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24 September 2014

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St Ives harbour
St Ives harbour
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Your views on this area

bryan from cork ireland
going back to the place i loved in july 05 worked there 26 years ago still miss after all those years wonder if there is anyone still there who worked in tregenna caste hotel in 79?

john and diana
god i love st ives all my family born and bred there if heaven looks like st ives eternity will be great

Jill from Sandbach
We have been going to St Ives, same 2 weeks for years. It all started with my husbands family, The Briggs' way back 40+ years, and we just carried it on when we got married 22 years ago, our girls have grown up with holidays on Porthgwidden Beach, with a chalet, and lots of fond memories and friends. Can't wait for this year. I just would love to live down in my little corner!

Vanessa Deans Stockport Manchester
Magical, enchanting, welcoming, quaint and every other lovely word in the dictionary!!! As a family, we have been going to Cornwall for 5 years and love St Ives so much, I have to drag my husband back home every time (he would like to live there one day). Once you have been, you will never want to go anywhere else!!!!

Lucy Harper
Me and my family firmly believe that in former lives we all originated from St.Ives. And I mean all the family! We all come, me, sis1, sis2, ma, dad, gran, granddad, uncles and aunties and cousins. We are addicted! Since I can remember St.ives has been like coming home, from the point when you turn just round the corner, past the castle, hear the squeals of the gulls and get to see the bay properly, you know it's all alright. You know what I mean. Ahhhhh 6 Weeks till I go home.....

Fiona from Sheffield, South Yorks.
St Ives is very special to me and all of my family. My first visit was with the family when I was 9 (1981). I was totally captivated with my first view, coming round on the train from Carbis Bay. We visited again in the hot summer of '83, and whenever I hear KC & The Sunshine Band's 'Baby Give It Up', my mind is cast back to my amazing holiday that year. I adore it so much, that I have visited it most years since then, sometimes with family, sometimes with partner. I always feel I am 'coming home' when I go. Beautiful countryside, Beaches, scenery. Sheer paradise. It beats any resort abroad, I've never enjoyed holidays abroad as much as I do St Ives, and I think the fact that the cornish language exists, it gives Cornwall an air of intrigue and mystery. Will be going again in 2nd week in September, very excited cannot wait!! If I win the lottery, I will definitely buy a property down there, no probs!

David Parry from Liverpool
I have been visiting St Ives now for the last 19 years with the family. I absolutely adore the area. I keep telling myself that one day I will make it down there to live - I would love to learn a trade where I could go self employed so I could enjoy the area a whoile lot more... Like anything though, this is a dream. One day I will make it so I can witness the beautiful views every day of my life. Cracking pictures which keep me from going mad while working in concrete city - The nearest beach to us is Ainsdale and sadly itr smells like the black hole of calcutta

Lynne, St Ives
I moved to St Ives from the North 2 years ago. It was always my dream to live there so one day I thought 'why not?', packed a bag and here I am, no regrets, best thing I ever did, I'll never leave :o)

Lydia from Loughborough... (Leics)
St Ives what a beauty spot! Well just as well really as i'll be there this weekend 27th May 05 for the bank holiday in my tent. Hope the weather doesn't let me down! Relly looking forward to seeing you all in Cornwall... bye

Kay M. Donnelly, Avon, CT, USA
What lovely pictures. It's been too long since my last visit. Part of me will always remain there. My Mom (local girl) and Dad (U.S. Army 29th) met during WWII in St. Ives. Dad with Army scaling cliffs for D-Day Invasion. Such a special place to me. Kneel's Steeple, eating Hart's Ice Cream on Doble's Wall, the Fishermen's Lodges, the Lifeboat House, so many memories. I'd just love to be back there wandering the streets, cliffs and beaches!

mark powell st.ives cornwall
i now live in royston herts i miss my home town so much i know i will never get back there but i have so many good memerys i will never for get my st.ives for as long as i live i met my first love there.

Amanda, Beckenham
Learnt to dive in St. Ives have been coming down here for the last 14 yrs. You can keep abroad, here is the place to be. One day I'll get me posting down here

Geraldine Joyce
St Ives will give you an ache in your heart when you leave it. It's the most beautiful, peaceful, mystical and magical place you'll ever visit in the world. I've visited most countries and ST Ives is still my favourite. Is it the Tea shops, the fishmongers, the seal with a cataract following in the fishing boats, the cobbled streets, the Sloop, Downalong, the sandy beaches and clear water. It's ALL of these and more!!!!!!! GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Hilton,Glossop Derbyshire
I don't know what it is about ST.Ives,but i come back from there feeling so relaxed and unwound, it should be known as the eighth wonder of the world, long may it reign.

Perry London
St Ives is the most beautiful place in the world. These pictures are so vivid, they are great. I am in love!

Bill Stumes
Was in Cornwall in '99 and loved it! Now are missionaries in Haiti. I miss ya Cornwall!!

Lyn, Colchester
Have been going to St Ives, on and off all my life - and can never wait until the next time I can go back - just wonderful, St Ives has a very 'special feel' to it - makes you feel very at peace with the world, would move there tomorrow - if only!! See you in November St Ives - Heaven!!

Meg from rossendale valley lancashire
The best holidays ever are in St.Ives Cornwall. I am sorry for the people who have never visited the place as they will never know what they have missed.

Laura Jane Bradshaw Torquay,S.Devon
I think St.Ives is a wonderful place to go and the photos there do capture the moment in the perfect place at the perfect time. There is alot to do in St. Ives so I reccomend you to go there if you have the chance. There are some stunning sights there.

Helen from Marple nr Stockport
we've been coming to st ives for the last 17 years sometimes twice a year and we will never tire of it. it is such a magical place. our 2 boys now 15 and 12 also think so and wherever we go on holiday nothing can compere. we are coming down for easter in a couple of days and i still get excited about st Ives!! We all love it!

Ben from leicester
i most often surf on hayle beach, in my oppinion it is completly understated, granted the majority of the time the surf is quite crappy and there is a lot of kooks in the water, but on a good day the surf is fantastic, the waves usually come in sets of 3 so you should be able to catch one n then u hav about 8 mins b4 another great set comes along.u have to have patience tho as you prob only get 1 good day in every 8. its grat if its clean, but wicked if its messy, last year i came up from under a wave and there was an eel on me cheakit out.

natalie from bristol
i'm 18 and i have been going to st ives every year wiv my parents since i was about 2. we used to go in the summer, but we now make st ives the destination for our winter holiday. its gr8 in the winter when it is cold but sunny as the shops aren't to busy and you can spend ages just walking around fore street and the surrounding alleys. The best restuarant in st ives must be peppers as their crab thai fish cakes are to die for or so my mum says. going back there in a weeks time and i can't wait. st ives is the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world!!!

Mick &Kath,Creswell,Derbyshire
Haven't been to St Ives or elsewhere in Cornwall for a few thanks for the photo's,they bring back happy memories,look forward to going again now.

Neil from Nottingham
I have been fortunate to travel the world. St Ives is my favourite place nowhere else in the world do I feel so relax. I hope to live there one day with my girlfriend Andrea. A simple life.

Basically grew up in st ives! its so magical i know all the little nooks and crannys!!its a one offf place never to be missed EVER is a little treasure i love it with all my heart!!! its so much fun used to rock climb and make you way half way round the island just from the rocks!! started going there when i was about two!and go every single year since that!!! i love it, it has so many memeorys! the surfing! the ice creams if we were good! Actual sand in your sandwiches!(Nice!!) then the seaguls would swoop down and pich it out your hands! the cheeky.....! wetsuits for hire and surfing lessons, the fear of water was miniscule! the sand castles! the wet sand that nearly had my sister oh the terror on her face! a picture i would never forget!The local folk there so friendly, there smiley faces the fisherman and there memorial benches chained down just in case of a storm! the sandbags just incase the sea came up the slip way! and over the road! and well....into your kitchen!! the seals, the telephone boxes! the pasties! the clotted cream the cream teas, the long Boring walks with Grandad to Carbis Bay and Cloggy in the rain!with rain macs and wellies at hand!!!!!! the smells of fish and chips in the rain........The list goes on and on!!! oh and sitting on the beach in the rain with a brolly hoping to catch the last few rays before the long drawn out journey home!!! someday i will live there!!! but i will never ever forget it!

Martin from St.Ives now in Derby : - (
I was born in Penzance and have lived in St.Ives all but 3 years of my life. I now live in Derby with my girlfriend and cannot wait untill the day I return for good and get a house for myself and my girl. Give it under a year and I'll be there. You don't realize how good you got it untill you don't have it. Big shout too all my family and friends. Later

Roy from oswaldtwistle nr accrington
I have been going to st ives for 30 years its not changed much apart from the gas works going and the new slipway/lifeboat house & tate being built. St ives is a very good,clean and friendly place for your holiday its a place that draws you back every year for clean sea & sand good food drink and lodgings & a credit to the local people. one final point don't out price yourself for where to stay or the people who have visited st ives for many years will go abroad for better cost& guarantee the weather.

went to st ives last year fore the first time in feb to see frends. The weather was out of this world even tho it had been snowing never wanted to leave went back in july had to drag me away did not want to leave

Dave and Denise Wakefield Yorkshire
St Ives and Cornwall are magic. We visit every year. All our friends tell us about their holidays abroad, but we know where's best. Great base to see the rest of Cornwall (Kynance Cove near Lizard is brilliant)Can't wait to have a pint outside the Sloop and look accross the harbour when the sun is going down, and to stroll around the narrow streets around Downalong. I go early every morning for a lonesome walk along Porthminster and Porthmeor beaches, and view the crystal clear water - magic!

Jane Lucas Luton
Stives is such a magic place. There is nowhere as beautiful where you can sit and think and be at peace. The two weeks at August are never long enough!

mark powell
went from st ives my home town many years ago miss it so very much like to say big hello to all my friends there up penbeagle

Tim from Liverpool
St. ives is a great place to visit. The Sea, sand, and beautiful landscape is what makes St. Ives paradise. Maybe one day I might meet the love of my life here?

Harvey Jean West, Houston, Texas
We had one visit to St Ives. My cousin's wife Mae Hawken and son John Hawken brought us for a visit in 1991. Mae was born in St Ives. She now in her 90's lives at St Merryn. Where my Grand father Emigrated from in the 1860's. You never forget a visit to St Ives. and Cornwall.

Lynsey from gloucestershire
st ives is the best place to visit my mother is traking me for my 21st birthday so i can sit and paint and just be in the calming atmosphere that i feel when im thereeveryone should go at least once in there lives

Swifty, Liverpool
I go to St.Ives every May Bank holiday with our football team (not to play though). It is the best place in Britain for a meal,drink,laugh,chill out,atmosphere,golf,surf,ladies,dance,beach and scenery. I might move there when I'm older and become an artist. Its bliss man.....

jack from st ives
st.ives a place where holiday makers com why do thay come its the local people or is it the beaches the little streets and dont forget the pubs the sea food all these things rolled into one big package make st.ives the great place it is so come in the summer time and try one of are winter breaks you will love that but keep comeing back people we love you for it jack local man

Richard Godwin, Stoke on Trent
What a fantastic place!. We spent a week in St Ives at the end of August and it was the most relaxing holiday I have ever had. Very friendly people and simply stunning scenery. You locals are VERY luck people!

Kath from Poynton in Cheshire
I love St Ives so much that we've been visiting for two weeks twice a year for the last 34 years - wouldn't want to go anywhere else as it is so beautiful and picturesque - and we will be there again at the end of September - lucky us! One day we won't be making that awful return slog up the M5/M6 back to rat race land.

Andy from Notts
A simply stunning place, isn't it about time we had a webcam for st ives, i know if there was one i'd be hooked

Kayleigh - Newcastle Under Lyme
I went to St Ives the first time when I was 9 and have been with my family every year ever since, this year (8 years since my first time) I took my friends and we had the best time EVER!I dont think there is a nicer place in the world to be,hate every moment I'm not there!cant w8 2go back next year!

Swifty, from Liverpool.
The beautiful beaches and views make St.Ives a perfect place to go on holiday or a short break. A nice walk around the shops and a few pints of in the local pubs and then Tea in one of the lovely restaurants, the perfect day!!

Geraldine Curtis Harborne Birmingham
St Ives is the most wonderful place on earth - will definately live there one day. What more can I say!

st ives uplong man
how many know this verse.has i was going to st ives i met a man with 7 wifes.the 7 wifes had 7 cats the 7 cats had 7 kits. kits cats. cats and wifes how many where going to st.ives.cornwall the land of sand sea and sun

mary essie and sarah
all the way from iran to st.ives the beautyfull town of st ives we come to visit are friends who live there lovely beaches sand but no camels haha its so lovely there and one day we come back for more of the beauty and the friendly people there mary essie and sarah.

Jon, Liverpool.
I visit St.Ives once a year and it's not enough. I love "The Sloop".

Carol Herefordshire
There is definitely something magical about St Ives. Can't define it. Have been coming summer and winter for some years and never grow tired of it - so many different atmospheres depending where you are - best location is sitting on the far side of the island just looking out to sea - winter or summer, this is fantastic. Will be living there soon - can't wait.

born st ives man jack
st ives what can i say the nices place on gods planet the gem of the west if you have never had a visit to stives then your missing out.

Carlos 'Kick-a-ball'
Many thanx 2 Kitty's sister. She was the 1 that suggested a lads holiday in St Ives when we were 18. I've just kept goin back eva since ! Pity they've 'done up' the Lifeboat pub.It was really lively back in the '80's with all the beach bums in (both sides of the bar!)Shoot the gulls, and enjoy !

Kate British Columbia
Im soooo happy that i found these beautifull pictures of St Ives and how i wish i could be there . My parents took us there in the 50`s when we were kids . I never ever forgot the most wobderfull place in the world . Now i can look at all the pictures when ever i like thanks so much for doing this .I can taste the hot cornish pasties which we would have on the beach ! yum .

Micheala from Sheffield
As a child, my family and i holidayed in Newquay. A very special friend of mine let me have her holiday in St Ives. I fell in love. we have been for the last 3 years.But now i take my babies. PARADISE!!!

James, Northants
I love coming to Cornwall to take in its breathtaking scenery and magical atmosphere!

Kernow...why would you want to go anywhere else...

Mark.....Orpington, Kent
We love st.ives, will be back again in August for the seventh time.The drive down can be tiresome but more than worth it.The view across the harbour as you drive into the town will always be remembered.

Rie From Japan
I have lived in Hayle for 3 mounthes and sometimes i visited St.Ives. It was so nice place and these pictures makes me recall there. Person living in Cornwall were so friendly and every place were beautiful. I'd love to come to Cornwall again. Hey, how are you everyone in Heyle community school and St.Irth school etc!!

I have been coming to St Ives for 18 years and there is no comparison. It beats any other destination hands down. I have been home a two weeks from holiday and it seems more like two years.

jodie Essex
I just hope it's as nice as everyone says as i'm going down there in a couple of weeks

james.harper....torqay australia
just to say lived in st ives for 2 years really great place one of the best spots in england and there are no sharks, cant wait to come back one day for a pastie.

Mark Ford Stafford
I have travaled euorpe,but there is no place Like St.Ives. I will never get fed up of the place, when i win the lottery i will be there to live there is nothing like it paradise

Beth and Sallie Farrimond from Wigan
Best place we ve ever bin goin agen in 4 days time cant wait bin since we wer 6 after just a day of cumin ome ur missin the glorious beeches and sparklin sea specialy Porthgwidden but i af agree wiv patrick frum Enfield they need to be taught a lesson but their funny every year never a miss thy ve dun a num 2 on ma mum and sall sez shis gonna live ther one day best place in the world u cud ever be wots the point of goin abroad when uv got St Ives

Len godwin. Swindon.
Im off to St ives on Friday, 30th Aug,cant wait,went there years ago,really lovely place.

patrick from Enfield
Just spent some time in St Ives with my family,beautiful patch of England the seagulls need sorting out though one of em nicked me daughters ice cream right out of er hand

Steve Allen...Leicester Forest East
Came to Kernow as a kid camping, bring my own family now, Polmanter Farm best camp site at Halestown, 2 miles out of St. Ives, I have to wait 12 months for my dose of surf. I envy any one who lives in this beautiful part of Englang Coming down again August..Can't wait. Love it.

stephanie from cheshire
I have been coming to st lves for sixteen years and i just love it. It is such a magical place with beautful beaches and hope to come for many years to come. when i have pass my driving test i hope to come down to st lves for a bar job.

Jeff from Newcastle-under-lyme
The whole family fell in love with St Ives on our first visit 8 years ago. I can honestly say it is the best place I have ever visited. Hoping for a property slump to be able to afford to live there as soon as possible.

Becky, St Ives
I live in St Ives, but unfortunately although its the best place ever, ppl feed the seagulls. Which are a nuisance.

Gary Leicestershire
The train journey to St.Ives is awesome!Stop off at Carbis Bay and walk through to St. Ives. It really is a must!

Eric Stevens. Born in Lelant, St.Ives, Living in M
I would just like to thank you for your great Cornish pics.

Sylvia Warne
Once a St Ives fan, always a St Ives fan. My family have been going to St Ives since 1968. I have been to the Greek Islands, Majorca, many places, but there is no place on earth like St Ives. I can't wait to go again TOMORROW! I don't think the forecast is very good for next week, but that doesn't matter. It is just a beautiful and wonderful place. Magic!

chris from notts
Going back home to St Ives next week wish I could stay all year and enjoy the view could we have a few more photos please

Love Gwithian beach!Got lovely pictures of the lighthouse.Been coming down for 9 years,knowhere else compares!!!!St Ives Holiday Park is BRILLIANT!Going again in Sept.Miss the place so much when im not there,like being home sick!!!September is lovely time of year to be down there. Love "emjems" jewellery shop in St Ives.x

Madge from London
Beaches at Hayle, such as Upton Towans are wonderful, no shops, public toilets, just miles of unadulterated sandy beach and dunes, great for walking. Been going there for 15 years+ and never tire of it's beauty. Hayle itself isn't a 'pretty' town but then it is an old industrial town and has a very interesting history.

Elizabeth Worcester
Oh my god I just Love cornwall and stIves and Hayle. Hayle is like one of the best beaches in the UK I think! Why cant it be nominated lol I think that not many people get to see it because it is not sign posted very well and it is deserted but once you get there its like heaven! I saw dolphins swim in the sea! Its amazing, my dad lived there for 5 years and we shall be going back for a good camping holiday soon! WE LOVE IT! Liz Aged 12

kate ane jess
st ives is the best we go down there every year and will be there in 3 weeks love it to bits the lads , the surf the beachs the gallerys everything c u soon st ives

Rachel Vergara Brasil
I met a radiologist in South America, he was very proud of the place he lives (St. Ives)He was very familiar to me I am from the coast, beautifull beaches and extroverted people. This made me curious to investigate what St. Ives is about... Amazing place... Dream place to live. I would love to visit someday...

Sam from Notts
I love St.Ives so much. Going back in July, and then hopefully, gonna live there in a couple of years time! Feels like home :o)

Sonya from Dallas, Texas
When I see such gorgeous pictures, it makes my heart ache to be back in St. Ives! It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

Sarah West
This year will be my first visit to St Ives with my husband. It's sounds lovely - just hope we get the weather to go with it

Gary Turner Canterbury Kent
I went to St Ives two years ago and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there. I would certainly like to go back there in the future. It's wonderfully seaside town, with lots of character, and has nice sandy bays.

Keith from Hertfordshire
I've been visiting St Ives for forty three years and never grown tired of it. Even better out of season.

heather carter leek staffordshire
my family have been coming to st ives for the past 11years and love it we would love to live there one day.

Rebecca from Colchester
I've been to Cornwall just once on a sun holiday with my fiance, and I fell in love with the place! I'm hoping to win the lottery so that I can move down there and take my family with me! Cornwall is a beautiful and pretty place. ;-p

Julian from Colchester
I've been going to Cornwall for 15 years now, and I would sooner go there than abroad. Us Brits just don't realise how much beauty there is in the UK.

Nicola, Swindon
cant wait to go back to St Ives this summer, would love to live there one day!!

Christine Harvison, Newcastle Australia
Visited your beautiful town in 1992 and returned last year in September. We stayed at Porthminster View Guest House with Christine & David Hodge - wonderful people and a great B & B! I am an artist so consequently painted some scenes of St Ives when I returned home. Hope to return soon!!!!

naomie from taunton
been to st ives, and loved it will hopefully be going back tomorrow with my best mate!! erm its beautiful and the beaches are great!! but i also agree with james from hayle - the beaches at halye are also great i spent 1 long hot summer on them and they are just wonderful!! nway i think everyone should just enjoy the lovely surroundings you are so lucky to live around there- well anyway in cornwall actually!! so just enjoy!!

Sarah - from Hayle, now living away
What a surprise to see St. Ives and Hayle slagging each other off - Tall Nick and James, you should be ashamed. The whole of St. Ives bay is beautiful and means you can chose the busy town beaches one day at Porthminster, and enjoy the quiet and space on Hayle's 3 miles of sand another. Tall Nick, have you ever been to the main Hayle beach? I think not.

Andre Engels Belgium
I am a painter and i like to live in St Ives when i am retired.Until the rest of my live......Doing a lot of painting....

alex from essex just moved to porthtowan
wadda those seagulls from st ives get fed on? they are the biggest gulls i ever saw. scarey!! still homesick but loving cornwall.. just moved ,me ,hubby and 5 kiddies,biggest and hopefuly the best move i will ever make.

Martin, Ilkeston Derbyshire.
Been to St Ives three times now and will be there again in July. Cant wait to be sitting outside the Sloop P.H. with my pint after a visit to the many attractions in Cornwall.

Kieran..missing Cornwall from Bristol
Only been away from Cornwall for 6 months, missing it already

Rob van Teulingen Alkmaar Holland
We just love Cornwall.

Tall Nick, from St. Ives
James from Hayle, exactly what i'd expect from a hayle boy. Hayle beaches are derelict, waste ridden war zones. St. Ives is beautiful, romantic and tranquil. Surrounded my rolling fields and meadows.

Anne from Canada
Wish I could be there just once more. In fact anywhere in Cornwall would do.

jane from paisley
heaven on earth, been many times with the family, when comes into view just feels like home

Eric from Roseendale
I've just seen a photo of The Sloop and I'm not in it! Can't wait to be there again - sitting outside The Sloop with a pint, looking at that beautiful view of the harbour!

Darren From Sheffield
what can you say.. Superb.. 14 years of holidays and coming back for more with my family . I love it, my wife loves it and now my kids.

Silvia from Rome
I've been to St. Ives for the first time in august 2002 and since then i go back as soon as i's a magical place! I definitely intend to move there one day! It's like paradise and the people are lovely!Great atmosphere, amazing landscapes...the perfect location for romantic hearts!!!!

Sue Symons - Wokingham Berkshire
How I love St Ives - spent a lot of time there with my Gran when I was young. Still my very favorite place

Shevaughan Horder, North Shropshire
I've only just moved away from St.Ives and looking at these photos doesn't make me feel so homesick!!

James from Hayle
Blooming St Ives, everyone loves it! well go to hayle 5 miles north and visit some realy lovely beaches! Not town beaches!

Emma from Nottingham
St Ives/Carbis Bay are v. special to me. Tiny pieces of paradise in an otherwise hectic world. I will definately live here one day~soon!

One of the finest places to be in the world.

Jean McGeorge, Rochester, KENT
My Dream is to live in st.ives, i save all year just to be able to stay for the duration of the musice festival in september, i have made friends there and it is always nice to catch up with them too.

Steve Hewitt From Lichfield, Staffordshire
I live in the Landlocked Midlands, so Cornwall to me is very special. I love the North of the County St Agnes, St Ives, Morwenstow etc. I LOVE KERNOW!!!

Sue from Mansfield
I live in and for St. Ives...Ijust have to work away 46 weeks of the year!

Colette Sydney Australia
I spent a lovely 3 days in St Ives and made a great friend on Porthminster Beach, a labrador dog called Ralph. Gorgeous place.

steve harvey march cambs
i sometimes have to work in cornwall it is the best place i have ever been paid to visit

Jan from St Ives
Aren't I lucky to live here!!!

hannah from chesterfield
once visited never forgotten will always remain in my heart

Karen From Newport
It's a nice area, reminds me of a good holiday, will go back again next year.

Rachel from Helmshore Lancashire

Bernie from Wilmslow
Reminds me of my loverly holiday!!

Chris from Nottingham
Just looking at the photos makes me want to get in the car and drive down to go and sit on that golden beach once more.

Lorcan from St.Ives
you need to get a close up of the megalith

Jenna...Halifax West Yorks
awwwww they bring back happy memorys of another great holiday in st ives cant wait to see you again xxxxxxxx

Stuart Hicks Brisbane Australia
Very good clear photos lets have more of them. Born and bred from St Ives

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