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24 September 2014

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January 2004
Bob Rudd turned out on Pendennis Head to see the luxury liner Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2
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Photo credits:
Bob Rudd

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Grace Edwards
I havent come on to tell everyone about my holiday I have come to thank all the staff at the hospital in penzance because when I broke my wrist on a family holiday in Cornwall they were brilliant.

clifton, wigan
whats it like to live in penzance, i love the place, but have only been on holiday there. i want to live there with my family i have two children 14 & 12, what is mounts bay school like, whats pz like in winter do teenagers have much to do. please reply

kevin gordon dorking
there is nowhere i would rather be

Brian Sewell, Cardiff
Love it. Penzance lovely in the summer and dullllllll in the Winter.

Lauren, Penzance
It looks so much more glamorous in the pictures....all the same, it's wonderful!

Stuart Hicks Brisbane Australia
Great place Penzance use to go to Penzance art school on Saturday morning to do pottery when Barbara Tribe was teaching there,there are some very interesting old building so its nice to see your collection of view of the town. Im afraid most of my photoes are only in black and white.

Chris Martin
Born and raised in penzance sadly moved away at 15 allways looking to move back home the people there are second to none come on you pirates!

To bill of belgrade what geography lesson would that be then cos i live here so i think i know where my family have come from for the past 300 yrs and why would the west highland way run about 10 miles away from where i live. Obviously when you know what your talking about i will quite happily receive your reply. numpty

Why arnt there any pictures of this end of Penwith,like Portheras Cove or Geevor tin mine etc...Just a thought! Also what about the partys in Penzance&St.Just!

Douglas Jasse Penzance
I am looking for pictures of Market Jew st prior to 1894 can you help

Holly & Jade from Canada
We are living in Canada for a year but were born in Penzance Cornwall and have lived there our whole lives. We absolutely loved where we lived but only realised that once we had left and didn't have that sea smell and fab views. We also miss Cornish pasties and propper fish 'n' chips. We can't wait until we get home and can see the Mount again. Cornwall/Penzance is just such a beautiful place.

Manuel - Sevilla (Spain)
I was living in Newlyn for one month in 2.002, and I love people from Cornwall. I hope I can go back to Penzance.

Peter Yould. Washington, Tyne and Wear
I first came down to Cornwall in 1945 with my mother and father, just before the war ended. Whilst we were down there, VJ day was declared(Victory in Japan) and there was a huge bonfire on Penzance promenade. I remember that holiday as I was so impressed with the palm trees and other semi tropical plants that I felt in another world.The only bad side of that holiday was that it took us 19hrs travelling from Cheshire,sitting on our luggage in the train corridor to get to Penzance.The reason for that was that we had to stop at every station to pick up troops who were travelling to Plymouth to embark to various parts of the world as World War2 had, at that point, not ended. once we left Plymouth seats were available and the sight of Mounts Bay and St. Michael's Mount for the first time was a memory I shall never forget. We stayed at Parc Letta in Heamoor. I have been down to PZ many times since and taken my children there year after year. My two boys Calvin and Michael married Cornish girls and live in Heamoor and Leedstown,both have families, making me very envious.Since I retired I have worked at Skybus, Land's End for four seasons and hope to be back there again one day ,as it gives me a great oportunity to see my Cornish grandchildren, with achance that I may realise my ambition to live with my many Cornish friends.I could go on forever about the area but, for now, enough is enough, Cheers me ansums. Pete.

Dave, from whitecross
Lovely pics they show penzance at its best, they blew me away!

Liz Chapman Northants
Ex pat from Madron nr.Pz. Have to say there are more views of Pz than Mickey Mount. How about Pirate on roof of Admiral Benbow in Chapel Street. Could have more of Morrab Gardens, Penlee Lifeboat, come on lets have more. Hoping to go home this year (2005)

john mackie. treen.
A seperate page for photos of Mickys Mount PLEASE!

Rebecca Bostock
Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, Simply love Cornwall especially for the coastal walks around Lands End area. Roll on Half Term Feb....

Linda from Hertfordshire
I agree that there might be just a few too many pics of St Michael's Mount although they are magical. There are stunning views of the Bay from top of Newlyn? I have Cornish roots and will be 'coming home' really soon. Love to all in the Penzance area especially at Camilla House Hotel a fantastic place to

D.A.W, U.S.A
I am a Cornish maid through and through! I miss it so much, I just can't wait to move back. It's not until you move away that you realise how much you take what you have for granted. If your lucky enough to still live there don't abuse it, make the most of it everyday!!

Janet Darlison from Romford in Essex
I like Cornwall very much since I've first started reading the autobiographies written by the author Derek Tangye, he and his wife Jeannie gave up a glamorous life in London, to settle in Cornwall in a Cottage on the cliff and set up a flower farm during the fifties - the books inspired me to discover Penzance and St.Buryan nr Lamorna cove - now I can't stop visiting whenever I can - I'd love to live there one day.

Joe, Penzance
Although the Mount is a landmark of Penzance, there are other picture which could be displayed like more of the festivals and the like. Kernow Bys Vyken!

Bill from Belgrade
The person who states that he moved from Penzance to "the highlands just north west of Glasgow" would obviously benefit from some geography lessons!!!!!

lee doherty hartlebury worcestershire
my life is so busy day to day having my own business you never get to let yourself relax. so i take my family down to st ives and kennack sands on the lizzard two or three times a year out of season to watch the ocean this lets you realise how small apart you play in this world so live it see you soon

Michele - Wales
Went on holiday to Cornwall two years running about five years ago and we were appalled at the dirty beaches with rubbish blowing every where, grumpy and unhelpful shop keepers and extortionate prices. I'd love to know where you got real Cornish pasties we couldn't find any - and the chips were revolting! My husband took us back there because he had happy childhood memories of holidays at his Cornish grandmother's home, but we won't be returning. The Gower peninsular in Swansea is far more beautiful, unspoilt and cleaner.

mia from newcastle
i used to live in cornwall and i loved it ..... i started yr 7 at humphry davy school and unfortunately left to start yr 8 up in geordieland. i miss everone bak in cornwall .... and if anyone from hds reads this ..... i miss u !!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Jessen, Grand Island, NE USA
I remember most of all about Cornwall the kindness of the people, the beauty of Land's End and, most of all, the coastline! Just looking at the above picture of the Queen Mary 2 (on which a family friend sailed!) brings back memories of time spent with two twin sisters who have adopted me as their little brother!

Loz Penzance Cornwall
hey, pics are awesome of PZ, how about getting some of this year's Gollowan and Mazey Day? Should be a good year!

Jeff Young, Peterborough, Cambs
My Mother was born in St Ives and was raised in Penzance throughtout WWII right through to the turn of the 50's. Through out the years of my childhood we would visit and Mum would show us places that we would never have found being just your normal tourists. Looking at all these pictures fills me with great joy and happy memories of my youth. Now that I have a family of my own, who I may add have not been to this beautiful part of England, just yet, fills me with an enormous urge to cancel a holiday to Greece and visit. Mum is now, bed bound and I feel that she will never get another chance to return. So I have "borrowed" some of these pic's to show her and talk of my fondness of her "Beloved Cornwall"

Edith and I live in Accra, Ghana
I was in school in Truro in the late 60s and enjoyed being in Cornwall. It's now more than forty years since I left the beautiful countryside. It was absolutely wonderful and the summers were fantastic. Sadly, I've never been back although I travel to England from West Africa almost every year and always stay in London. I was touched to view the wonderful pictures in your display. Now that I'm a grandmother, I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to show my young granddaughter the sites of Penzance and all the other places I miss so much. Long live Cornwall!!

Peter O'Rourke in Stoke-on-Trent
I'm only 15 and I've already been to cornwall more times than I can remember. The scenery's amazing and the food is too (paticularly the pasties!). I always have a great time on holiday there and I'm always sad to leave. Can't wait to go there this summer.

barry martin wallsend on tyne (geordieland)
Mother was born St just have cousins and their families living in St Just in Penwith last visit to see the Eclipse just love it walking the cliffs

I am living in North America , but will be home soon for summer... Want to wish you all a fab Flora Day 2004 in the meantime !

I live in Sydney but am about to get on a plane to "come home" for Dehwelans. Just to say a happy homecoming to evryone whose making it back to the special place they all want to belong to. Kernow Bys Vyken!

tess, Portreath Cornwall
I love Cornwall, i never want to leave!!

Chris Pengilly San Francisco, CA
Quick question regarding travel in Cornwall, specifically where can I find info on lodging and sites to see. Thanks for the help!

Damien quigley
I left penzance in 1995 to move back to the highlands just north west of Glasgow but after looking at the views on the webcams and pictures just reminds me how fantastic the place is and I think I will bring my children for a few days this summer.

John and Irene Parker
We lived in StIves in the late 80s and for one reason or another had to return to the USA. We have never really recovered from the loss. We do go back as often as possible.

Paul Wilson Nuneaton in Warwickshire
I have just been looking at the views of Cornwall on the webcams etc. to remind me of the places I love to be in.So many wonderful memories come back - can't wait to return next year to Marazion and the view of St Michael's. I feel better already!

Sam Hinton (orig Ballymena) living in Cardiff
I've just returned from a weekend in the village of Lelant near St Ives and it was absolutely idilic. I snorkelled in clear blue-green sea and enjoyed real Cornish pasties (absloutely no comparison to the mushy stodge I've eaten in Cardiff.) Went up a hill and viewed coastlines north and south - stunning. Can't wait to go back next year!! Sam Hinton

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