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28 October 2014

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The quay toward St Mary's
The quay toward St Mary's
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Photo credits:
Vyv Toms

Your views on this area

Phil Davies Harpenden UK
I was born on St Agnes in 1953 where my father ran the island primary school. I left when I was three so have no real memory of the place. It would be great to get in touch with anyone who he taught or who remembers him as sadly he died in 1989. My mother was a nurse on St Mary's and then moved to St Agnes. So again any memories would be great. She died in 1990. I have only been back once w3ith my family but want to get back more often in the future. It is a marvellous place. Phil

Lori from Chicago, Illinois, USA
I had never heard of the Isles of Scilly until I saw the movie When The Whales Came. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the place. Now it's on my list of places I hope to visit before I die.

David, North Wales
I think Cornwall is a beatuiful place, and particularly the Scilly Isles. Concerning the picture of "The old lighthouse, St Agnes", I have family who live in the house connected to this!

Madeleine Bullimore, Gt. Hockham, Norfolk
Have just visited Scilly for the very first time.It's pure magic.Everyone should visit it at least once before they die.I'm definitely going again next year.....

Richard from Weston super mare
The Isles of Scilly is truly an escape for those wishing to escape the pressures of life today, the people are great, the scenery superb, sands & sea brillant. No yobbery & demented boy racers. A truly safe place - how life should be on the mainland. Full marks to the people & their local government.

Selfish John from Gloucester
I love Cornwall but I saw a TV program about St Martin's island yesterday so looked it up on the net and read the comments above - I've now got to go and see for myself - just don't tell anyone else though I want Cornwall and westward to be kept for those of us who know already - is that a deal?

Pam from Cannock, Staffs
We have spent many, many happy holidays in Cornwall, even spending our honeymoon in Penzance in 1967. We have visited most of the resorts in Cornwall over the years, but the Scilly Isles was the most delightful.

julie london
i have visited scilly a few times once on helicopter and once by skybus, we returned by scillonion, i think it is paradise on earth and if i had the money would live there tomorrow

I would like to say my husband and I have visted the Isles of Scilly numerous times since we discovered tham in 1990. We haven't been able to come for a few years but we are coming July 05 and bringing relatives with us. I hope the islands haven't changed since we last visited in 2001. My favourite island is Bryher but we always stay on St Mary's. It is my intention to stay on Bryher for my Pearl Wedding celebration in a couple of years time. There is nowhere like the Isles of Scilly in the world. I hope it never changes.

Zoe - Northampton
When I was a child, we used to stay on Tresco at the Abbey. I remember being picked up from the quay by 'Chocolate' the horse who pulled us along in a trap together with all our suitcases. I was in absolute heaven. I remember hanging our washing out on top of a hill in the gardens! There was a tortoise who lived up there who, it was said, was 90 years old. This was 25 years ago and the sun always shone - guaranteed! Hope it does this year because I'm returning for a visit!

Rosco from Essex
Superb photos.The scilles are like my second home, cant wait to go back down there and say goodbye to the rat race that London is especially after the recent events. I be working over on st marys from 8th August, be the fifth time i worked over there hope to be staying throught winter aswell. agree with everyone, the scillies are beautiful nowhere else like it Hell bay on a stormy day.....Hell yeah!!!

Mark from Rainford
When we arrive on the islands all the worlds troubles just disappear AAAAAHHHHH

Hannah from Berkshire
I'm 15 and have spent 2 or 3 weeks camping on St Martins every year since i was 5. The pictures are good. Nice one :)

Tom Matthews - Cornwall
Having visited the Scillies and particularly Bryher, every year since I was born (16 years now) I love the Scillies more than any other part of the world, and I've travelled around a fair bit! Bryher is the most beautiful and tranquil places I have ever visited, and I just hope that it never changes or becomes over-visited. As Mary from Plymouth said, lets just hope the Scillies are not developed too much, it will truly spoil everything people go there to see. I have made a number of great friends on Bryher over the past 16 years, particularly Ken, who unfortunately was lost at sea earlier this year. Sad as this is, it's how he would have wanted to go; not staring out at the sea from a hospital bed. He wasn't born on Scilly, but, over the past 20 years, became a true Scillonian and will be sorely missed. Here's to the Scilly Isles never changing!

june from shropshire
These pictures inspire me to get out my water colours and start painting again. It's some year since I last visited the Isles of Scilly and have the most wonderful memories of this most beautiful corner of God's amazing creation

Kim from Birmingham
I went to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly every year when I was growing up, and can simply say that I adore it. Now anywhere I go is immediately compared to them and sadly can never live up to their high standards. The most beautiful place in the world! The Isles of Scilly are Britain's best kept secret; palm trees, silver sands, luscious gardens, kind locals, turquoise seas... wow.

alasdair gitian cornwall
the isles of scilly are amazing, but best place in the world??what about the outer and inner hebrides, orkney and shetland. britain is blessed with hundreds of beautiful islands.

from Canada
hey , i thinnk these picture look great , and i would agree to the guy that wrote eairler or befire me , that he's right , they need to be as a closer view .. ?

John from Sheffield
This is for Elizabeth from Cornwall: I've been going to St Martins on holiday every year since I was 3 years old. My wife is Scottish and we now spend more time north of the border. We just put our old stone cottage for sale today (April 2005) with Island Properties.

Brian from Tavistock
Having travelled the world as a child and then in the RN, as well as various holidays, I cannot think of a place I would rather be than the Isles of Scilly. Over each of the last ten years have managed to spend a sailing holiday there, often twice a year.

Ollie manila,Philippines
Isles of Scilly is really nice.calming...Thats why I keep on comming back there to work as a chef...Everybody is so friendly...

madeleine newquay
i loved scilly having lived there for 10 years

Richard in Newcastle upon Tyne
These pictures are brilliant. Please keep them going. I used to live on Scilly but haven't been back, even on holidays for a few years but maybe 2005 will yield something. My office view is of the fantastic gatehead millenuim bridge and the other Tyne bridges (check out the Tyne Bridge webcams) but nothing can ever compare to Scilly.

Amanda from North Carolina
My family originally came from Scilly. My dad has even named his boat "Tresco". I don't think anyone lives there now. I would love to find more information about the history of the isles.

What a wonderful collection of pictures!! Reminds me of holidays with my grandparents who lived on the island many years ago. I am now living in New Zealand and havent been back as yet (after almost 30 years!). I think I need to come back and visit!

Andrew from Coventry
I have always visite Cornwall for my holidays ever since I was very young and love the Penzance/Newlyn/Mousehole area, well Penwith. I have been lucky enough to live and work in Cornwall for three years when I was younger and had a great time. I have also visited the Isles Of Scilly. It is a great place to visit but winter time can't be so good? Cornwall is a special place though!!!!

Vicki from Surrey
We named our Golden Retriever after the island. We love it there so much. The views are perfect and unspoilt by tourism. My favourite island is definately St Martins. The pure white sands are amazing. Anyone who is looking for serenity should visit this wonderful community.

Mary, Plymouth
PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE don't build more holiday homes on St. Mary's - it would spoil the very things that holidaymakers come to Scilly for, namely tranquility and an uncrowded environment. More holiday homes mean more facilities required and where are such facilities going to be put ?

suzanne rule from cornwall
my mum lives on st marys, i have yet to visit, one day i will..... my mum loves it their..... it looks so beautiful......

Jason from Denmark
I went to the Isles of Scilly many times as a child with my parents. I loved every minute and really enjoyed the boat trips especially the one to Bishop Rock lighthouse. Sunset over Samson is just fantastic! I must return one day for another holiday.

Elizabeth from Cornwall
My family came from Scilly but none left now. I'd like details of any small property for sale there as I love the place.

Steven Jan Hawker from Truro, Cornwall currently i
I have lived in many places including London, Paris and areas in the French Alps. However nothing can be compared to the rugged coastline and blues seas of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, as I have spent a few seasons on Tresco. Looking forward to returning some day

It would be nice to have seen more pictures of bryher.

Steve, Hayle
Though I now live abroad, (in Swindon)I have to say that west Cornwall is the most Wonderful place in the world, and i've seen enough of the rest to have a well informed view

blu from St. Agnes
I used to live in the isles of scilly until i was 12! And the funniest thing is that everyone over there always thinks that the mainland is soooooo fun and everyone over here thinks that the islands are soooo fun! lol you should all swap houses lol!!!

Sally - near heathrow
I love the islands, especially Samson. I intend to spend as much of my life as possible on the islands by way of holidays. It is my pefect place and it's beautiful.

Alan From London
I retired to Roche Cornwall some six years ago and in 2003 used the Skybus to visit the Scillies and could not believe how beautiful the islands were hence the postings of my pictures on this site. just have to visit..check out the Tresco gardens while you are there !

Ian in sunny Winnipeg, Canada
I agree Scilly is the prettiest coastal spot in all the UK. I am an ex pat Brit living in Winnipeg, locally known as `Winterpeg' because of our attrocious winters. What a pleasure to find these pictures and cams. Thank you so much.

carice from gloucestershire
I adore Scilly, having spent every Summer there for 25 years. The sand is liking caster sugar and the sea, like turquoise bubble bath. The best place for a Scillonian sunset , in my opinion is on Old Quay, St. Martins. Can't wait for the next trip!

I am a local, born and bred in West Cornwall
I would like to say for all of us who are lucky enough to have lived here all our lives - there is nowhere more beautiful in the whole world (and I have travelled some). God bless all Cornishmen - and women!

Emma from North Cornwall
I think this part of Cornwall is beautiful and the Isles of Scilly, in my opinion, is the most beautiful place I've been, more stunning then anywhere else.

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