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24 September 2014

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The Boscastle Floods 2004

Click here
for details of how you can contribute to the North Cornwall Flood Appeal.

Send in your stories and support for Boscastle

i'm studying the boscastle floods for a project at school, and i was really shocked when i saw what the flood had done! it made me realise how lucky i was, with a roof over my head, and i just want the people of boscastle to know i'm thinking of them, and wish them all the best of luck and hope for the future. xxx

bobby hemel hempstead herts
i feel bad watching what every one is goin through all the deverstated people that havelost there homes i send my love xxxx

Kathleen Essex
i am so sorry for the people that were involved in the floods and hope they're alright Kathleenxxxxxx

Frank Bulbrook from Boscastle
iam a resident of boscastle and was caught up in the floods i live in a small thatched cottage which was destroyed in the floods iwas able to find shelter on a nearby hill but was attacked by heard of angry badgers who chewed at my leg for hours i was only rescued when a pack of wolves came along and ate the badgers it was the most horrific thing that has ever happenend to me and i still have nightmares now.

chris pearse
i love you all get well soon xx

Diana, Rugby
i am reasearching this natural hazard in Geography and it has surprised me about how devistating it must have been for the residents of Boscastle

Alastair, Glasgow.
That, having watched the BBC2 series for the second time, I'm convinced that Christine's being in Boscastle in such dreadful times was no accident! She was the lynch-pin holding it all together. God knew what He was doing the day she arrived in the area!Good luck to all of you, and God Bless.

Saskia from The Netherlands
Two year's ago we visited Boscastle on our holiday. Very nice place, escpecially the Queen's Head brings back great memories ! Therefore I was really shocked when last year this tragedy happened. I understand that everything is almost back to normal at the moment. I'm glad to hear that. Good luck with all the work ahead and perhaps I'll come back sometimes (I would really like that). Kind regards.

bob from bude
iam so sorry for what happened. i hope you will be ok soon!!!!!!

ruth, cornwall
i would just like to say that when i heard about this flood i was devistated at it and i felt so sorry for the people that got caught in this tragic event luv u all ruth x x x x

Joseph Emmett , Ashover Nr Bakewell
well, me and my family went to Boscastle a couple of years ago and really want to go back there.Oh yeah i am also doing Boscastle in geography Oonagh.i find doing things about places so beautiful as Boscastle a privilage and an honor. Boscastle is an amasing town and i hope it gets fully re-built very soon.

Laura Trevorrow St Ives, Cornwall
i am sorry to everyone who lost business homes etc in the flood. good luck for the future.

We're doing Boscastle Flash flood in geography and we have to write an account on it.

Megan (12) Guildford
I was a big fan of "a sea side parish" When I heard on the radio that there had been a huge flood destroying everything i was depressed. I never thought that such a beautiful village would be destroyed like that. I hope that in the near future Bos Castle can restore its beauty.

laura from heathrow
iv just got back from boscastle and things are up and running now and its so good to see felt sad for the people that have lost so much but there was such a strong feeling of unitedness that it was hard not to pick up on the positive vibe. fpr those that know of the wishing tree- its all gone, the water took it- heartbreaking so get there and lets get that tree full of ribbons again

steven lam -Plymouth
I am deeply upset by the tragedy and was shpcked by all of the photos

selina ladher
good luck with progress and i am sure it will be better than last time!xxx

ashleigh from north yorkshire
i feel so sorry for all the people involved in the floods and hope tyhey build there lives back up again hopefully there will be no more flooding that are going to occur.

its utter devestation and terrible floods that have been cause by too much rain in the hills.

Hatty from Stoke
I am so sorry to hear what has happened in Boscastle. I hope the clean up operation is going well.

Jamie Towells
I am currently undergoing one of my major incidets assignments at college and bocastle is one project i am discovering. i would like to say a big well done to all the teamworkers who helped overcome this disaster.

Jamie Towells
I am currently undergoing one of my major incidets assignments at college and bocastle is one project i am discovering. i would like to say a big well done to all the teamworkers who helped overcome this disaster.

Rachel, Boscastle
Hiya,am away at uni but am keeping a close eye on the progress. It was looking so much better the last time I was home. Good luck everyone and I will see you in the summer,x x x

Emma and Amy from Wyvern
We would like to say how sorry we are for the people who this disrupted and we are doing a project at school about it, we hope this helps to contribute to you.

Emma and Amy from Wyvern
We would like to say how sorry we are for the people who this disrupted and we are doing a project at school about it, we hope this helps to contribute to you.

carrei davies tunbridge wells
i think this natural diaster is a perfect example of how nature can be both harmless and deadly my thoughts got out to family and friends in there time of need Carrie davies

A.B Staffs
I actually worked down in Boscastle for the first two months after the floods trying to repair the damage caused. It was hurrendous. The spinning wheel, picture parlour, and the rock shop were really bad, as was the riverside hotel. Never ever had I seen anything this bad. I had caused myself an injury whilst working in the picture parlour and as a result of this, I was advised not to work with my open wound. Unfortunately I was not able to go back at all. Hopefully you are all ready to go back into business. Good luck x

natalie, Brighouse
i am duin about Boscastle on my Geography disaster report and it is so devastating. I ave found out new things and feel very sorry x x x

sam st.teath
hope that vistors come back to boscastle

sadie cornwall
im very sorry for those that have been through in the boscastle flood. i am doing an appeal to raise money for the flood. i am terribly shocked by what happened . hope you r all ok. luv sadie

Karen Thame
At skool we are doing somthing called a sysons speech were we can talk for 2 or 3 mins bout wat we want having been to Boscastle so many times before it absolutly devestated me when I found out so I am doing my sysons all about Boscastle and what a wonderful community and harbour it is and I'm really hoping that I'll be able to see the renewed boscastle again this year!!!

paul, wales
the floods that shocked the village, must have been devastating for the prople of boscastle. I wish the entire village well in the near future and let them have plenty of tourists.

Anneka Gillingham. St Austell
My heart is with you all. I hope that Boscastle can be as beautiful as it was once before. All my love. Anneka X

Lauran McCready Surrey
My thoughts and prayers are with you all and hope the building work carries on nicely and your village works out how you want it to. Best Wishes and good regardes lots of love Lauran and family xxxx

Rebecca Coatesworth. Folkestone
I think that floods lik this are devestating. The whole community is ruined when such a terrible thing like this happens!! I feel sorry for the people who had to suffer things like this!! It is very depressing to lose a member of your family or a close freind. Although itwas a natural dissaser that couldn't have been prevented it is a shame, but Iam sure that if the whole community pulls together they can comfort each other and then they will get back on track no problem!1 Lots of love xxx

Helen Ashman, Bath
Can I say that it is so nice to see such a close community like yours. Watching the documentry about Boscastle has been really heart breaking. I am so glad that the coffee car was found and that it can be put back in its place when the shop is re-built. Its devastating to see your beautiful village like that. I hope to talk my parents into bringing me there because I would reallt like to see your village for myself. I really hope the buisness will pick up and I wish you all the best of luck re-building the village. Good Luck!!!!! From Helen Ashman

Simon Lissack-12-Portsmouth
I am probably an outsider of the village that knows the place really well and i've been there since I was around 4 and know about everywhere and most people because my Gran lives there.

George Morgan, Hereford
I have visited Cornwall many times and although i've only been to Boscastle once i regard it as my favourite place. Chating to members of your friendly community, looking in the museum and little shops and wondering along the harbour, i felt a sense of calm and happiness and strong spiritual connection to the place and its surroundings. I was on holiday in florida when it happened and found out through an english newspaper we found in our hotel; and was absolutely devastated to read of the sheer destruction caused, and can't imagine how you all must have felt, and still feel. I go online to find out the latest whenever i can and am thrilled that slowly but surely, progress is being made. I've also heard there are plans to rebuild the pixie house but don't know whether this is the case. If so great stuff! I'm sure your determination and cornish spirit will get you all through this hard time, and i send my best wishes and the very best of luck in rebuilding your magical little village.

Abdul Thorlu-Bangura London
I am totally disgusted that the country can raise almost £300 millions pound in cash and kind for victims of the south east Asia disaster but not much as been done for boscastle since its own tsunami. I do hope that later on this year, I can visit Boscatle, and bring my children to see the town, make some friends amongst their peers and learn from their experience during its own tsunami.

I am very shocked at the damage and devastation caused by the floods. Thinking of you all at this hard time and wish you a speedy re-build. Good Luck

Holly Cheadle from Eccles Manchester
I am very sorry what has happened about the floods and you will be very upset. My family and I have been going to Cornwall on holiday for the last 6 years,and we have visited Boscastle twice. We thought it was a very beautiful village,and everybody was very friendly. Good luck,for the future,we hope one day everything will be back to normal.

Helen-----Llanelli, South Wales
Dear villagers, I saw the first episode on TV this evening charting the days leading up to the floods. A friend who died last year was teaching me the rudiments of global warming, climate change,and its effect on our backyards, literally. Development and the protection of communities from pollution was one of the topics we discussed,and which featured in a local campaign we ran to this effect(and which of course was ignored by the authorities.) The fact that your community was fighting for a proper sewage treatment works was in and of itself a great portent in light of the events which occurred. There are several agencies concerned here which could be deemed to have ignored your Human Rights to have this treatment works properly installed,as contamination by raw sewage seepage was already evident in the community. They are---the Government,the local authority as its agent, the local Water Company and the Environment Agency which is supposedly the guardian of our environment (but has scant resources). All could be accused of neglect for allowing this situation to continue,and as Water Boards today are private utilities,they are only concerned with shareholders and profits,and are therefore not publicly accountable. Individual residents devastated by this flood, should consider taking action against all the above agencies,for the contamination alone which occurred due to the awful sewage content that spewed into the floodwater. The community involved could act as one body in this instance as well. Warnings about the increased risk of flooding as a result of changing rainfall patterns attributed to climate change,have been well-documented. Indeed legislation from Europe has ensured that new development in Britain is fitted with a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)as of necessity.(This relies on the cooperation of developers of course, but the outdated planning laws of this country very often can circumvent this aspect. Not only must it be necessary for a proper sewage treatment works to be installed in Boscastle during reconstruction, but investment must be made into the sewerage infrastructure as well.It is now illegal for raw sewage to now get into the rivers or the sea.Alternative arrangements for sewage disposal are now necessary,such as bio-degradable fittings,filters and reed beds for natural decomposition. Britain's sewerage infrastructure is unable to cope with the amount and pattern of rainfall we are experiencing.The system has conveniently turned a blind eye to this. As Boscastle's economy is primarily heavily reliant on the tourist trade, you have every right to DEMAND a proper SUDS scheme is installed during reconstruction.Nothing less will do. Best wishes to you all. Helen Thomas

Rachel Strange
i was shocked by the photos and i hope the village can raise enough to help in the future say good luck to them from me!!!!rachel let me know if you need a hand!!!!

Sarahjane From london (12)
I would like to say im shocked and feel very bad for those who were there i would have been terrified and i would like to say well done to the emergency services i think you were great and very brave and the 18 year old boy who smashed through a shop window to help the people trapped in a shop and his car got taken away an all the other people whos cars homes and businesses were ruined hope eveerythings back to normal soon xxx

Sabrina Moxom London
I am terribly sorry about the damage that the flood has caused.

maria from london
Hi Im really sorry to hear about what happend it must be really hard. be strong stay happy maria

Jodie Thwaites From London
I am studying the flood in my geography class and it is much worse than i first thought it was, and i think that everyone there is doing a great job in sorting it all out and i hope you all get back on your feet, i wish you all the best for the future Lots Of Love Jodie xxxxxxxxx

c8lin, lytham
luv y'all in boscastle ull get fru d hrd tims

Sungjin Kim Korea Seoul
I think the damage done was horrific the people must have been shocked. nobody would have wanted a worse flood.I wish that all of you are feeling better.

Lisa Marie
The flood was devasating news no one there deserved it

Cohan Chew Birmingham
I am really upset by the sheer destruction

Ben Perrott Stratford-upon-avon
Wow! The Boscastle floods seem terrible! My heart goes out to all those people who have suffered a loss or damage.

andie essex
imn so sorry about what happened in cornwall. we are studying the flood in school and it is depressing. i hope everyone frm the flood is now safe and my heart goes out to you.

Vikki from Leeds
I'm learning about this terible disaster at school and I can't belive it im just so sorry that it happend

Rhiannon - Cardiff
i'm sorry to hear about it we are studying floods at school luv Rhiannon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laura from London
I would just like to say how sorry i am to hear about what has happened. My hearts go out to you and hopefully your lives can go back to they way they were before the flooding. Love to everyone that has been affected. Laura xx

Jade-Nadine (13)
We are studing this disaster im school and I am very sad and I prey that you all are safe and well.

jenna hampshire
my friends were in boscastle at the time i feel for them as part of the lovely community has been destroyed

Martin - Birmigham
I am currently doing a case study on the flooding at Boscastle in my gcses and after doing an in depth study into the floods on august the 16th i would like to say a big well done to the rescue teams and good luck to all habitants of Boscastle for the clean up and i hope you can re-build your lives and your homes!

lucy and nat m
we were in boscastle at the time of the flood. It was quite strange really one minute everthing was fine the next the village was in complete devastation. We are just glad we survived and lived to tell the tale.

stacy from Newcastle
what a devastation!

kirstie williams swansea
i am really sad to hear what happened in Boscastle and for all those families which had to suffer a loss or death.

john lock
ive been to boscastle many times and when i heard the disaster happend i was so sorry

Colin, staffordshire
It could have so easily been another Lynton and Lynmouth disaster. Thank God for the amazing work of the emergancy services. Property can be repaired or replaced unlike life. I lived in Cornwall for a number of years and I know it will take more than a flood to break the spirit of that great breed - the Cornish

Boscastle Born
There is not many of us left now, mostly outsiders taking over,, Shame

Emily McEvoy from Preston
Im a fan of Boscastle and was deverstated at the damage the flood did.Remeber though it could have been worse if freinds, family or u had been killed i hope everythings ok soon all the best emily xx

Liz, Milton Keynes
Having visited Boscastle as a very tiny girl and then returning a few years ago, it was just the same as the magical village i remembered as a young girl. 2 years ago i walked from Tintagal to Boscastle and found the tranquill village just sat at the bottom of the valley and i hope that Boscastle will one day return to its ordingal beauty. My thoughts are with the people of boscastle.

liz wilkinson creswell derbyshire
always in our thoughts. whatever happens we will be coming again next year a beautiful village that makes you come back time and time again you never get fed up with coming to visit a magical place

Karen & Geanie
We've enjoyed many visits to your beautiful village over the years and want to extend our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery. Draw comfort from the knowledge that you share a strong community spirit which is something very special. God bless

Mark Kingshott - Worthing (Sussex)
I was in Cornwall 1 day before the flood, and drove past Boscastle.... I feel really sorry for everyone living there and I support all the hard workers to rebuild Boscastle and also the spirit of this fine town.

Frank o'brien
Emergency services have been superb, I have sent £55 to the fund and have tried to encourage more people to send money.

trisha and rod bond preston lancs
cornwall is the best place ever you are all in our thoughts

Amelia 12 essex
as we stood up on the hill me my setp mum step antie uncle and dad were amzzed tears in my eyes made it hard to belive i was expecting someone to come ronud the cornere and say cut it didnt even now a month after it happened i feel sick on how much people have lost and can hardley bring myself to look at the pictures we took .good luck to every one who was there and hope you may return to your happy lives xx (oh and to the 2 kind ladys who said they would offer us tea or coffee but there electric was out thank you EVERY ONE IN CORNWALL IS KIND WHAT EVER THE CURCUMSTANCES amelia xxxxxx

Colleen White Odessa, Ontairo Canada
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.. Ive never been to Bostcastle , but have a very good friend who has family and many good friends there... So Im feeling connected to your part of the world.. Things can be replaced but lives cannot, and with that May God bless each and every one of you..

Ellie, Nottingham
i am astonded at the amount of water in Boscastle! xxxxxx

lawrence weaver chippenham college
i feel for everyone man. and the animals.

Georgina (14) Devon!!!
Well done to all emergency services!! I just wana know-how did it happen so quick?

Jonny from Hurworth
Those that lost their homes and other possesions and were split up from their families for a matter of hours and possibly overnight I hope you are okay and you are very lucky because that flood took all cornwallers and holiday makers by surprise so good luck for the future.

David G Hurworth
i feel relly sorry for the people who were caught up in this flood.

Charles Riggall, london
I was in france when i heard about the floods. I couldn't believe it. Every year i stay in rock and i couldn't imagine what it would have been like for the people of Boscastle especially. Good luck with the re-building and well done to all the emergancy services!!!

christina, southampton
it sent a chill down my spine

Debbie, Sarah and Bernadette from dudley
we were there the friday before the disaster, we were very sorry to hear about it because we are very fond of boscastle. we are big fans and want to live down there. our regards to the people who were caught in it and the residents and shop owners. we will be back next year. good luck from all at dudley, love Sarah and family xxxxx

Jimmy Birmingham
Lets not forget the floods in Sudan.

greg lindon
i think this is really sad p.s im a fish and love fish food

Kath from Stibb, Bude
To see what had happened in Boscastle was devastating - I can't imagine the difficulties you are all experiencing. Boscastle is favourite place I return to often, a place of beauty, inspiration, and comfort. The efforts by the emergency services and everyone in the wake of this disaster are a true reflection of the strength of the human spirit. Boscastle is a National Treasure, and restoration of homes and livelihoods is worthy of national investment. Thoughts and prayers are with you all - you will prevail!

I think this was an awful tragedy but i still dont quite see why it happened. Could anyone tell me why these terrible floods came so suddenly?

I liked to say that this is all our falt eveyone in this world caused by pollution and am very discusted in this i would love to see eveyone helping boscastle by simply causing LESS POLLUTION!!!!!!!!!

Imogen from the New Forest
i think it is terrible what has happened in boscastle but it could hav been much worse. the emergancy services help quickly and efficiantly. and maybe it was just mother nature getting us back for destroying the world with all out man made items that are contributing to global warming as it was just these eg. cars, bridges and houses that were destroyed.

Dave Broome from Telford
It seems such a long time since the world saw those devasting pictures of the horrendous floods on 16th August in Boscastle & the surrounding areas. Our thoughts & our prayers are with all the residents who have lost so much on that fatal day. We all look forward to a return to some kind of normality. I pray that your Village(s) will prosper once more when you can restart & re-build your homes & lives. (09/09/2004)

Christopher Hugggins Surrey
amanda im doing the SAME i got the cornish gardian and all the postcards i culd find plus all of my poccys al of the newpaper bits in nationals im guna do a beofre during after the disaster

Christopher Hugggins Surrey
im only 15 and i have been to boscatle a gd few times i was there the day be4 it was soo tranquil and perfect i makes me cry when i think of what has happened. The busker was singing and u culd hear his voice travel 4 ages and u culd hear him walking up to hthe harbour walls man if u r reading this u r GR8 best of luck getting everthing upo and running again hurry up ill b there next yr

Penelope Cox - Kent
Myself and my husband Ian have been going to Boscastle for many years now, and have made some lovely friends down there, who live in the village. I cried as I watched the flood happening via the news channel. It is just terrible. But seeing all the villagers unite to get over this devestation is wonderful, and we know that Boscastle and it's residents will come out winning and be back on their feet once again! Keep up the good work, and positive thoughts and spirits. So, to the people of Boscastle that know us and may read this ( Francilla, John, Christine Morgan, Grahame etc..... )and to those that don't know us as well, we send you all our love, prayers and Deepest Blessings. See you all soon. xxxx


Julie Hassall
I have visited Boscastle manay, many times over the last 25+ years and was terribly upset to see the devastation caused by the flooding. I hope to come back next year and am sure that even if a little different, Boscatle will be a beautiful as ever

Jonathan form Hurworth
I feel really sorry for those people that lost their homes and other posessions.

Tom, Oxford
Keep fighting my brave little soldiers.

Lulu (14) Bristol
we are stidying boscastle and the floods in school at the moment, it must have been very harrowing. boscastle looked lovely and i hope that one day it can regain its beauty!

The Magic donut from China
I feel sorry for all the people in boscastle.

the abi machine-denmead
so sorry tpo hear pf your devastation, i will say a prayer for you and hope that the clean up operation goes well and that you can return to normality sometime in the near future xx xx

Amanda Palmer, Home village - Boscastle
I am in the process of putting together a scrap book about Boscastle as I want to remember it all. I still cannot believe it and it goes without saying I am absolutely gutted and feel quite emotional about what I have seen. When I was a kid and and as an adult I spent some of the happiest years of my life in the village. My mum lives in the middle of the village and I would say she is still in shock. She has no front room floor due to flood water pouring through the house, and she is fighting to get the insurance company to pay for it as at present they won't. We also have a property opposite the Riverside Hotel and it looks like its been in a dirty washing machine, everything is tossed about and it is absolute devastation. Please keep the donations coming in because not everybody was insured fully and some people are sleeping on floors and of course have lost everything. I went to give some moral support the day after and was gob smacked at what I saw. A lot of the village went on the cliffs to watch the start of the clean up operation and I can tell you we all stood with lumps in our throats and not much was said. I am so proud to be associated with this village, the common spirit - all the people in Boscastle will try and want it to be the same again. It won't be of course but I know they will have a damn good try. All the services were brilliant and I have two members of my family who spent long hours helping with the other coastguards looking for possible loss of life and also I am proud of what you have done. I am certainly proud to be Cornish To all those who live in Boscastle keep your chin up and the cornish spirit will pull you through. Blessed be Amanda and Steve Palmer

kate from glouscetershire
I have been to Boscastle many times. My gran died in this accident and I hope everyone nis safe.

Meggy, Soph and Lu lu
very upset to hear whats happened, we send our best wishes and hope all is returned to normal as soon as posssible. lots of love xxxx

Louise Walkling, Kent
We have been to Cornwall many times and always visit Boscastle a couple of times when we are there. I was in Boscastle with my Mum on the day of the floods. We sheltered in a shop while the rain was pouring down but decided to go back to the car and go home when the rain didn't ease. I am so glad we did. Good luck to you all in trying to regain some normality.

Lewis, Barbados
On behalf of all blacks, good luck with your future.

Dot Estabrooke, U S A
Blessings to all as you recover from this disaster. Do hope your beloved pets survived as well. It's times like this that we realize true gifts in life...a true friend, neighbor, sunrise, sunset's..the joy each day brings. Good Luck to all of you.

Linda & Mike, Pembrokeshire
We spent our first holiday together in Boscastle, four years ago - a magical visit. We can't come and help with your clean-up - but wish everyone well. Hoping to come back to Boscastle next year. All the very best.

David Reynolds Ruislip
To all who live in Boscastle, Watching the Tv programme about Boscastle has helped me see just how close all the villagers are to one another. I know faith will get you all through this,and I would just like to offer my help.I am studying Horticulture in September,and would love to help in my winter break.

Mark & Jayne Baird - Bob & Margaret Savage
We send all our best wishes to our friends in Boscastle who have been effected by the devasting floods, we know the true Cornish spirit will prevail and Boscastle will rise again. Love to everyone at the Cobweb from Australia

Jini Foster USA
I have been coming to North Cornwall for 15 years and Boscastle was always a welcome first stop. I remember it as such a happy place and hope, that through the strength of the residents and help from all, that they will have their homes back and we all will see that happy place again. I may be far away in miles, but Cornwall is my home in my heart-all good thoughts and prayers to you-Jini Foster

Cornish migrants in Exeter
Can't believe what you have been through what a terrific job the rescue services did. With the passing of each day remember although it hurt that it was possesions no one lost their lives. What a miracle. Best wishes in your efforts to put your lives back together it will take time but you will get there with true Cornish spirit.

Christine Patterson (nee Pearn)
I watched in horror at the devastation of your beautiful village. I feel very humbled at the strength of all of you. God be with you all, may you soon have your lovely village restored. Keep the village spirit going. My dad was Cornish so I feel for you all. Best wishes for your future.

Bryn, Lancashire
Having been flooded from my own house in 2002 I fully sympathise with the residents of Boscastle and I am sure you'll be able to put this dark page in the village's history book away very soon - I have visted Boscastle before and it would be tragic to lose such a beautifil village from the tourist maps.

Sam and Family Munich Germany
We were all shocked to see what had happened to Boscastle and Crackington Haven,as a child I grew up in Falmouth but visited Boscastle and I remember how lovely the place was. Good luck with rebuilding of the village we are thinking of you all.

jean walker ilminster somerset
when i first saw the pictures i just burst out crying. we have been coming to boscastle for the last seven or eight years. in fact we are due to come again in september. we have booked a self catering flat. i hope we can make it. if we dont get down there our hearts go out to everybody in the village and i am sure you will get back to where you were, you comminity spirir will get you there. god bless everyone.

Family Asmussen, Saltash, Cornwall
As many others, we have been shocked by the devastation in Boscastle and therefore sent a donation to help the inhabitants of this lovely village. We have an idea to raise money beyond the next months: there could be an extra fixed parking fee (e.g.£2) on top of the normal charges when parking on the main car park, at least for the next few years.

Wendy from Redruth Cornwall
I watched with my face in my hands as i saw your beautiful and magical village crumble in the torrent. It breaks my heart too! My love, thoughts and positive energies are with all of you there right now as you pick up the pieces of your thankful no one was killed in this disaster. If i can do anything to help get Boscastle back on its feet and running again,dont hesitate to ask. Cant wait to visit you again x

Pip Denyer from Riverhead. My email adress is www.
I would like to send all my luv to my friends who have been living there for 11 years. So, Bob and Alice all our luv from the Denyer family.

Pat Terry /Smyrna,GA USA
A few years back, I had the privilege of visiting Boscastle and have never forgotten the charm and friendliness of your lovely village. It remains a cherished memory of that trip. You are in our family's thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. The devastion has been heartbreaking. I hope someday to return to Cornwall, and when I do, I'll look forward to a return visit to Boscastle, as I have no doubt it's spirit will prevail.

shall be over in the near future to help with the clean up operation.

lynn williams. wolverhampton
i was devastated to hear of your heart breaking situation. i have spent many a holiday in cornwall and visit boscatle and tintagel withour fail. the people are very welcoming and friendly.if there is any way i can help i would gladly do so. don't lose heart. people from all over the world know of your plight and i'm sure they feel the same as i do. this beautiful village will soon be thriving again. we don't want to lose places like boscastle to the elements or otherwise. my help is here should you need it.

Lyn Tyler, Brighton
We used to travel from Scotland to Bude every summer when was little. The Highlight of my holiday was visiting the Pixie Shop in Boscastle (Harbour lights) so to see it washed away was just devistating. It has made us look out all our photos and go through memories that we havent thought of in years and we will be back to visit very soon.

Julian, Leominster, now originally Boscastle
I lived two miles up the road from Boscastle, it was our nearest village. I went to school there, Sunday School, played there, grew up there. Boscastle just never seemed the type of place that would be ruined like this. I hope through suitable and speedy investment that the village and harbour is put right, and that the shops and businesses can come back for next year. I'll be back down again sometime soon, but I think it will never quite be the same again ....

We have been to Boscastle for many, many years when staying in Padstow, and have shared very happy memories there with our family. We were all so shocked and speechless at what we saw on TV. We know that you will get over this terrible Act of God. You will re-build this beautiful, beautiful village. We look forward to coming to see you all soon. Our best wishes and thoughts are with you all.

Andy Robson - Essex
I would like to thank all those people that helped my Wife and Daughter when they were trapped in the Boscastle floods on the 16th. Luckily both were nearly swept away but were rescued by some males. We lost our car and other things but I am thankful for my families live.

Heather Bock, Davis, California
We visited England for the very first time at the end of June/beginning of July and a wonderful week in Cornwall. I will never forget the lovely afternoon we spent in Boscastle... We had tea in a lovely tea garden right off the main road where our two daughters pretended to be trees in the hopes of luring birds down to land on them. Then we strolled down the main street to the harbor and paid a visit to the Witchcraft Museum. Our kids had a wonderful time wondering if they could get the broomsticks parked outside to fly! We were enthralled by the beauty of Cornwall and were so impressed by the incredible friendliness and hospitality of the people there. Our hearts go out to you in this terrible time and wanted to let you know that our thoughts are with you and we look forward to visiting you again very soon.

Margaret , Bob, Hilda Goulden from Bude
We came down on Friday to bring some clothes, toiletries etc to the community centre, we were shocked to see how much damage had been done to the other parts of Boscastle and can only hope that you all come through this and quickly rebuild your lives. Our thoughts and good wishes are with you.

Peter and Christine Gove, Tresmeer, Cornwall
We live just seven miles from Boscastle and love the whole area. Every room in our house seems to have something we have bought from Boscastle. We were devastated by the damage to this beautiful place. We are auctioning some photographs of Boscastle as it was on ebay with all proceeds going to the appeal. Please look at these photographs and bid if you feel it is appropriate.

Emma, North Yorkshire
My heart goes out to everyone in Boscastle and beyond affected by the devastation of the floods, it's amazing what nature can inflict upon us sometimes and I suppose we can only be thankful no one was seriously hurt. It was inspiring to see the villagers working together to try and restore some kind of normality - very best wishes for the clean up and for the future of what looks like a beautiful and friendly village.

Linda and Peter Beck, Stuttgart, Germany
We're glad of this opportunity to say how very sorry we are. Every couple of years we come to Tintagel, and never miss a visit to Boscastle; our last visit was at Easter, and it's so hard to believe that Boscastle has gone through such an ordeal. From what we've read so far from helpers and wellwishers, we're confident that this beautifully natural village will soon be back to its former self, and we wish you all luck for the weeks and months ahead. Ever since we heard the news, our thoughts have been there. Good luck to all involved.

The Norwell Family - Norwich
Me , my sister and mother were all born in Torpoint Cornwall. The Nations thoughts are with you at this very difficult time. The praise must go to all the rescue team who go you all out safely. The Cornish shall never be defeated.

Christine Bennett Vancouver Island Canada
My heart goes out to all the people of Boscastle. I am an ex- Brit and keep in touch with what is going on in dear old Blighty.I went to the area which has been so cruelly devastated in 1993. It is a beautiful place and I can't imagine the anguish everyone is experiencing.We prayed for you all in our Church on Sunday. You will rebuild and life will go on. British people have great strength and fortitude. We will keep you all in our prayers. God Bless.

Emma from Essex
On Saturday 14th August 2004, my Mum and I arrived at Boscastle for a week's holiday in a cottage up the far end of High Street. My Mum drove down all the way, so to clear our heads we walked down to the Harbour. I will never forget the beauty of the place and the sound of two little boys on the harbour wall squealing with delight as they caught fish with their crab lines. I gave mum a lesson in geology and we spent some time looking in the shops. We had planned to come back later in the week to purchase a pair of walking boots. I wish Boscastle a speedy recovery and will always remember that day.

trish williams.....Keynsham, Bristol
How wonderful to view so many encouraging messages on this page! For me, sat on the high cliffs in Boscastle, taking in the view of the sea, is the only place where I feel instantly connected to the same spirit that the people of this beautiful place reflect in their welcome to its visitors. You are not alone. So many of us are sending you our love and support.

Sandra Charnock Lichfield Staffs
Both my husband and I were shocked to see the devestation caused to Boscastle by the floods of last week. We have been coming to Cornwall (Port Isaac) for many years (I first came down when I was ten years old which was 50 years ago). We always spend a day in Boscastle enjoying the walks and scenery of the coastal footpaths. We wish all the residents the best and hope you recover very soon from this terrible disaster.

Graham Bell, Abu Dhabi
Seeing the devastation of Boscastle on BBC World brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts are with the people of Bostcastle and Crackington Haven who have had to suffer this nightmare at such an important time of year.

Robert Sanders,Nottingham
Could not believe the pictures - we have been to Boscastle every may for 17 years. Will be back next year. Best wishes to all those involved. We spent the last two weeks at Lochearnhead ....

Jonathan Gibson, Crewe
I have spent a number of enjoyable holidays in North Cornwall, the most recent of which was just two months ago. We normally stay in Crackington Haven which is close to Boscastle and I believe has also been badly affected by the floods. This is one of my favourite parts of the country and it is very sad to see it so badly damaged. My heart goes out to all those who have lost their homes or livelihoods in this terrible event. I wish the people of Boscastle and Crackington Haven all the very best for the difficult weeks and months ahead and I hope that the tourists are not put off visiting the area by this one-off occurrance. I certainly won't be.

Tim Henderson, Boscastle
Please could you let people who have given blankets etc in Boscastle, Camelford and Tintagel the following, Best Regards, Tim Henderson ... If you would like to reclaim Bedding, Clothes and Towels that you gave during the Boscastle flood... ... remaining items from Boscastle Village Hall and Camelford Sports Centre will be available for collection from Top School, Fore Street, Boscastle (next to the Chapel) until Saturday 28th August After that date it is proposed to sort the items that have not been reclaimed and offer them to: · Anyone replacing items lost in the flood · The Salvation Army Second quality materials to be used during the clean-up in Boscastle PLEASE HELP by reclaiming what you can! Satisfaction not guaranteed - all pink blankets look the same to me Contact Tim or Maggie for information on 01840 250 116 or 07866 585 260

Jez, Norwich, UK
I visited Bsocastle in '90 on a day trip and loved it. My heart goes out to everyone in the village and surrounding area who where affected by this terrible devastation. I cried and was gutted to see such distruction after the flood; I thank God no one was seriously hurt. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people affected by this. I wish you all the best for the future you deserve it.

Maura McG.. from merseyside
I have only ever heard of Boscastle through a friend...but wish all its inhabitants well during this awful time.

Michelle and Steve (Rotherham)
We were absolutely horrified to see the devestation on such a beautiful and intergral part of cornwall. Our love and bestest wishes for all the good people of Boscastle and a massive thanks to the brilliant rescue services there.

Rick from Lancs
When yoiu see families being rescued and possessions ancient and modern being swept away, it make one rethink what is of lasting value and what is replaceable 'stuff'. We were there and two of our friends lost their vehicles but kept their lives. It was heartwarming to see how the local Christians and churches pitched in to help and offer shelter and comfort without asking for anything in return. Life WILL go on ;-)

Bill Treen, Tewkesbury.
Please contact Radio Glos/points West/Midlands Today re-what our very own MBE lady is doing for boscastle.

Richard Duckett Australia
I am so shocked at the sight of such a beautiful place so cruelly devastated.I was a vacuee in 1943 and owe my very existance to such friendly people who gave us shelter in the war years.

Steve & Geoff - Godalming
We have stayed in Boscastle many times leaving each time with wonderful memories and longing for our next visit. To see the village and some of the places we have stayed in overwhelmed by the floods has been deeply disturbing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the village. It will take a long time for everyone to recover from these events. but Boscastle is full of natural beauty which cannot be destroyed. In time the events of this week will pass and the beauty of the area will bring restoration and healing - 'no feeling is final' Rilke.

Maureen carter- Kidderminster
We were returning from Tintagel on Monday just as the devastation started.We were held up along the lanes because of the severe flooding.Only later did we realise the awful distruction at Boscastle.The thoughts of all our family are with the people of Boscastle,May it rise up and become the beautiful village that we saw on our journey to Tintagel.

Yvonne Brown - Newcastle, Staffordshire
Was deeply saddened when I saw the devastation caused in Boscastle on the news - my thoughts are with all the people of Boscastle - get back on your feet real soon

Sue Holder from Barbados
I moved here in 2001 from Rock in North Cornwall, I was horrified to see the news on the BBC web page about Boscastle, a favourite place of mine. I wish you all the best and hope the clean up and recovery go well, well done to the rescue teams, I'm so glad there was no loss of life. Good luck in the rebuilding.

Rick & Sharon, Frankston, Australia
Like so many others we stared in devastated disbelief at the news. We are originally from Hayle / St. Columb and know Boscastle and some people there well. We wish you all every strength while you come to terms with this massive disruption to your lives. We shall be over next April and willingly give time and energy to help how ever we can. For now you are in our thoughts. OGGY OGGY OGGY OI OI OI ........ The Cornish shall never be defeated. Keep your spirits up - it looks like you're doing a proper job already.

Mary Lou, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
We feel your heartbreak, even 3,000 miles away. Boscastle is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and my family and I hope for a speedy recovery for your "gem" of a village.

Jess + Chris Devon
We hope that you can soon clear your village and get back to your normal lives. It must be terrible for you. The best of luck.

Jo & John Evans Australia
We lived in Boscastle for 3 years prior to returning to Australia. We sat and watched the news in disbelief. We have many great memories of Boscastle and to see this destruction has moved us to tears. Our hearts go out to all, and we will be back for a visit.

Bill & Lorraine ,Perth Australia
Cornwall is a very pretty part of the UK with a lot of history and very freindly people. I would like to wish all the people of Boscastle all the best in rebuilding their lives,in moments like this the strength of communities show through keep your chins up we are thinking of you. all the best Bill & Lorraine

Mark from Plymouth.
Keep your chins up and hope all goes well, now this should bring a smile to your face. BRITAIN WIN GOLD MEDAL: It was in the white water rarfting, won by 2 Cornishmen in a Transit Van......god luck and thank God no lose of life, bricks and cars can allways be put back together....people cant.

Gramp, Mum, Baz, Sue & Baby Luke
Four generations of Cornish looked on in shock as we saw what hit Boscatle. I'm sure the Kernow spirit will shine through and the village will come back better than ever. Good luck to you all.

Not enougth rooom here what I Want to say But Megga Thanks all to those thathelp RAC Wouldnd helpu get back home even with recoverey

Jane, London
I am a born and bred Londoner, but first holidayed in Cornwall 42 years ago - I have a lot of family living in mid and south Cornwall, and feel it is my second home. Watching the terrible scenes in Boscastle unfold before my eyes on TV I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A combination of freak weather and mother nature bringing devastation to a small cornish village. My heart and thoughts of goodwill go out to every person (and animal) in the village; I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling at this sad time, but having already seen on TV the community spirit in Boscastle (not forgetting the marvellous work of all the emergency services) I am sure in time you will begin to get your lives together again. And Boscastle will rise once again from the debris and destruction. I can only offer my sincere good wishes to you all, and hope that everyone will come through this sad time, a stronger and better person for their ordeal. God bless to you all.

S. Kivit from Holland
Last monday we had visited Tintagel and wanted to go to Boscastle. When we arrived we could not believe our eyes. Because of the weather all the roads to the A39 were closed and we had to wait in our car on the top of a hill. A farmer was very friendly to help us when we had to wait for a few hours before we could go back to plymouth. We saw the helicopters coming and we knew that it was very wrong in Boscastle. We feel sorry for all the people in Boscastle and the other villages and wish them much of luck by rebuilding there village.' In a few years we will come bach to Cornwall and visit Boscastle. Greetings from Holland

Lisa Edwards & Steven Jones from Southport
We were very shocked to see the devastation caused by the floods on Monday. Boscastle is a favourite place of ours, a place that we visit every year. We are due to holiday in Cornwall in 3 weeks' time and can't believe we won't be seeing Boscastle. We used to enjoy walking onto the cliffs and photographing the view back into the village. We would then come down off the cliffs and enjoy some fish and chips in one of the local restaurants. We are currently trying to sell photographs that we have taken of Boscastle to raise money for the appeal.

Andrew live Bridport dorset
I am very sorry heard about sky tv bad new about bos castle cornwall sadly. I hope people and animals keep saftey be ok. boscastle cornwall was special places, people love live there many years. I hope govement will sortout make building wall save from river keep away from house and cars and van and carvan future. I alway remembered everyyear special boscastle cornwall, hope get special book and calander nice picture bos castle cornwall thanks you

Maddie and Eddie, Caterham, Surrey.
have been visiting magical boscastle for many years found it very hard to watch the scenes of devastation with tears in my eyes, everyone has done a wonderful job and pulled together. Will be down again in sept doing a sponsored walk from tintagel to boscastle to help raise funds for all the wonderful people that live and work there.

Lisa Mills Cornwall/Denver USA
Having grown up in Cornwall all my life I am devastated to hear of the floods in Boscastle and to see the damage casued. I first heard of the floods through my parents who live in Dobwalls, nr Liskeard and while they talked of the damage and devastation they also told me of the hard work of the rescue teams and the generous support of people like Patsy and Michael Burton. Well done to all those invloved in the rescue and clean up and my thoughts are with those of you who now have to rebuild homes and businesses. I can sense the community spirit all way over the Atlantic here in Denver, Colorado and I know how strong a Cornish community can be. Good luck and my thoughts are with you all!

Maureen Carter kidderminster
My husband and I and our children and grandchildren had visited Tintagel on Monday. On our return we witnessed the start of that terrible flood. we were held up for a couple of hrs due to the flooded roads and only later heard about the devastation at Boscastle.Our thoughts are with the people there.

Chris- Kingston
It just goes to show how the public of Wales unite in a crisis. Hope the cleanup operation goes well.

N from Truro
I, like many, watched the TV in horror at the flooding in Boscastle and Crackington Haven. The rescue and support services were excellent! A pat on the back to the owner of the Witchcraft Museum who couldn't go back to check on his place as he was too busy assisting in his role as coastguard. Bless you all. Good luck with the restoration of your lovely village.

Julie Kay, Stone, Staffordshire
It was devastating to observe the scenes of distruction in Boscastle having stayed there and visited many many times. The forces of nature are no respector of mankind, if we choose to live in places where there is the potential for diaster, there is always the likelihood of such an event occuring, but with good fortune no one lost their life and buildings can be rebuilt. Although it will take quite some time, Boscastle will rise again and will once again become the wonderful and memorable place for many many more visitors.

Justina and son andrew and family mum and dad all
I am very sorry heard about bad new from sky tv news about badweather from boscastle cornwall awful. I am very sadly awful about boscastle cornwall all damange homes and cars and van and caravan badly. Govement must pay help everythings imoptant fair. all England lots people should pay help for boscastle cornwall places new buliding and everthings make improve. I pray people and animals will be ok saftey in boscastle cornwall good luck. I know very hard for boscastle cornwall awful make hard work clear everythings not easy time. thanks from justina and familys we live in bridport dorset

Justina Criddle
I am very shock, I watched sky tv bbc news about boscastle cornwall deep water 10ft oh god awful all damange hosues and cars and carvan awful. I am very sorry about boscastle cornwall they very sadly. I think goverment must pay help for boscastle cornwall new buliding house and road and water and eletric and cars and van and caravan. lots people should pay help for boscastle cornwall imoptant. I alway remember everyear what happend of boscastle cornwall. I am very sorry they not fair for damamge homes and cars and van and caravan everythings awful make hard work clear places sadly. thanks you from justina

Adrian Hilton,Dunstable,Bedfordshire
I am just so shocked by the pictures of the floods.It is only 3 years ago that I was in Cornwall on holiday and the contrast between then and now is amazing.I would just like to congratulate the emergency services for doing a truly amazing job in very difficult conditions and also to say how sorry I am that this has happened to a very beautiful part of the UK

mike,carol and steve from didcot oxon
like so many other people we spend every year in cornwall and come to boscastle everytime as the high light of our stay, we were there 3 weeks ago and will be back in september. hope you can all keep safe and focused in rebuilding your buetiful village. good luck and lets hope it is not to long before you can all put this behind you.

Anna-Christina Lees
Here we are moaning because we're a bit cold in Adelaide at the moment then we see your floods on the telly. Honestly we are just so sorry. I remember visiting Boscastle in 1973 and it was just the most beautiful, picturesque village, full of lovely friendly people. We are all thinking of you. I know you will all unite for the cleanup and we wish you all the best. Anna

Melissa Chapman / Toronto Canada
I spent a week in Boscastle in 2002 and stayed at Jordan Vale Flat. I was with friends and we fell in love with the village and people. We were shocked to hear of the floods and devastation - but are sure the village will rebuild and we intend on making another visit soon. Good luck!

Marjorie a Brenenstall.Palm Springs.California,USA
As an ex-patriate from St. Columb-Minor Newquay,I am saddened at the massive destruction in Boscastle and the absolute fear that everyone must have endured during the flash flood.Put all of your trust in H.R.H. Prince Charles for anyone that has resided in beautiful Cornwall will know the immense love that the Prince has for this region.May God Bless You all at this time.With Regards Marjorie Brenenstall & Family.

emily claydon, essex
there are no words to describe how sad i am for you. i was named in boscastle 21 years ago and have been to the riverside ever since. you have a wonderful village with a beautiful soul and all i can do is pray for you. my heart is with you along with the support of britain. good luck and be brave x x x

Jim Furse Barnstaple
The whole thing totally overblown by the media during the silly season. It happens all the time. Remember Bude, Camelford, Crackington Haven? Perhaps J. Prescott and the Duke of Cornwall should have white watered into the area in a double kayak! I hope they don't spend too much time mourning the demise of a couple of destroyed chi -chi art galleries and gift shops and addres s the real problems of the area. Cornwall, believe it or not, is the poorest county in the UK, stuck out on a limb, a lovely holiday destination, but at the same time you have a situation whereby those who do not have the good fortune to own a house, hotel etc. etc live in relative poverty. I think what the events of the last couple have days have shown is that nature and also the Cornish spirit can not be tamed. Mebion Kernow.

Maddy Dunbar - Surrey
I hope you are able to get your beautiful village back together - I am so glad everyone was safe - Boscastle is one of the nicest places I have ever been and its such a dreadful thing that has happened. Well done to the emergency services particularly the RAF & Navy. Best wishes for the future - hope you all get your lives back together soon. Good luck.

Mary Tallman, Chicago USA
My sister and I spent time in your lovely village almost precisely a year ago and we were both so saddened to see the devastation. We both wish you well and look forward to visiting your village again when you have gotten back on your feet.

We couldn't believe our eyes when we watched the terrible scenes in your lovely village,thank heavens the emergency services were able to help you all so quickly, although its terrible it would have been a lot worse without them.We are glad there is a fund started for your rebuilding of a village broken and will be donating to it. Remember Trelawny. All the best to everyone involved.

Christine Grace, Helensville, New Zealand
It is 164 years since carpenter Jonathan Pearn and his wife Elizabeth and 4 small children left Boscastle and sailed from Plymouth on the first ship of settlers to New Plymouth, New Zealand. However us descendents throughout NZ and Australia and a scattering to all parts of the globe,still feel very strongly our roots in Boscastle and many of us have been priveleged to have been there. We feel the devastation here 'Down Under' and share your pain.

Vince & Lisa. Tintagel
We are so sorry for the hurt you are all suffering and for the devestation wreaked on what was, arguably, the most beautiful part of North Cornwall. We will of course be offering any help we can over the coming months, as will many, I am sure, from Tintagel.

I am feeling so!! sorry for all family and ever one geting terrible time from this floods..and I want to wish ever one all the best!!!! ELLIBI.

Mary Shaw., Buckighamshire.
The devastation of Boscastle is just too awful. and it is wonderful that so many people want to contribute to a fund to help the residents get back on their feet, but as Boscastle belongs to th National Trust no doubt they will be making a substantial effort to help, but as yet I haven't heard of any such plans.

Colleen Post—Santa Cruz, California
I visited Boscastle last May and just adored it, so many lovely cottages and stonework. And loved the witchcraft museum and the extraordinary Cornish Cream I had at an intrigueing pub called the Spider Web or Cob Web, not sure which. I am heartbroken to see the destruction that has occurred and send all my love and good wishes to the people of Boscastle. I wish I could be there to help clean up. I trust the Boscastlians to restore the village with all its inherent charm.

Warren and Ina from Oak Harbor
Our hearts go out to the residents of Boscastle and the visitors who chanced to be there at the moment of the flood. We enjoyed many lovely days in Boscastle and fell in love with it and the people. Our prayers to them all.

Graham & Christine from Swindon
We could not believe the pictures we were seeing on our TV on Monday and what had happened to our beloved Boscastle. We were only there last Thursday, doing our annual walk up the harbour cliffs and taking pictures of my son in the harbour river down by our favourite shop - "Cornish Goodies" which sadly has been washed out. Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone in the village at this time but we know you will all bounce back with great spirit from this devastation. We look forward so much to returning next year to continue our admiration not only for the people but for the sheer beauty of this wonderful place called Boscastle.

Stuart and family from Dorset
We have visited your beatiful village many times and were deeply shocked by the devastation caused by the recent floods. Our thoughts are with you, and we are sure that the Cornish spirit and sense of community will rise above this adversity. Good luck. We'll visit again soon.

Steve & Vikki Forster, Derby
We first came to Cornwall on holiday in 1996, and Boscastle is a place that holds a place in our hearts. My wife was in tears whilst watching the news of the flood and seeing the devastation caused to one of the most picturesque villages that we know. We hope that the people of Boscastle can recover from this terrible time. You have given us some wonderful memories, so it seems only fair that we make a donation to the relief fund to help you all through this time. Our thoughts are with you, and we hope that when your village is back to its former glory, that you will welcome us back with open arms, as you have done in the past. Good luck to all of you.

Miranda Tarver & Matthew Ash
We visited Boscastle to celebrate our engagement earlier this year. It's one of our favourite places in Cornwall and we are so sad to hear about the floods. Our thoughts go out to everyone in Boscastle. We hope that you'll be able to rebuild your lives and village - it's such a lovely community that it would be a shame to see it completely destroyed. Good luck.

Peter Knowles - Kent
I first came to Cornwall when I was 7 years old. Bostcastle was always the stop off point for lunch when we walked from Bossiney along the cliffs. It was a magical place for a child back then. I have since been bringing my family back to Cornwall for the last 10 years and for my children, the magic is still there. So we were all shocked at the images of destruction we witnessed on the news (especially since we shall be coming there the day after tomorrow (21/08/04). My daughter was close to tears when she saw the water rushing past the fairy shop (The Otherworld/magycal place). Thank God that there appears to be no loss of life. We know that you can rise above this and our thoughts are with you. God bless you all.

Martin Fido, Cape Cod, USA
My first time in Boscastle was 1956, cycling in on holiday with schoolfriend Malcolm Ferrett from the Tintagel general stores. Instantly loved its wonderfully dramatic setting. Years later, amazed to find the little old witch museum I remembered from a 1961 visit to Bourton-on-the Water had now become huge, modern, and part of Boscastle. I never saw the Web in the great days when it was full of spiders' web, but although I can no longer make the annual visits to my home county which were automatic until I passed 50, I outline Cornish tours for American friends, and always recommend coming down over Dartmoor and then through North cornwall to see Boscastle. This is a tragedy that will be felt by many.

Dave and Julie Burton, Pitstone, Beds.
Boscastle has always had a particular draw to us. We have visited many times throughout our married life (14 years). It is one of those magical, mysterious places. We will return for a fleeting visit in November and hope that the full-time occupants of the village will not find our presence an imposition. We don't want to pry into peoples lives but we simply want to add our support. There must be many people who feel the same way. We have been devastated by the pictures from Boscastle and want all those who have been personally affected know that they are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are sure that the resiliance of the Cornish people will win through and Boscastle will surely (if slowly) be restored. In particular, our hearts go out to the owners of the Riverside Inn and the Christian Gift Shop.

Jane, Mark and Chris - Northampton
We first visited Boscastle and nearby Crackington Haven in 2000 and went back lst year. We will never forget the terrible scenes - it is hard to comprehend that something like this could happen. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected in both locations and give thanks that nobody has lost their lives. We know you will all pull together and come through this.

Alice,Dale & Sue
We visited Boscastle in September last year on our "girls" holiday and loved your beautiful Village. It was heartbreaking to see the devastation to such a wonderful part of the country. Our best wishes go out to everyone affected by the disaster and we will return. Nothing can stop the Cornish spirit.

Kirsty Darter - Abingdon, Oxon
Our familiy's thoughts are with all the brave residents of Boscastle. My mother in law has visited Boscastle often and has been devastated by the news. My husband and I too have strong feelings for the Cornish people as we holiday in St Ives each year (and will be there shortly). We know your courage and community spirit will see you through this difficult time.

Steve Read - Cambridge
The people of Boscastle and other places at risk of flooding need an inventory of their possessions to help them put their lives back together again and make their insurance claims. Without an inventory it can take months to remember what has been lost in the water and mud and sewage that is left behind. An inventory is what is needed. Unfortunately insurance companies rarely offer this advice, failing their customers. An inventory offers peace of mind and avoids the serious risk of under-insurance. The recent extraordinary weather throughout the region has shown flooding can occur in the most unexpected places and with little warning. Many people who thought they were safe are now clearing up the mess; and more rain is forecast. Flood warnings continue to be issued. I have 50 free copies of MyHomeInventory from Secure Inventories Ltd available for residents of Boscastle and a special purchase price of £10 to all others in Boscastle. I'd love to help those who have suffered from or are at risk of flooding. Regards Steve Read

Sharon, Kent
My thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible event. I have been to Boscastle many times and it is my favourite place in Cornwall. We are coming to Cornwall in 2 weeks time and was planning our usual trip to Boscastle, it seems hard to believe it will not be the same. Good luck to everyone in the big clean up and I am so pleased to hear of no major injuries or loss of life. Keep up the good (hard)work.

Julia Carter in Berwickshire
Boscastle born as were my sisters, my mother, my grandfather Thomas Symons, and many generations of Symons farming family, I have watched the terrible pictures on tv from my home in Scotland and feel thankful above all that no-one was drowned. I do remember the floods of 1958 when I was a little girl when the Valency received a cloudburst in August and a lorry driver drowned. The road bridge had to be rebuilt and at least one cottage knocked down. I applaud the community spirit in Boscastle and hope the recovery can be swift. My family and I are hoping to spend our September holiday in the upper part of Boscastle. There will still be lots of North Cornwall to enjoy, the cliffs, the moorland, the churches. Don't despair.

Lisa Riddington, Chepstow
The Red cross has set up an appeal visit My thoughts and prayers go to the people who live in this most beautiful village.

Anne & Joe Davis Newbury, Berkshire
Boscastle our hearts go out to you all. We have spent so many happy times at Boscastle over many many years. We have watch the TV news so many times now and we still can not belive what we are seeing, so how must you all feel seeing your beautiful village smashed by the disastrous floods. We know you have such a wonderful community in Boscastle which will see you through these sad times, Boscastle will rise again!!! Our love prayers and thought are with you all. See you all again soon for a few pints in the Cobweb and dinner in the Harbourside Hotel!!!!

Mags, Devon
All of us all send out our hearts to all of those at Boscastle. For all of those who would like to help the Museum of Witchcraft you should visit the website at: for the Museum help line phone number and email address. I am not sure of a general Boscastle help line and/or relief fund. Can anybody help with this information?

Nikki, London (ex Cornwall)
This is probably the only time I will ever write a comment on a website like this, but as a proud Cornishwoman living outside the county I just want to pass on all my best wishes to everybody affected by the flood. Although it is of no practical help, I am sure there are many other exiled Cornishmen/women that, like me, have spent the last few days thinking of you. Good luck with the clear-up and I hope life returns to normal as soon as possible.

Julia Waters, Hertforshire
Boscastle provided me a haven in a storm when I walked the SW Coast Path in 2002. My heart goes out to those people of the village who gave me shelter and friendship. I will be back to stay in the youth hostel, sing in the Welly and have Tapas at the restaraunt! GET BACK ON YOUR FEET SOON!

Malcolm and Janet White Queensland Australia
We have many fond memories of your lovely Village and are devastated by the Photo's of Natures powers unleashed. We feel sure the spirit of the Village will rise above this Disaster. Good Luck.

Chantale St John Rosse, Trethevy
Got in touch with all my pals on jackpotjoy and they are doing their best to raise money through members to help the village! hope it works. Our thoughts are with you all.

susan english New Zealand
From a fellow north Cornish girl who spent many happy teenage hours in Boscastle, I know you cant keep a good Cornish man down, I’m sure you will all pull together in true Cornish fashion thats what we are made of after all. My thoughts and prayers are with you, remember Trelawney.

Mike, Vesta & Rachel DeRiso from Detroit, Michigan
We were in Boscastle a month ago - our second visit. We admired the history and the beauty of your village. Everyone was so kind to us. What a shock to see the devastation! Our hearts go out to you.

Ann and Bryan, Houston,Texas
As an Englishman living here in Texas, I spent many a family vacation in and around Boscastleas a child in the 1960's and '70's. In 2002 I took the opportunity to introduce my U.S. wife to the area and she was enthralled. We both carry fond memories of the area and are deeply saddened by the recent events. I know that the people of the area will come through this and bring the village back to what it once was. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all and will continue to pray for the safe outcome for all. God bless you all.

Christie, from NW Florida
To the people of Boscastle: I am praying that God will give you the courage and strength you all need to face this horrible destruction and take up your lives again. Remember that though this is hard to undertand, God does love you and wants to help you.

Adrian Nute Huskisson NSW Australia
We have been watching our news reports with shock we feel so sorry for all you guys, Boscastle is one of my favorite places and one of the frist places We visit when ever we come home to Cornwall. I know as we recovered form bush fires in 2002 you will recover from the floods in 2004 Locals here ask me of Boscastle, I tell them its a village full of beauty, history and strength, it may be hard to belive now but I think this terrible thing will build on all three in the long run. because these are things you could never remove. All the best Adrian & Annie Nute all the best Adrian

Barb Smith - Outback Australia
One of my favourite photos of my children is of them sitting on Bocastle harbour arm with your village in the background - it takes pride of place. My thoughts are with you as you strive to get your lives in order and work to restore your village back to it's glorious charm. Best of luck x

Adrian Nute Huskisson NSW Australia
We have been watching our news reports with shock we feel so sorry for all you guys, Boscastle is one of my favorite places and one of the frist places We visit when ever we come home to Cornwall. I know as we recovered form bush fires in 2002 you will recover from the floods in 2004 Locals here ask me of Boscastle, I tell them its a village full of beauty, history and strength, it may be hard to belive now but I think this terrible thing will build on all three in the long run. because these are things you could never remove. All the best Adrian & Annie Nute all the best Adrian

Kate, Portland, Maine USA
I am shocked and saddened at the devastation in Boscastle. I hope that everyone may have the courage to pull through this together and that you may return to something akin to normal soon.

Lyle Hodgson, North Chelmsford, Mass., USA
After years of wanting to visit Cornwall, when I finally found a friend who was willing to do all the driving the first town we agreed we wanted to see was Boscastle. The pictures were just so gorgeous. Well, in five days we will finally set foot in Cornwall, but only after being horrified, dismayed, deeply saddened to read so many stories about what Boscastle's residents have been through, will be going through. The pictures of residents all pitching in to save the town are as heartening as it comes. At the same time, while I'm not the most thorough reader, I haven't found a link to a reliable organization through which to donate funds to help Boscastle's residents out in the short term. Is there any such, yet? -- Good luck to you all. Many of us Yanks have loved your home from afar, grieve for your loss, and hope that you will be able to save more than then engineers say is possible.

Kevin Taylor Thatcham,Berks
I am a cornishman now living in berkshire. I have started a collection in my local pub. Hopefully a fund will be set up soon. I want to wish everyone the best. Im sure you will be back on your feet soon.

Michele Deshayes from Paris
I was in Boscastle 3 weeks ago, it was such a peaceful feeling to look from tops of hills at this pretty village tucked in centuries and beauty. Then, the very idea that the same scenary will go through centuries to come, unchanged, made live just right. Today I feel horrified for the people who suffered this disaster, happily there is no loss of live, but there is so much to do, not to speak of the peace of mind to reconquer. I sincerely admire the courage of the people of Cornwall, but they will need insurance companies, banks and government helps to be quickly by (and on...) their side. I will be watching the web to know if there is a relief fund I could send money to, but I feel doing so is not much. I adore Cornwall, I have come every summer since 2001. I will be back next July with family. We think of you.

Lorenzo & Patrizia Della Longa - Rome Italy
We were there the 8th of August. We found a lovely place and we had a great time. We went at the Harbour Restaurant for dinner and then the following morning we had a very beatiful tour of all the village and harbour as well. Yesterday, while we were watching news at home in Rome we saw what has happened. It is really difficult to tell how we fell. We are really very sorry for all the people. Our hearts are with them.

Rebecca, England
Following the recent devastating floods in Boscastle, North Cornwall District Council has requested the British Red Cross support them in launching an emergency appeal.

Peter Bates, Vancouver, Canada
I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia from Peterborough, Ontario, in 1997. Last month Peterborough was hit with its worst flooding in 100 years. Knowing what family, friends and many others there went through and are still coping with, I totally empathize with what the citizens of Boscastle, UK must be going through at this time. I am very sorry for their losses and hope they find the courage to remain strong and unite during this time of extreme hardship. My thoughts go out to you all.

Warren from Australia, working in Bournemouth
The destruction seen here is a phenomenal demonstration of the tantrums that Mother Nature is able to dispel. What the people of Boscastle experienced during this ordeal is incomprehensible. Thank goodness nobody lost the privilege of life itself. The Bostcastle people appear to be strong and unified in spirit and I am certain that this will be seen as an example to all communities around the world. It will show that the spirit of individuals working together, can overcome the most treacherous of circumstances. I wish you well in this opportunity to rebuild an even better and more beautiful Boscastle, if that is at all possible.

Phil,Tracy & Nancy South Derbyshire
We watched the news reports in total shock of the devastation caused by the storm. We've spent so many happy days in your village on our frequent visits to Cornwall. We can only imagine how you must be feeling but our thoughts are with you and we shall return to Boscastle as soon as we can.

Sarah from Christchurch
I have visited Boscastle almost every year since 1976 and regard it as my favourite place. I have spent many happy hours walking the cliffs and the Valency valley and of course visiting the shops and the Cobweb.My heart goes out to all the residents in their loss, the shock I feel when looking at television pictures can be nothing to what they are experiencing. I hope a relief fund will soon be set up to help the people of Boscastle rebuild the village and their lives.

Sarah from Christchurch
I have visited Boscastle almost every year since 1976 and regard it as my favourite place. I have spent many happy hours walking the cliffs and the Valency valley and of course visiting the shops and the Cobweb.My heart goes out to all the residents in their loss, the shock I feel when looking at television pictures can be nothing to what they are experiencing. I hope a relief fund will soon be set up to help the people of Boscastle rebuild the village and their lives.

Sue & Andrew Hill from Dartford Kent
We spent our honeymoon at The Riverside Hotel 13 years ago and we have returned to this beautiful spot every year since. We were only in Boscastle two weeks ago with our family. We have watched the coverage of this disaster and recognised many faces, the lovely lady from the pottery etc. We wish all the residents well and hope you can get past this tragedy and rebuild your lives and lovely village.

Manon B. Dufour from Québec, Canada
All my heart is with you... I'm coming soon and hope could make something to help.

i would like to say how sorry i am to see the news. i will be comeing down soon to help...

Claire Bond, Slough
I visited the beautiful and magical Boscastle for the first time 2 years ago and made lasting friendships with a number of the locals. I was devestated when I heard the news. I'm so happy that people are safe and want to say the biggest THANKYOU to the rescue teams and all the other brave people who helped others in need during this crisis. I'll be there to help friends, community and the museum whenever the word is given.

Alison North West England
I have been to Boscastle and I feel very sad for all involved. I would like to know if there is going to be a disaster fund set up. My very best wishes to everyone in Boscastle and all rescue teams. I have never written anything like this before but I felt the need to.

Christine from North Yorkshire
Is a disaster fund going to be set up for the community of Boscastle? This would enable those of us who cannot be of immediate practical help to contribute in some way to helping rebuild the lives of those who have lost so much.

Elaine Sarjeant
I couldn't even bear to watch the TV i was on the verge of tears. I've spent many happy days in Boscastle and my heart just goes out to everyone who has been effected by this awful tragedy.

Rhiannon Birmingham
I love Boscastle and have spent many happy hours there. The pagan community is rallying to support the Museum of Witchcraft, and we have also offered that any of our volunteers who are coming down to do physical work will be available to others in the village if their skills will be of use. I think a central Disaster Relief Fund should also be set up asap.

Sarah Ponsford from Winchester, Hampshire
I've spent many very happy holidays in north Cornwall, both as a child and an adult, and particularly in Boscastle and the surrounding areas. My heart goes out to all of you who have been hit by the devastation. Thank goodness there appears to be no loss of life. But places are special because of the people, not the buildings, and we know you'll bounce back.

Ann Lymer, Toronto, Canada
Visited Boscastle many times as a kid with my family, and again in 2000 on a visit for my parents 50th anniversary.Have some lovely pictures. Great place, best cornish pasties ever.You guys are survivors and will come through this, take care and good luck

Marcus Boyton from Oxford
I used to live around that area and still have family in Bude and Launceston. I worked in Boscastle when the gift shop and gallery on the bridge used to be a petrol station and TV repair shop. It was so sad to this beautiful village hit by such an awful storm. My hope is that all of you affected can re-build your village and your lives and so become again that welcoming place we all love.

Rhiannon from Belgium
We visit Bostcastle every two years and always had a great time. Hopefully you can all join hands in rebuilding one of the greatest authentical villages of cornwall. I wish you all the best in recovering from this disaster.

The Cleal Family, Ivybridge
We have been watching spotlight with much sadness at the terrible events which have occurred in Boscastle. Our thoughts go out to all that have been effected by this disaster. We obviously can not help directly with any clear up operation as we live too far away and would not wish to encrouch on anyone;s privacy, but we would like to make an offer of support. This is the reason why we are contacting you. You have a greater chance of passing this offer onto the relevant person or organisation to help people resume normality. We have an Ercol oval table complete with four chairs and a matching sideboard and a 17" colour TV if either or both of these items can be of use to a family or person living in Boscastle that has been directly affected and may not be in a position to replace their furniture, then we would like to offer these items. This may seem a strange offer but we had intended to keep the furniture for one of our children for their bottom draw, but unfortuneately when we moved to Devon we discovered that it would not fit in the loft. We have been reluctant to sell this furniture because it belonged to my husbands Grandparents, but if it was going to help someone such as in Boscastle then we feel much better about letting it go. The TV is in good working order and has no sentimental value just a spare we do not need! Like most people we have far too many TV's in the house.

Joel Bunn
My wife and I vacationed in Boscastle last summer, and were shocked to hear about the flooding this week. Boscastle was a very special place for us, and we'd like to help out if we can. Is there any type of relief fund set up, or can monetary donations be made to any local agencies that will be assisting in the cleanup and aid to the families affected? I've searched the news web sites and can't find any mention of one. If there are any ways we can help with a donation, please let me know. Thank you for your assistance.

Bruce Chittenden, Taunton
Boscastle suffered a similar flooding in the late 1950's, which happened during the night,which must have been more terrifying.My grandparents cottage next to the Wellington Hotel had the rear part of the building destroyed, the Wellington Hotel suffered structural damage, and a cottage adjacent to the bridge was totally destroyed, the bridge also suffered structural damage.

Jane Arthur
Can you tell me if there is a 'Disaster Appeal' or if there is anywhere that we can take clothes / blankets or whatever for the people who have lost everything in the floods?

David Benyon, Bude
As usual the police are making a mountain out of a molehill and doing everything their own sweet way. I would have thought that tractors, trailers and chainsaw gangs should have been brought in by now to clear the bridges before there is another thunderstorm. Perhaps BT or SWEB could assist as they have vehicles that can handle telegraph poles effortlessly.

Josephine and Paul Ansaldo-Nixon (and Pets), Cawsa
We do not know who to really address this e-mail to, but we want the poor residents of Boscastle to know that we are so very sorry for their loss. If there is anything we can possibly do, please let us know, although I realise that this is rather a futile gesture. Although we cannot afford to buy a place in Cornwall, we have rented a small place in Cawsand on the Rame Peninsula and have been here since April this year. We adore Cornwall and it broke our heart to see the devastation and loss of so many homes and belongings. We now consider ourselves Cornish, as we have always felt it to be our real home even before we lived here. If anything like that happened in our beloved Cawsand, we would be devastated. Boscastle happens to be one of our favourite places and were planning to visit over the next few weeks. Please be sure that our hearts and prayers are with you and let's hope that appropriate steps are taken to ensure that there can never be a reoccurrence.

Philip Cooper, Torquay
In all the reports of the devasting flood in Boscastle, I've heard no mention of the village's connection with the poet and novelist Thomas Hardy. Hardy used to take romantic walks there with his future wife, Emma Lavinia Gifford, whom he met while on an assignment as an architect at nearby St Helen's Church. He was so smitten with Lavinia that he wrote the poem that begins, "When I set out for Lyonnesse with magic in my eyes...."

Brian Charman
Having seen and heard about the terrible situation in Boscastle. I am offering my personal help to the villagers there. I am a self employed JIB Registered electrician and work mainly on domestic systems. I have recently retired from Sussex Police having done 27yrs service. I am now back in my old trade. Please pass this message onto the authorities whom I was not able to locate on the web. I would be more than willing to assist you if I can.

Anne Malcolm
It may be a bit soon but could you let me know if there is a relief fund being set up for the good people of Boscastle. I'm sure I'm not the only person safe with my family in my own home tonight who feels for them and would like to do something small to help. We are very quick to help those away from home. I would like to think we would be as quick to help with a disaster on our doorsteps.

Guy Holt
I would just like to thank you for the Boscastle flood news on your web site. My Mother lives in Boscastle and as I live in Melbourne Australia, your web site was the only current source of information for me. It was invaluable for me to find out the latest news and experience the devastation of Boscastle with the video clips and photos. Its times like this that your BBC Cornwall web site is so important.

David & Maggie Conway
We have witnessed the desperate plight of those in Boscastle, who have escaped with their lives - but have lost everything else. There have been many shining examples of the professionalism and skill of the resue services, who have saved many lives, and who continue to clear debris before another deluge threatens. There is still a mountain to climb to regain some sort of normality - but so far no mention has been made by government departments of assistance for the people of the village. We appreciate that insurance claims will be going in, but in the meantime - many people have lost their livelihoods and homes - everything. It has not yet been declared a disaster area - though no one would dispute the description - despite the visit from that nice Mr Prescott. Why? Can you advise if such a course of action is contemplated? By anyone? We ourselves would like to help in any small way that we can - perhaps you could put us in touch with an interested organisation?

Sue Shanks, Maidenhead
Always come to Cornwall and visit Boscastle for my holidays and love to have wander around the Pottery (how have they coped with this terrible trauma). Hope you all are able to get back on your feet again soon, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Natalie from Northampton
good luck x its all i can seem to say

Meike Flammersfeld (Dragonfly), Bonn, Germany
As Boscastle is one of my favourite places on this planet I'm absolutely speechless... I'm suffering with all habitants and hope that the people I know in Boscastle are fine. My family's on holidays in the South/West as well and I'm trying to reach them now... Please let me know if there will be a donation call. All my best wishes Meike Flammersfeld (Dragonfly), Bonn, Germany

Liz Uren Redruth
I want to wish everyone all the best with the clean up process, after monday's devastating flooding. I am proud of all the rescue teams efforts. Keep up the good work my thought are with you all in Boscastle. Well done to all, including all the help from the voluntary sector, St. John Ambulance, WRVS etc

Kim Biddulph from Bucks
I spent my hen weekend in the Youth Hostel in Boscastle a few years ago. I had a great time and loved the village and the friendliness of the people. I wish you all the best in recovering from this terrible disaster and look forward to visiting again when you've got back on your feet.

Jill Newell
I am terribly astounded by the devastation caused by the terrible floods! It is nice to see all the villagers unite! Good luck, let me know if you need a hand i'll be down Jill

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