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24 September 2014

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Nice 'n' easy does it for Cassy!

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If you have taken photos of your pets, why not send your pictures in to us:

Photo credits:
David Kellett

Comment on the pet pictures

i love cream hes so cute i wanna take him home!!

they are so cool wow ive saved them ALL

amy from london
this is just a lovely picture it shows how cats look after thier children and how they live with the world

amy from london
i think this is a gorgous cat and deserves a good home. if you ever give her away make sure the owners are good. all animals deserve love, care and affection

Amy from london
they are just sooooooooooo adorable they`re eyes are soo nice i wish i had some like them

i love them all !!!!

Valéria, from São Paulo, Brazil
Thank you for publishing Nina's photo. She's a Lhasa Apso with a blue eye that follows me wherever I go!

Valerie from fowey
Great pics, just love animals will be sending a picture of my dog Zoe a Miniature long haired Dachshund. Moved to Fowey in October to retire and enjoy life.

alyssa QLD
i think that all the animals are really cute but especially the cats coz i am a cat lover

John arbuckel Oldham,Chadderton
I think that some of the pets are cute but the one with the cat and the kittens are very cute a lot are realy nice. we will be coming to cornwall in june. But normally we come in august. The pet centre sounds a nice place and it sounds like you look after all the pets. See you in june. nice talking. from John

Laura D from ST Austell, Cornwall
thanks alot for putting Pebbles pic ( number 144 ) . She was born may 3rd 2000. Shes a typical mummys dog and is the best!!

Jo from Falmouth
They're all so cute (except the pider-sorry!)! I will send in a photo of my cat as soon as I can. The Westies are the sweetest

Sarah Emaar, currently living in Milan
What a lovely collection of animals. I am getting my own puppy soon and hope I can add my photo to your gallery.

Dave Warren in Holland
What! No Jack Russels?

K,, from Newcastle
I was distracted when looking for pictures of Crackington Haven after I saw HRH had been there yesterday. Its about 20 years since we visited. I'm a cat and dog person. Most impressed by the collection,have circulated the address to all the animallovers at work.

kim mullion
all the animals are cute especerly 51 5253

Janell ; Chico Ca Emma Wilson 6th grade.
my brother is doing a project on this tarantula.I think it is so cool.

i like number 51 52 53 look at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kim cornwall
iam glad that my friends dog is on here fleure badger tiggs

Dennis Tredinnick from NJ in the U.S.A.
I love Little Red. Is that a Cornish Rex or a Devon Rex Red?

Clare from the Rhondda
Love the black fluffy collie cross, my looks just the same, sooooo cute! I love dogs and all should be well looked after, thanks to you!

steven gorebridge
dogs are good

claudia italy
i'd like to have thousand of cats! many great picture expecially the ones showing the wonderful cornwall landscape i visited on 2002.

Gala from London
piccies r sooooo cute. i will try 2 send my piccies soon! ALL DA ANIMALS WERE SWEEET!

Gus,from Springfield,Oh.USA
These are the most beautiful pictures of pets I've ever seen.I'm recomending Cornwall to all my friends.

mark from penzance
This is a great site for pets and thank you for showing prince

prince from penzance
i think they are the best pictures ever

Jean alias Fat Cat from Malmesbury
I Love all animals, this is a wonderful site,I have six cats and two dogs, their ages range from fourteen years old to three years.

Caroline - Streatham London
I love them all!!!

Jane from London
Is Nina a Lhasa? She's a real poser!

Nancy from Oklahoma USA
What a fun site! I love animals AND England--couldn't be better!

Rie from Japan
all cats are so cute!

annie from ascot but going to move to cornwall
sleepy suki is so so sweet just like my cat suger

annie from ascot but going to move to cornwall
sleepy suki is so so sweet just like my cat suger

Lotte, from Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
This is my kind of site !! I just love animals, i'am going to send you a picture of my 2 dogs.

Vic . from Penwithick
Thank you for publishing Angel she is a nice little girl No 83

Sharon Wilson - England
All these animals are SO cute, it's very hard to pick the best one.

Shirley, Wdaebridge
All animals are beautiful......they just need s.o. to bring out the best in them and appreciate them

stephanie cornwall
i think fleur is really cute like her sister bager im glad my dad put them on here

Stephanie Parker Cornwall
Fleur you are cute and i dont think you have a problem looking cute for the camra.

Sophie and i come from england
Your dogs r absalutely gorgous but how do u download them for a wallpaper

jenny hague - hayle-age10
I like the long straight head dog..husky ?

michaela jones - truro
Lilly and maui are cool looking jt's(61)

Reef, from Ludgvan
Reef is a Border Collie who loves the beaches. He is currently learning to Surf.

Marilyn, Albany Oregon US
I am originally from St Austell and will be over there for the end of April for my daughter and grandson's birthday's. Just love the pics. Hope you include my Bonzi, got him from a rescue center.

Kat from Florida
Absolutely love all the photos here! Yes, even the spider! lol. Wish I could meet all the subjects in person..."s"

Kelly Westgate
All your pets are so cute! Thank you for adding my Salem 58/59

They are all lovely (including the spider) and made a horrible day at work, slightly less bad. Thank you!


Connie from wichita, Kansas USA
Pets are wonderful everywhere in the world. We will be coming to your side of the world soon. Just checking out all things Cornish. Great Site. THX

Pamela Davies Falmouth TR11 2PN
All the pictures are great and it would be very difficult to choose which one is the best.If one had to.It just shows how many animals are well looked after.

Pamela Davies Falmouth TR11 2PN
Thank you for publishing the photo of FNNRRR number 45

lovely pets, all look very happing and well looked after

tony , from indian queens
great pics hope you like the one i just sent of my rescue dog scooby and the one of lazza and martin in love !!!!

Vanessa, from Troon
Adorable all of them except that horrid SPIDER!!!!! I am sure someone loves him, but not me. Great site, just sent some photos in to you

Tim Turner
Paddy you are a poser (pic10) grrrrrr

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