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24 September 2014

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Boscastle harbour
Boscastle harbour
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Des Sampson

Your views on this area

jade baker
boscastle is the most wonderfull place on earth these views can not even be beaten but it can be beaten by dolphins

debbie uttoxeter uk
my aunt and cousins lived in boscastle (now at Tintagel). I loved goin on holidays here just by the wellington hotel. the Cobweb is a great pub. Boscastle is a lovely place. Hope it recovers after the floods. Peaceful, beautiful, you can't beat it.

laura - heathrow
i have family ties in cornwall but boscastle is the place where i most feel at home, the feel of the place runs through me and being a bit odd myself i fit right in! lol.I come to boscastle every year and have just left not 3 days ago. It was fantastic to see things up and running but being so close to my heart i also found it had a sad air about it but also a real feel of unitedness. went to see the wishing tree on my way out of boscastle ans was gutted to see that the water had taken all the wishes- heart breaking for all thoe who pleaded for help.

karen and gary high wycombe
the best place in the world will always come back see you all in september we knew you would all come back stronger than ever the most magicical place on earth

mike webber,launceston
the photo of merlins cave is of Tintagel!

Stuart, Anita and Beth Canada
We first found Boss Castle in 1997 and fell in love with the wonderful village and coast line. My family are from Surrey England but now live in Canada and we first heard of the news on the Weather channel and saw some a film of the water rushing down the road. My wife and i stayed in Boss Castle in february 2004 and loved it as much as the first time. Lets hope you all get beack on your feet soon.

Anita Portsmouth Austria
Ihave recently moved to Mallnitz, High in the Austrian Alps! We have made hoiday apartments here.It is absolutely fantastic here,butIf we could have done so,we would have made them in Cornwall,which we love dearly. Boscastle is an absolute favourite of ours never to be missed! Such a special place,and I was really upset when Iheard the news of the flood. Hard to believe that so much of what we know,prob isnt there any more.And what a struggle everyone has been having. Of course,its a blessing that noone died etc,but locals have only just been recovering from the after effects of Foot and Mouth.......I wish everyne there all the best,and certainly hope to be visiting again one day. We love to walk along the coastal path,a wonderful and refreshing experience,and you get to meet some really nice people along the way!! Best wishes to everyone there.

Rodney Sullivan (Australia) Hayle Boy
As a cornishman living in Australia anything to do with Cornwall I am interested in. But this disaster made me very sad.On my return home for a holiday back in December 04 I went to visit Boscastle and saw for myself the damage, but coulden't belive the beutiful local people who have lost their homes ect.You are so brave. Good on ya guys.I am sure things will get better for you.My cousin Capt.Penny Sullivan from the Salvation Army told me first hand about the devestation.I was so pleased she was there to help her cousin Jack's & cousin Jenny's.!I LOVE CONWALL

Viviana - from Peru
It's a wonderfull place!! What amazing mountains, it's quite similar to hte highlands in Peru !! I'd like to be there soon!!

Alf Tolley - Northwich Cheshire
Boscastle; It's a Kind of MAGIC

Michael from Romford, Essex
What a lovely place!

Natasha, Stevenage
I know it must seem like i don't really know what it feels like as i don't live in such a beautiful place. But i would feel absolutely devestated and i feel terribly sorry for the people who live or stay there regularly. I hope it all works out and everyone is happy soon. Good luck!

Alex, Cornwall
Boscastle is a stunning mystical little village and, while no-one died, the community which has existed for hundreds of years will never be the same again. Cornwalls heart weeps for you.

Kevin Chong (Malaysia(KL))
This is my most favourite place in the world!

Martin Sloane from Germany
It was bad but not as bad as the flood in Dresden! Many people were killed in the flooding of the Elbe! No body died in Boscastle. The cleen up operation is going to be cheaper than that of the Elbe. So all in all it isnt a disaster!

matthew from exeter
why are they complaining so much about flooding,They built a town literally begging to be over run with water, its right next to the sea


Marge Collins Pompano Beach, FL
We visited Boscastle in June, 2004 and were completely enthralled by such a lovely little village. We had a wonderful lunch at the Cobweb Inn and visited a lot of the shops. The Boscastle pottery will continue to remind us of that wonderful day. As we have been through Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Frances in our state and just on the outer fringes of them personally, we keep in mind the damage and distress that the residents of Boscastle have suffered. They will remain in our prayers.

Sylvia Prescott, Hampshire
My son and daughter in law took early retirement two years ago and had a very successful Accommodation residence which backs on to the car park and next to the newsagent. They had 3ft of water and all their possessions were ruined including the new drive and both sheds were washed away. My husband and I were anxious when we saw the News and he now assures us by 'phone that they are sorting themselves out. The foundations of the house seem OK and they are putting a file together for the Assessors. He informed me the aim is to be back in business by next Easter.

The Toombs family, Rubery, West Mids
We had our first holiday there two weeks before the flood and I said at the time (to my husband who had to work during the school hols - of course) I wanted to find somewhere to stay for the duration of the school hols. Fortunately, I guess, it was not to be. However, we will be staying there in 2005. My son (8yrs old) is really sad the rock shop got hit so bad, he told me it was the best shop he had ever been in - (even better than Toys R Us! and for an 8 yr old thats something!) Like many people already commented, I really feel like moving there. There is something very beautiful and spiritual about the village.

unknown, uk
What a terrible terribe shame the flooding in boscastle occured, i recently visited it to view the extent of the damage and was shocked and shaken at the devestation i was presented with, the river looks like a huge clawed animal scrapped down the river banks, and the buildings look sad as though lumbered with a terrible force which of course they have been. Good luck and thank you to anyone involved in the cleanup operation. And of course thank you to all the brave emergency service men and women who saved lives in Boscastle.

Caitlin - orpington london
I want to say good luct to everyone out there in rebuilding your life.

Maarten (18) from Belgium
A few years ago, I went to Cornwall with my family. During a daytrip we ended up in Boscastle. We were captured by its beauty. We also climbed the hill in front of the port, about the same height this picture above was taken. My sister almost flew away from the strong winds... And now this has happend... Its sometimes strange to see how nature can destroy such beautiful places. I hope they will restore everything. One day I will be back, in Cornwall, in Boscastle... Maarten

Wendy & Dave Mitchell
We visited Bostcastle 2 years ago and was captivated by its beauty. Had lovely cream teas in the resturant by the harbour which was so picturesque. I took a photo of my husband sitting in the upturned boat at the restaurant, and it was unbelieveble to see the flood waters submurging such a wonderful place. But I am sure the people whoi live there will restore it to its natural beauty once again.

Sandra Cook, Bury Lancashire
It is more than 20years since we visited Boscastle with our then young children, I immediately recognised the place even in the devastation of the floods. Boscastle had been an enchanting place to visit I have fond memories of the place I visited on a day trip out. My heart goes out to the residents and visitors who were caught up in the devastation. I know that you will find the strenghth along with help from all services to return this magical village to it's former beauty. May I also extend my admiration to the emergancy services involved. God Bless.

Mick and Anne from Peacehaven, Sussex
Boscastle has alway held a bit of Magic for us, it is our favourite place to visit because it is so peaceful and quiet. We do hope it can be returned to how it was. What a bad day for everyone

My family and I were there on holiday during the floods. We stayed high up near the Napolean Inn, but had to leave early due the flood damage in the cottage. Our thoughts go out to all those who live and have a buisiness in Boscastle that have been affected by the damage. We are glad that we saw the village as it should be, despite the memories of the aftermath. I want to return to complete a holiday which started out so well.

Saskia Hens & Peter Verhoye, Belgium
We are fervent fans of Britain,and Boscastle is our absolute favourite village in it. Wanting to check out the shops for a few hours, we ended up staying & coming back whenever we could visit Cornwall -inlcuding during the Foot& Mouth drama. For 2005 we planned another 2 week trip in order to show Peter's parents around the beautiful sights & scapes of Cornwall. We are sure to come to Boscastle. We send our love & hope all will be well.

Jan, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
I have been visiting Boscastle regularly for the last 40 years; the last time 2 weeks before the flooding. I visited a shop run by charming people and bought some lovely clothes; it is heartbreaking to see the damage done to peoples lives, property and livelihoods. I hope and pray that the the community will find the strength to come back from this disaster and make Boscastle 'magical'again.

Greg - London
Im 13 and i went to boscastle last year around about this time and had great fun crabing and trying to catch fish in the little river. When i saw the floods on the telly i was surprised ,it looked like a bomb had hit the village. i could point out our hotel which was half under water during the flood ,what asham it will never be the same.

Frazer - Essex
Can't believe it wont ever look like this again

Eric Whitfield
I visited Boscastle many, many times. It is my favorite place in the whole world. I would live there in a second if I could.

Heather - Kent
What a shame I was only there two weeks ago on my holiday, such a nice place.

Jennifer Venville Nicol, Vancouver, Canada
I last visited Boscastle two years ago. It was late afternoon and very quiet. What a beautiful place, so protected from the sea. The views along the coast were stunning. I wish everyone there the very best in the rebuilding of Boscastle after this terrible flood on August l6,2004. It's more on the map than ever now.

Bonnie, Southampton
It was the series A Seaside Parish (currently being re-run on BBC2) which made me want to visit Boscastle. I spent a week there in March and only last weekend talking about going again next spring. When I was there the locals were saying how business had picked up following the series. Tourism will now pick up again ten fold but it is sad that it will as a result of the adversity to the people and their magical village.

Ben, London
Boscastle is world-famous for it's flooding. Hard to forget it.

Kristin, Colorado USA
My mother and I took a trip to England last summer and toured around Cornwall and other areas. Boscastle was by far our favorite place! We did the coastal walk from Tintagel back to Boscastle and loved the historical points of interest along the way. Plus, we met the friendliest people. I am so sorry to hear about the recent flooding. We send our love.

Sue Redruth
What an absolute tragedy, my heart goes out to all the residents. God bless you all.

Christopher Hirsh, Walton on Thames
The loveliest, friendliest place in England. We all pray that it will recover quickly from the devastation it suffered on 16th August. God bless Boscastle and all who live there.

Alan&Barbara Smith.
We have been comming to north Cornwall on&off for more than 40yrs,with our family.The Pisky Shop in Boscastle is very dear to my Daughters hearts.The area is just one of many gems our country is blest wit.

Imogen, Nottinghamshire
I used to visit Boscastle a lot on holidays to Cornwall when I was younger and I was caught by the magic of it from a young age. I'm now 23 and am still captured by its beauty. It's an amazing place and there is no-where in the World I would rather be.

Lee O'Donnell
We went for an hour and stayed for 3 days. Next time we'll probably stay for good.

Shaun - Malvern Worcestershire
I cannot visit North Cornwall without dropping once more into Boscastle. It has a natural but elusive magnetism. One day, I may stay for good.

Dirk, Belgian who lives in Ireland
Boscastle... just magic!

Richard Strugnell - Christchurch Dorset
I visit Boscastle twice a year, it is the most wonderful place I have ever visited and would move there tomorrow if circumstances allowed.

Keri, United States
I lived in Boscastle during the month of June, 2003. I am a student who studied there, and I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to go back!

Guy Holt - Melbourne Australia
Boscastle is one of the most wonderful and magical places on earth! I miss it so much. Do you know we have a meat pie company here in Melbourne called Boscastle pies!

Frazer - Essex
My favourite place in all the world

Gerry Caldecott Newbury UK
Having been raised in Maenporth I have always preferred the North Coast and Boscastle will explain why. The views from this part of the coast cannot be beaten.

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