday im gonna marry him!

Tonya Martinez, Dallas TX.
I think Makua Rothman is the finest surfer i've ever seen! I'd like to meet him. He caught my eye on the "True LIfe" show. I like his personality, he's down to earth, he's real. And he's got talent. He made me want to learn how to surf!! He doesn't put up with anyones bull****!, because i've seen him put them in their place and i like the fact that he surfs because he has the passion for it, and not for the attention.

8r1 in ict richard lander school , truro
nice pictures and updates on are beaches , web cams are a bit slow

These pictures rock These pictures rock These pictures rock These pictures rock These pictures rock These pictures rock These pictures rock..... get the idea

WOW this rocks i have seen such good photo!

tbone from oz
hey mark..sorry to hear about gland ..hope you recover to how you were before the advice stick to the kuta beachies..

i am someone from from somewhere
nathan phillips is stunning! i know him and live near him and he is an amazing surfer

Nicola, England
Surfer girls are much cooler than the boys and i think girls are much better surfers, i'm sick of boys getting all the credit when it comes to sport, i think girls should steal the show for example Sanoe Lake, Michelle Ballard and Layne Beachley are the coolest surfer girls around, you rock!

Nicola, England
Makua Rothman looks so cool surfing that wave, how brave is he! Surfing is the coolest sport and so is he. I want to see more pics of Makua as he is so awesome!

Kaikala from Sunset Beach
Makua is one hot hottie and one of the best surfers out there. So gets some more pics of my Hawaiian babe, Makua

Lex, New Jersey
Incredible photos, and nicely set up.

james essex
phat waves geez. i cant surf but its awsum sh*t to watch! those pics are class. buff surfer chicks keep surfin girls. ;)

kate, Cornwall
those waves r mega!!! and jake boex is class!! cn't wait until i can get bk out there

Yanet Rothman
I love Makua, I got to meet him when i went to go visit some family in Sunset Beach about 3 weeks ago, i absolutely love him, i think he is such yummy eye candy, he's the best.

Ally - California
Makua's just awesome dude!! he's a total hottie!! and also great surfer!! i LOOOOOOOVE him!! so.. plese put some more pics of my babe would ya?!!!! Mrs Rothman.. Right here (hehe)

jo an soph lancshire
surf pics r ace there should be more of josh ward he"s ace an every1 should no bout im!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!big im up

Twigz, Reading in England
Just got back from a week of serious bodyboarding wit my cuz in Cornwall... I miss the waves!!!!!!!! Reading is one of the furthest places away from the sea in England! Can't wait 2 move to new zealand and board all the time!! All you surfers and bodyboarders out there who live by waves - make the most of that swell! I miss it so much!

Fernando Blanco
MAKUA IS THE MAN!!! the man could probably take on a f****n tsunami, cant wait to see his next big wave catch.

paola mexico df
hii i think makua is really a great surfer he is so hot i want to put more pictures of him please thx

Amazin.... Makua Rothman is THE BEST!!! I think that he can do whatever he wants!!! Keep on man!

Emily, Cornwall
Great pics you should get some more local ones though get the sennen locals ripping haha

Chris from bournemouth
porthleven has got to be the best brake i have ever surfed at and no its not just because i was brought up there, the waves are so powerfull comparied to any other, solid hollow sections, but only recomend for the more extreme people surfing or bodyboarding!!!!! cornwall has so many grate brakes just got to down there and drive untill you find the type of brake you like!!

Louise Hayle
Was'nt last weekend and the begining of this the best ? Could'nt quite belive we had quality surf and sun at the same time !!! Ah well, here's to the flat swell....

snakey , cornwall
Nice to see the local boys rippin' it up. Amazing shots of quality surfers- More props to the porthleven lads!

Dan The Man
Great pics, get sum of the gwithian locals rippin it up. oh yeah, squeek squeek!

ron dixon
Nice pictures reminds me of seeing surfers in oz and hawaii

oh my god, makua rothman is one of the best and cute and specially sexy surfer in the world. love u a lot........ cant wait to see more photos....

super from swansea uni
try duck diving under those bad boys! wouldnt seen anything that big hitting the sand down my way in ogmore or the gower! it'd take me ages to paddle out back on me little wave rider - they're huge!

Lauren Mac, WY
MAKUA!!! He's the ultimate in surf eye candy: not only is is crazy hot, he can shred the big ones (a.k.a $66K @ JAWS!!!) and look damn good doin' it! Hope that knee cruncher @ pipe healed up for ya. Peace and Love, baby!-- L-GIRL

leeann, ireland
hi just came across this website, and lov'n it. gr8 pics, gr8 waves, nice surfers (kelly slater) and hope 2 see more! :-P

Sarah, Washington
I got to go to sunset beach and i met makua. my friend's cousin is going out with Makua's best friend trevor. He's a cutie. But that was last summer and he has changed since (WAY HOTTER). But does he have a gf? oh well i have bf but i was just wondering. ;)

Howard Bartlett. Cardiff Wales
I can sit and watch Surfing all day.just as long as I've got a nice cool drink in my hand! Fantastic pics!

sean fom cali
sic pics way awesome dudes

MaKuaZ BeB...HaWaii
MoRe PiX oF MaH HoTTiE pLeeZe!!

Lets see more pics of all the underground rippers at many of the local spots here in Cornwall and Devon. There are some real good surfers and bodyboarders taking to the waves every day and they are not all youngsters! There are some guys 25 - 50 who shred with the best of them! Grat site, lots of info...keeep up the good work. Peace!

Royal - Sunset Beach
Choice selection of action shots. Good job! Is that pic of Makua the "one" he won $60K with? Way to go!!! Remember folks, keep the planet GREEN to "SAVE OUR SURF"! Aloha & Mahalo!

(Amber)Mrs.Makua Rothman MI
Yeah gr8 pics....but you do need more of MY MAN Makua...he is a sexy sexy boy :o)

angus devon
you should get a web cam for bantham or challabrough

Kree fwum YPO Valley ,Oahu
Ur hot and u surf good

zulu.asuega from hawaii

lisa from australia
layne beachley is a really good surfer please have more pictures of her

Jay, Ireland
Awesome waves, good pics and wicked riders excellent combo keep it up

Stephanie from NSW Australia
Great Pictures Some day i hape to be on waves like that!!!

brianna from CA
makua wut wut he's hot. hey great pics but there needs to be way more pics of him. ok well ne way once again makua wutwut he is so hot it's sickning.

mickey BOY!!
Get some shots of some of the locals, missin' out!! KERNOW all the way...

Monners from Cornwall
To the New Zealand surfers who have moved from the UK: How has it been as I'm considering it, going on holiday there first. Plus, are the Auckland and New Plymouth areas the best to explore first or are there other areas.

Maya Rothman (hehe) ~California!~
Nice pics but please put some more pics of Makua Rothman! Im so in love with him he is the love of my life. I wanna meet him so bad and marry him. Man well damn he's hott & we could surf together! ~Makua's Girl~ ~Maya Rothman~

G in Japan

Vicky From USA
More Pictures Of Makua Rothman Please!!! I am so in love with him its nutts!!

Angie ~ From New York
The pictures of Makua Rothman are amazing, hes so hot! Good photos of the other sufers and such...keep up the good work!

liam hall
say hiya to josh ward big im up hes da best

edwina from derbyshire
the photos look great love to watch the surfin too old to try myself so at least i can see the fun saw the comp at sennen in 2002

jase hawaii
nice pics good on ya

woah, some of those waves are HUGE! it messes with your mind trying to imagine what it must be like to ride them.

steven jeffs
there should be life gards in croyed because i went there sat and it was dangeours and if someone was ind trouble then that is it

Shredder, Dudley
Yeah cookin pics dudes. Full suck turbo barrel all the way had me flippin my nuts off. Hang ten dudes

Laura, from England
Glad to see you have included a picture of Alan Stokes as he is my cousin (i am not lying or joking he actually is!!!!) Great set of pictures!! Keep it up!!

jade aldridge
well seein as i fancy anyone who surfs and has long hair i was dissapointed not too se many in the pics i love all my little surf pals down at portreath im soooooo sad!

maurine c
To the people of perranporth. I am sorry for repeatdly surfing in your area. I am only a beginnner surfer and always get in your way. Hopefully one day you will stop telling me to surf another beach. Keep well and i will not bother you again. Sorry

Waxer, South Devon / New Zealand
More pics of the westcountry going off, just to make me homesick.....

Kook, Devon
Please be nice to us Kooks, one day I promise I'll be as good as you, and until then and forever after will treat you all with ultimate respect, but give us a chance, we know how awful we are and how we get in the way! Hey, at least we provide entertainment on our big ugly boards with our spectacular wipe-outs. Loluv.

major props! That's one sick ride! I saw one like that but not as big in L.A.

Egon Toast
What, no Spongers!!! Lets have some more pics of some of the really talented body boarders out there

Mickey the Fish
Layne Bleachley is mega.How about a Cornwall gallery for next year.

rachel, manchester
great gallery!!!!!! very amazin'

jack sparrow
thes pics are a bit like the black pearl. well thats wat they llok like. nice one

mike fort jersey shore
I think the photos are great, i'd like to come and ride some of those wave's. Supposed to go there next month but i'm a bodyboarder and not sure what the localisim is like.

these are the coolest pics of waves. I would be very scared to ride them though.

Phil, Norfolk
Big wave riders are just mental. Unbelievable photos. Surfing the East coast is not so bad you know. We love it!!!

Sheeesh brew!!!!

yoda the wise just chillin, cornwall
love the pictures, picture 1 blew me away!! this goes out to Mark fenton who had the surfing accident: sorry to hear about that mate but imagen this, your sat waiting for the perfect wave, and it roles in, heading straight for you.your alone, the whole ocean is yours for those few seconds.. you have got to ask yourself this,would i really let my fears stand in the way of my biggest dreams.... iknow i wouldnt. god luck, take it easy guys, happy surfin xx

Orb Duck, Falmouth
Local waves & local faces should be served regulary here. Let's promote this neck of the world more and the bow to the extreme talent that live here? Always expect the unexpected!

Kevin Acosta, Bourbonnais, (Chicago), IL USA
I stumbled on your site...I'm really stoked with your great shots. Fantastic photos. We sometimes surf Lake Michigan (see but it's nothing like ocean surfing. I learned along the Texas Gulf Coast at South Padre Island. Can't wait to visit the UK. Oh yeah, BUCK FU$H! Can't wait 'til we really elect a new prez next year.

I am looking for josh ward help me plz

Mike D Wellington New Zealand
Great site but how about some local shots to bring back the memoriers. Like Porthmeor, Sennan Cove,Gwithian, Gwenver,Prothleven.

mark, lifton
wow, thats mega

lush head
a totally stoked bru ur pics r rippin it have it large dudes

I like ur pictures they remind me of a summers day in Redruth.

Whittler, Newquay
Just about to go in! Gnarly pics, want to see more! Sweet surfin , later!

Rhino - St.Francis bay - Cape prov. S.A.
Where is the surf-spot where Russell Winter is about to enter the tube. This looks so much as my home break "Bruces Beauties" near J-bay

surfs up!
i think you should make a webcam for perranporth a live 1! same as demelza thinks, dont you think we should be able to watch the surf 2? hi demelza btw! see u at surf club! xx


please make a webcam for perranporth!!! well done alex!

Josh falmouth
picture 1 that is just unbelievable, just imagine wiping out on that, good site, sennen and gwithian are good beaches so go there

Danielle Govia,Tobago
cornwall seems like a great place...i'm now learning to surf here on my island...this seems like a place i would like to visit to improve my skills i think i have some friends over there ...if i ever get in touch with them again.wicked pics people!i love it!

Aamiee Longshoge, Cornwall
awesome set of pics youve got there, good to see jake boex is there, nice to see a local. Fred Basse at Belhara Reef in France photo... is he mad? check it out! totally stoked. anyway im off 2 find some autumn swells. keep up the good work, and keep surfing. Aamiee.

Natasha Somerset
she shreds

mark fenton liverpool
i would just love to say ,that surfing was a huge part of my life until my accident two& a half years ago. i wasin a nasty surfers pile up over in g-land back in 2000 when all i seemed to live for was taken away.PLEASE SULTAN surfing is all i have to dream about i can walk and again but everytime i paddle out i feel very vulnerable .please can tell me any waqy of beeting this fear i have developed as ahappy surfer is awet surfer please respond sult your fan and fellow surfer mark lee fenton

prawn, newquay
cool gallery, where's the local shots though?

Alex sayers
I have been going to cornwall surfing every year for my entire life on holiday for three weeks a year and this website is the best keep it up and put in some more information about st agnes. from alex

david vancouver canada
ol cornish boy would like to see some cornish big wave

cat slipping on ice, Cambourne
Amazing foto's very good. The harvesting is now finished and the cows are milked so I'm already for the autumn swells. see you all out back I'll be the one chewing straw in the line up and have webbed feet and hands so will be paddling right pasture!!!

paulthehitman from gwithian
the pics rule keep up the good work

Ian, St Ives
Have any of these surfing pics been taken in Cornwall? I doubt it, keep the pics local.

andy, polzeath
ian finch is a surfing legend, he has revolutionalised surfing swell boards!

Simon White
WOW! What shots! Excellent site, keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more.

bonnie teni teni from new zealand
hi i just discovered this site right now its pretty cool especiallly the surfing im 20 and am learning to surf i dont get to go out so much but id love to have formal lessons but thats not possible for me its pretty frustrating seeing that id really love to learn but you gotta go out all the time not like once every month or so!! sigh maybe one day later on i have a one year old so im always busy oh well thanks guys keep up the good work bonnie new zealand

Mickey Three Fins
Wicked gallery, amazing photos can't wait to see some more. Especially when I'm up there!!

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