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28 October 2014

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Newquay harbour
Newquay harbour
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Photo credits:
Bob Tebbut

Your views on this area

simon leicester
newquay is like a second home for me, great night life, beachs for ever one just the perfect place too holiday oh and party, down again next week, 5 days of surfing and partying what more could you want.

steve bristol
Cornwall is the best place on earth

douglas morton - vermont - usa
Newquay is magic. Lived there from 1975-77 and I left my heart there when I returned to the states. Never been back but this website is a treasure. I'll return someday when i never have to leave again!

David Cannock Staffs
Like everyone else I love Newquay there is no place like it. I am 43 and have been going down there since 1964 when i was 2. My Wife & 2 teenage children feel the same. My favourite place is Crantock beach. We go down to cornwall twice a year and cant wait for 22/07 when we are there for 2 weeks. Stay on Newperran caravan site same for past 11 years. Everytime i leave newquay i could cry its just heaven. Have been abroad but there is no place like Newquay

Eugene (Manchester)
Looking for the best place to stay in newquay. Most places are already booked up and we are going in two weeks! Kinda desperate, but still want something nice, central, cheap. Any suggestions??

Ed From Bristol
i went to Newquay for 7 days and loved every minute!if anyone is struggling for a place to stay, i advise the tsunami lodge on grantock road. only problem is the street fights at night. it was Bristol vs London every night. p.s. we kicked there cockney a$$es every night!!

Long live Newquay!

Sam, Lancashire
I absolutely love Newquay! It has beauty, entertainment and its a peaceful atmosphere all rolled into one! Me and my boyfriend go there every year and we have such a good time there, thats its very hard to come away and go back home. Porth beach and fistral are brilliant but my fave has got to be Watergate Bay. Ive had some of the best times of my life there with my boyfriend. I hope it never changes.

samantha portugal
I thought it was wicked just as good as albufeiras night life in central algarve. Im going to definately go again and next time bring all my portugese friends now i know what its like. I didnt realise how such a little town could be such a great laugh not as good as the stri`p though in portugal i got with about 20 people yeah mate bangin.

Sandra from Cheshire
I LOVE CORNWALL and I LOVE NEWQUAY. I've been visiting Newquay since I was a child and after several years break I returned two years ago and had the strangest feeling as if I had only been there the day before. I am so looking forward to returning again this year and want to recommend the most charming place to lunch. It's called Fern Pit Cafe and overlooks the River Gannel. This place has been open since 1910, that's ninety five years and I defy anyone who goes there not to be charmed by it and fall in love with the place. I'm counting down the days and ny heart is there already!

Simon, Herts
I go to Newquay every year,it is da most unique and best place to be its a mini-surf city. You come once and you never want to leave its suitable for all ages.

Simon, Herts
I go to Newquay every year,it is da most unique and best place to be its a mini-surf city. You come once and you never want to leave its also suitable for all ages.

M & D - Merthyr Tydfil
Even though it takes us over 3 hours to get there, every minute of the journey to Newquay is worth it. The beaches and countryside are superb, and the pubs are top class, and even though we've been there almost 20 times, we can never wait to go back! There's nothing to beat playing "The Sun Rising" by The Beloved as you drive across Narrowcliff with the Atlantic in the distance....

scott ruse from swansea, wales
defenitly miss the place in the winters and basicly wen im not ther

Scott, Stockport UK
Went to Newquay Aug bank hols 2004 and did'nt want to come home. My mates Dad lives in St.Columb Major and he is the most chilled out guy I have ever met. The people are ace and just want to chat!!!! Cant wait for Aug 05 when the Stockport 3 return with more mates to convert!!!!

A Kiwichick
Just come back from Newquay and thought the beach was just gorgeous - went out Saturday night and overwhelmed by all the chavs!!!!!

bob corn from newcatle
i really like webcams fo newquay

claire, essex
i LOVE everything about cornwall, even when its raining and newquay is my favourite place. i go every year and looking at these pictures makes me want to go even more!!

laura from tamworth
I love newquay , i go down every year for Run to the sun, cant wait!!!!!!

The Miller Family from Bath
we have been going to newquay for 20+ years have been staying at the same guest gouse for 17 years would not want to go anywhere else - we love it

Janie Cardiff
Newquay has to be the most amazing place ive ever visited, regardless of how many times ive been its never lost its magic, cant wait to take the plunge and move there for good!!

john halifax yorkshire
a great place for sun and sea you will miss it when your not there

stanjeffreys leeds
i have been visitin cornwall since 75.last 3 yrs at whiteacres nr newquay. 3 times a year brill best fishin in england. great guys. great hols. n its all english

eric, lille; france
i love nqv it seems like bretagne have a drink a good beer

eric reims france
newquay is the best place in england

Lisa Wood, Pembrokeshire
Newquay is beautiful. My husband and I took our 2 kids down to stay at Monkey Tree Holiday Park last summer and we had a great time, very friendly and the kids loved it.Going back again this year!

Bianca from South Africa
I went to Newquay last year in the summer, had so much fun did'nt want to come back to London, it was great and now I'm going back there this upcoming weekend. Never knew England has got such nice beaches, it's beautiful...

harry osborne arnold maryland usa

sue, liverpool
I go to newquay every year and each time i stay at sunnyside 18 -30 holiday park, i wouldn't even think of staying any where else, the atmosphere is great the staff are really friendly and helpful, i never want to go home, i recommend sunnyside to everyone!!!

phil from newquay , st newlyn east
come at the end of the season it much more fun

Drew, Midlands
Went down there summer this year for a week during the end of the bank holiday weekend, got abit quieter during the end but the atmophere is great and the beaches make it kool to. Gonna work at the Bay Hotel Next year for 3 months i think with some freinds...

Hannah, Newzeland
cool! luv do photos! Been there once 4 a holiday and the surf waz great!

tony the tiger
im stuck in coatbridge which is just outside glasgow in scotland im defo comin to newquay next summer it looks amazin so chilled and peaceful......................

leah , Liverpool
Newquay was brilliant! although the waves got a bit to high in lusty glaze beach. The weather was fantastic, me and my family had so much fun and will be returning next summer - looking forward to it.

Dan, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Newquay is like nothing else you'll ever experience! It was the best week of my life when me and my mates camped in smuggler's haven towards the end of august! The night life is just unbelievibly good! You really do not want to leave when u have to. All the clubs are awesome and beaches are great. Suprisingly there is no trouble out at night because everyone is just out for a laugh like you. It's so easy to talk to people to, you can just be walking down the street and start chatting to anyone!! ITS GREAT, i'm deffinately going again and you should too!

dominic newquay
i came here for a weekend 7 years ago and never went back! i love this town so much and enjoy the views, ocean, scenery and healthy fresh atmoshpere every day. since i moved here, my life moved on very nicely! i think beautiful surroundings are important in life

Ron Cartwright, Preston Brook, Cheshire
We've just returned from another great fortnight at Trevornick. Newquay is still wonderful. Took a flight from the airport to the Scillies on my 60th birthday - 28th August. Absolutely magic. Fabulous views along the north coast and then a memorable sea trip around the islands. What a day that was!

Alex lynn, Dumfries, Scotland
I visitd cornwall in august 2004! It woz the best!!! We stayed in trevornick holiday park just outside newquay!!! After stayin in cornwall i dnt feel the need 2 go abroad! It woz 1 of the best holidays of my life!!! I would love 2 live there cuz the cornish way oflife seems quality!!! Surfin, sea, sun and hot babes!!!

Lucy, Derbyshire
just came back from trevornick camp site.I had an amazing time and would love to go back soon.Body boarding on hollywell bay was awesome,newquay we love you!

Michele Hall, Washington, USA
Spent 45 days when I graduated from High School in Newquay visiting my great aunts, and grandmother. I loved it so very much. Missing it so much, and can't wait to come back to your beautiful towne.

Ron Cartwright from Preston Brook, Cheshire
I think Trevornick caravan site is the best place on earth. Two days to go and we'll be back there. Golf, fishing, surfing, marvellous views and (hopefully!) great weather. Watching the eclips there a few years ago was magical. What a wonderful place Newquay is.

Sally, Herts
Visited Newquay for the first time this summer (2004) and now can't wait to go back again. The beaches and scenery are just fantastic.

Margaret Waddell-Wood, Roma, Qld, Australia
First time on internet, would love to see England from Cornwall to Northumberland, looking for my Ancestors homes.St Newlyn East is where all our May Family came from in 1847-1850's Love what I have seen so far. Margaret

Jamie Lambert Sedgley West Midlands
Newquay is the best place to go. Not like Birmingham or even Blackpool where there is trouble and fighting everywhere you look, Newquay is the most chilled out place ANYWHERE!! It's so laid back that yoy forget that you're in England at times, my heart breaks every time i leave and I go there more frequently each year. I love Newquay.

best holiday of y life was spent there

Neil, Liverpool
Making my first trip to Newquay soon, anyone recomend a campsite near the beach?

tan, east sussex
im going to cornwall in august and am looking forward to it coz it looks awsome, reminds me of croatia!

Patricia Davis, Coventry, West Midlands
Newquay, what a fantastic place. Have been going for the last 8 years and still love it now. The scenery just takes your breath away, and a fantastic place to unwind. All different sorts of people having a great time. Would love to have the chance to see it when it isn`t full of holiday makers.

Rob Wylie, Dudley
I prefered the old quay

Ian (STOKE ON TRENT) staffordshire.
As i read others comments i get goose bumps because i know exactly what they mean, newquay is the best place on earth, i love to visit holywell bay the beach there is mint with a few pubs on your way down to the beach that serve great local ales, and everyone is so freindly, as a youngster i went there 8 yrs on the trot and am now taking my little ones, who love it like i do, hope to see you there this summer, take care, bye.

Andreas Tscharner, Mont-Tremblant, Canada
I spent a couple of times in Newquay, one of the most beautiful place on earth - gee i miss it!!

Gill , Guiseley Nr Leeds
After my first camping holiday in Porth Newquay, I went back year after year and took my children to the same place, they came to love it just as much as me. Who needs to go abroad when we have such a fantastic place right on the door step. Its just magic.

Richard Jessen,Grand Island,NE,USA
This view in particular brings back wonderful memories of spending time in a beautiful country with two very wonderful friends. We spent one week in Newquay and saw the sights around Cornwall but this one along Towan Beach is the most memorable because it wasn't too far from our hotel. What wonderful, indelible memories!

joe rimmington,rotherham,southyorkshire
i think newquay is the best place in england i have only been once but it was brilliant i stayed at a wonderfull campsite trevornick it was brill

Beckie Owen, Cheshire
I WANT 2 GO ON HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

millie pearson
i live in newquay and it truly is the most beautiful scenery i have ever come farther owns a hotel over looking the beach and the sun sets.

Kev, Guernsey
I born in St Austell, lived in Newquay from '94 to '99, you haven't seen Newquay till you've lived there in the winter. The locals come out to play. No problem getting to the bar etc, just a lovely chilled atmosphere in the whole town. Feeling a bit homesick writing this. Although i was born in Snozzle, Newquay will always be my home!!

Matthew Bunt, Manchester
I have been Newquay bron and bred, as have the rest of my family. I left Newquay nearly two years ago to go to University in Salford, and I do miss it so. Just having the sea and beautiful views on my doorstep, the fresh air and the great atmosphere. I can't wait to return this summer!

Scott Ruse, swansea, wales
Well I live in wales, and when i'm older I would love to live in Newquay. I haven't been abroad yet but after being to Newquay I wouldnt want to. The best days of my life were spent there, surfing, bodyboarding, nigth life, the camp sites. This is probably my dream place...

kendra whitfield cheshire
i love newquay its the best place in the world!!! the pepole rare so friendly i carnt wait 2 go back in may

Luis Miguel, Valladolid, España
I've spent almost a year working, studying and living in NQY and it's been fantastic to discover its way of life, the beauty of its coastline and sunsets, the countryside and everything NQY can offer you. I'm looking forward to going back next summer. NQY HAS BLOWN MY MIND FOREVER

Ashley Brent, Brest, France
I spent the best times of my life in Newquay and although work and obligations have taken me away, I am oh so looking forward to moving back there in May 2004! Nothing beats the atmosphere that buzzes around this town and the tranquility of the surrounding countryside if you need to get away and who could forget the surfing! May the future hold many more good times in theis great little town.

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