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24 September 2014

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Summerleaze at Bude
Bude beach
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Photo credits:
Tim Turner

Your views on this area

Chris Lott in australia
I lived,worked,surfed & had the best year of my life in Bude & stratton. I met my wife Sally in the Grenville hotel. I still have family in bude & will always it.

Beth Devon
Jus wana say had a fantastic time at the centre its always guna b an experience i will neva 4get!onli got bak the other day from a trip with my school, ROCK ON PARK!! Missin all the instructors LOADZ! Spesh Mark, cudnt ov asked 4 a betta tutor n will always remember u kev/chav a.k.a dan ur da best, so watch out cus we'll b bak!!!:P Thanx 4 such a gr8 tym!Bethxx

Jo, Churston, Devon
I Loved Adventure International(Bude) soooo much!!! We had a well good 6 days. Me and all my mates miss it loads and loads.We made really good Friends with some boys from Bedford,and I am still in Touch with them,I think its a really good idea to have adventure international,because it is fun and you meet other people. The only thing I hated was the Early morning Swims!! Jo age 12 xxx

Emily in norfolk
went 2 bude in middle of july 2005 for a skewl trip i met loadza ppl n loadza kewl instructors espesh jemma se was th best instructor eva n we shuda bin superteam n se knows it i loved all th instructors n i dint want to leave i jus wished th weather could of bin better bt the weather was alright n i got th bottle award on the last night i never wnted 2 leave bude,th centre or th instructors missin u jemma x o and the BSX girls rule x x

Jordan Emery
Widemouth bay its jst great 4 surfin/bodyboardin great 4 active people! Willow Valley is a great bude campsite!!

Gemma in Bath
I went to adventure international! It was amazing! I loved the bodyboarding, climbing and boating!

phil brown
im back in bude on the 26th if you know me look for me at the lock gates i will be jumping. !!!!

Danny Smith,BUDE!!!
hey havent seen much of bude in last 7 months in army at the mo but grew up there cant to get bak 12thaug to the 30th aug gonna b great c u all soon especially the beaches

emma from wirral
bude ws THE BEST! i came home a week ago n all my form miss it!

Daisy Donald
I love Bude. And if you look at photo 16 that's me in the bikini on the left! Daisy

laura nd roisin UK
had an amazn week in bude on a skwl trip - ddnt wanna leav!! thanx harri!!

Charlie Exbourne Devon
I went to bude adventure international it was fantastic!!!! went wiv ma school oke college an gonna go bk next yr our instructor was just da best an i wont 4get im thanks sam!!!!!!!! hope 2 c ya next yr!!!! xxxxx

Went to Bude adventure international on a scool trip, it was amazin and i'd luv 2 go bak. I luv u sam!!

Charlotte Bristol
I came back from AI with skool yesterday and I had the time of my life! Everybody (apart from the teacher!) cried when we had to go. Surfing was the best thing to do there. Some of my mates had Jake as a tutor but I had Hutch - the best surfer around!!! And probably the funniest person I have met haha! The beach is fantastic, and the area around Bude. Simply a place to go. I am going to work there when I am older...for definate.

Mark, Widemouth (Bude)
I definatly think Bude is the perfect place. If your on holiday, pay a visit to the Black Rock complex as it's the best place going in the Bude area. With gorgeous views, coastlines and plenty to do, come to my parents 'Black Rock' complex. A great day. A wonderfull place to live. Mark!

John Allen (Bristol)
I have never been to Bude, but I am going the eleventh of this month. Can anyone give me any information about what is around this area, except a beech of course.

Louise from Nottinghamshire
I went on holiday to Bude from the age of 2 - 17 and going back next month with my soon to be fiance to show him round my favourite holiday destination (joint with blackpool!) It will be interesting to see how much is the same (or different) after 8 years - we're both so excited about going!! can't wait! :-) I always had brilliant holidays there even though we did almost the same things every year, i never got tired of it because it's such a lovely place and even though this year we have no transport we can still go a-wandering and have a walk along the canal (that's only so my man can look for fish!!) Words cannot explain how much Bude means to me - so many precious memories from my childhood - it will always have a special place in my heart and hope to holiday there many more times in my life and hopefully one day take my children to see this wonderful place that i spent every last week of july through my younger years at. i will always love Bude.

jenni, bude
bude is ok, da beach is ok an thats about it! and yeah coco kenny got his hair cut cos he wanted to not cos his dad told him too u stupid poo!!!!!!

gabbi, london
i loved adventure international in bude it roxs ilove u harri u rock dude but danny r sxi and stell is mental. but dats y i loved it thnxs u guys

Mark and Marie from Outside Bude
We live just four miles from Bude and think its a great place to go and meet up with friends. Marie loves the canal for the long walks and rowing trips she takes occasionally.

White Clan. Bude!!
In Australia, for a few years now.. Spend most my life working with horses! And I get paid. Good to keep in touch with the " Home Land " Speak to General most nights via internet. Any one in Aus, come and visit!!!

Doug Dawson USA
I remember Bude during the war as an evacuee fron London Loved the Canal - we would hire a row boat and pretend we were pirates. Also at the top of the locks entering the ocean used to ride the sand collection wheeled buckets down to the beach and run like hell what a ride for a nine year old ??

big up evert1 dat goes to bishops stockford school down enfeild

francesca northants
I use to live in bude,i miss everything about it,mainly the beaches.A beauitful has a lovely smell in the air that i will never forget.

lauren london
i went to bude adventure international on a schoo trip and had themost fantastic time and would realy ove to go back! it is a beautifu place and has so much to offer.

Leanne and Emma northamtonshire
we both had a great time at bude adventure international!our instructor Ann was the best!We had the great experience in may/june 2004 thanks to our teacher Mrs Dean xx

kirstie - Bude
I'm in australia right now, going back home to bude soon, lived there all my life, and went to school with lucinda from texas, hi mate. Bude is the best in summer, good restaurants like Summer seafoods, and the carriers pub, must be visited.

Lee, Scotland
I have been going to Bude with my girlfriend and daughter for the last 3 years. We can't get enough of the place.Looking forward to getting down there this summer :)

Rosie in Surrey
We have a house on breakwater road..its really nice, we go there every holiday, its actually my grandma's but we still go, my uncle has a hotel up there too on the cliff

meg, kent
I went to adventure international at bude with our school. Had the best time ever and learnt how to surf - almost!!! Beach was beautiful and want to go back soon.

Jillian Coates - Thiele
Miss all the sounds of the ocean, Long walks and good friends - we're now in Atlanta USA. (happily married for 17 years with 5 children)

holly c from wiltashire
i have been coming to bude for five years to stay with family there. i love it so much, every half term of holiday i get in school i am on the train straight down there. im the summer it is lovely to. there are loads of places to go on long walks and the beach is a lovely short family area. i would say if your looking for a short little break bude in cornwall is the best place!!!

richie from birmingham
bude is fantastic the surf is cool the beaches are golden and the fish & chips from the tasty plaice are the best i have ever had if you ever have a holiday in cornwall bude is the place to be and you never know you might get to meet coco kenny??

ted stratton
bude is ok when the sunshines, coco had is hair cut because dad told him too,

Patricia, Portugal
I went to Bude last Summer (August) and it is a delightful place for holidays and, I dare say, for living! The coastline is absolutely breathtaking and the people are very nice as well. Lovely shops too. I also would like to say that I tried to surf for the first time at summerleaze and, living in such a sunny and full of beach-lovers country like mine, it is quite surprising!

wob in kent
i had the time of my life at adventure international and will never forget the great experience we had!

naomi from Rochester
We went to adventure international for a week and i had the best time of my entire life. It offered us such good quality things to do and thanks to it i now love surfing! I will never be able to thank my leader Alan enough and i will never EVER forget RUSTED who i utterly adore! Bude offers you such good quality of stuff.

Bekka and Lily
we wnt 2 bude last yr with out skool and had the best tym eva. we did loads of cool stuff and we all wanna go bak 2 adventure international. surf on dudes!

Kate and Granny, Leeds
I love bude, still after 10 years of hollidays there! Last year Granny came and loved it as much! Can't wait for more visits, especially looking forward to showing my cousin Caitlin the beach and town next summer! :)

Mikey Bude
Budes a great palce in the summer, and the lovely drag queen, 'coco' (look further down) makes it all the better, your dreads were good kenny, why'd you get rid of them... never mind ,anyways, the beachs in bude are some of the best i have ever seen, and you gotta love them!

Robert C from Nottingham
I lived in Bude until I was 10 - The beaches are stunning and the coastline is wonderful - The Winter storms and the waves crashing over the Breakwater is an amazing sight.

I went bude with my school last year we stayed at ai and it was really good i miss it all so much an di really want to live there when im older its a really lovely place to be in.

Jo D, Laura J, and Kerry T.
We went to the Adventure International thingy at Bude with School. It was great fun, and we had great tutors. Kerry had Jules, Laura had Ben and Jo had Adam (we all agreed that Adam was perfect!)We are definately going to try tp convince our teachers to take us back next year!!!

Two years ago I have spent three monhts at a place just next to Bude and it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I would like to live there once when I will be old. Especially I liked sitting on the beach and looking at the waves. Hope will move there one day...

Jade Williams in England
I love Bude, I went With year 6 ( Im in y6) I saw amazing views and I especially loved surfing, I reccomend it to anyone in the world

Sandie in Croydon
I have visited Bude for the last couple of years at October half term with friends. I love it! The coastline is fabulous. Get very depressed when its time to leave!

Jo, Kerry and Laura from Exeter
We went to bude with school for a week and it was great. The instuctors were amazing, especially Adam and Ben! We really want to go back again some time, and see them. October 2004 will most definately be someting to remember 4eva!!! :-)

Coco In Bude
I Love Bude! Every Bit Of It. But I Dont Like Serving All The Emits (Holiday Makers) In "The Tasty Plaice." Gets Far To Busy In The Summer :)

Angela in Southport
Had my main two week holiday in Bude this Summer, came away with two other families and had a wonderful time. Beaches are fantastic, truly lovely and just amazing - surfing was good kids loved it. Great place to holiday!

Nick From South Wales
I lived in Bude for a year when I was 10 and loved it! Two weeks ago I decided to go back there with some of my friends, and the place is still as I remembered it, and all of my friends didn't want to leave it when it was time to go home. Bude is a really lush place to visit on holiday or to live!

Stian in Amersham, Bucks
My sister now lives in Bude, and I visit all the time. The three hour drive is no problem when considering what lies ahead. My fondest memory is walking to Summerleaze at dawn to see a lone horse rider on the beach. That's when I decided one day I'll live down there.

Chris in Iraq
I'm currently serving in Iraq and looking at the beautiful pictures of Bude, it makes me homesick! Enjoy the beach, see you in October.

Sarah Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
I really wanted to go abroad this year but instead went to Bude(first time ever) with my family. I had the best time ever, forget going abroad, Cornwall has the most beautiful coastlines and friendly people. I definitely plan to relocate to cornwall.

Nicola in Gillingham
i went to cornwall with my school for a week, and it was the best school trip ever! thanx 2 dave and everyone who looked after us on our adventure trip in cornwall!!

Bex Kent
i went there with my school (Rochester Grammar)and we all fell in love with it. We stayed at adventure international youth hostel and fell in love with adam (one of the instructors)

Lucinda in Texas.USA
Grew up in Bude. Currently living in Texas. I miss my family and the beach so much!! but I do have a hunky Texan husband and a beautiful daughter, who loves to visit Grandma and Gramps.

martina from bracknell
i love bude because i went there for a hole week with mine and another class

Sarah - Warrington
Bude is such a lovely place. We have our main holidays here every year.

Jon Bray
I lived in Bude until i was nine, quite a young age to leave a home. I return at least once every six months to see family and visit the area. I am currently in the RAF and with a Girlfriend in East Anglia, my mileage is high with my commitments to Bude, East Anglia and my work commitment. Bude and the surrounding area makes it all worth while.

Ernie Kovacs
Grew up in Bude and now live and work in Vancouver, Canada. It's nice to see such a lovely site with great fond memories and mates who still live there.

Mick T from Southend on Sea
Spent the first 10 years of my life at Bude. Had some really great friends. Bude is a really wondeful place, lots of fond memories of long walks over the downs and the surfing on Crooklets beach. Plans to revisit very soon.

Wendy from Barking Essex
Originally from Kent, I moved to Bude in 1987.A wonderful place,full of character. On Summerleaze beach there is a large outdoor swimming pool,in my lunch hour I would cycle down and have a swim,it was fantastic.A holiday everyday. In the Carriers pub I met my husband to be,he was on holiday from Essex.I moved to Essex in Aug 1989.I really miss Cornwall,maybe one day we can all move there.It really is the place to be right beside the sea.....

Laura in Surrey
Bude is such a beautiful town, i love it so much and the beaches are fantastic. I cannot wait to move there one day

John F in Australia
Had a wonderful week in Bude in the spring and enjoyed the photos

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